Fashion Trends: The Long Cardigan a Must Have for Every Wardrobe

1x1 8 Button Cardigan

Splendid 8 Button Cardigan

It’s an undeniable and unexpected fashion trend that has become a must have for every wardrobe…the long cardigan. Today’s cardigans are not the cardigans we used to see on Mr. Rogers or your Grandpa, they are actually the perfect layer for almost every occasion. Some of our favorite summer/fall cardigans have more of a lightweight feel than a jacket and are certainly more versatile. Cardigans can also be paired with so many accessories from scarfs to leggings to skinny jeans.

At Vintage Fringe we have numerous cardigans to choose from. My favorite cardigan is Splendid’s 1×1 8 Button Cardigan. What I love about this cardigan is the waist band at the end of the long cardigan. This added detail flatters every body. I can wear this cardigan anywhere with anything. I actually wear this cardigan every time I fly because it is the perfect fashionable and lightweight layer that can cover some of my midsection flaws and let’s be honest, most of us have a few flaws we would like to cover up.

Splendid Cotton Bamboo Short Sleeve Cardigan

Splendid Cotton Bamboo Cardigan

Another favorite cardigan I also adore is the Cotton Bamboo Short Sleeve Cardigan also by Splendid. What I love about this cardigan is the added seam detail which is so hot this season as well as the flared cut to the short sleeves that actually slims the look of my arms. This cardigan is fun to wear and especially with the pocket detail that only looks cute with a cardigan this length.

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