Sweet Pea Clothing Vintage Style

We’ve mentioned how much we love Sweet Pea Clothing’s patterns, but today we wanted to rave about one that we think is a great modern twist on a vintage style trend.  When we saw this dot pattern by Sweet Pea it reminded us of a pattern found less frequently today…the polka dot pattern.  We really like polka dots and while they can sometimes be overdone, we wish we saw them more often in modern styles.

Sweet Pea Dot Pattern Hoop Dolman Top

Sweet Pea Dot Pattern Hoop Dolman Top

This Sweet Pea dot pattern is unique with its different size dots on vines or branches in either a black, white, lime green and purple color scheme or in a navy, white, red and pink color scheme.  We love the contrasting colors and in particular love the line green mixed in with the purple and white.  Shown to the left in the Sweet Pea Hoop Dolman top, this style features lime green lining that you can see peeking out at the bottom. Don’t miss this pattern in Sweet Pea’s long sleeve drawstring empire waist top too.

If these colors aren’t your cup of tea, check out Sweet Pea’s long sleeve combo cuff crewneck in the same pattern in the blue / red color scheme.

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