Splendid Clothing Cotton Striped Cardigan

Splendid Clothing is known for their stripes, but we think this cotton stripe long sleeve tie cardigan is unique from their normal cotton striped tees.  There is also nothing better for this crazy cold winter weather than a long wrap cardigan sweater.  The thick, wide collar is a great feature for this very reason.  We love the tie around the waist complete with loops on the sides to hold it in place.

Splendid Cotton Stripe Long Sleeve Tie Waist Cardigan

Splendid Cotton Stripe Long Sleeve Tie Waist Cardigan

The stripes are also signature Splendid.  We love the contrasting colors of ivory and coral too.  This Splendid cardigan sweater is a perfect piece to replace your standard cardigan that you throw on in the winter to keep warm at home or at the office.  Splendid even takes it up a notch with a vivid stripe pattern so it will certainly freshen up your old basic cardigan wardrobe.  So we’ve given you the run down of why we love it, but we would love to get your thoughts about it as well!

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