Velvet Brand Clothing Timeless Turtlenecks

Velvet Brand Clothing

Velvet Brand Clothing

We love Velvet Brand Clothing and this week we’re continuing our turtleneck series about the designers we carry with timeless turtlenecks.  We wanted to highlight one of our favorites from Velvet by Graham and Spencer.

Currently one of our new arrivals, we love the look of the Velvet Catelina top featuring a turtleneck with additional accent details.  The actual turtleneck is meant to be more akin to your traditional turtleneck with the foldover, but it isn’t tight or restrictive, it actually fits just right.  In addition, we love the “fringe” details with the pleats around the neckline giving it a feminine touch and some added style.  Part of Velvet Brand Clothing’s Baby Jersey collection, this machine washable baby jersey cotton feels so soft and is so comfortable to wear.  We also love the length as it has long sleeves and the top falls generally below the hips depending on your body type.  Currently available in Pink (Shown), Ivory (Soy), and Plum (Currant).

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