Velvet and Zooey Designer Boatneck Tops!!

Designer Boatneck tops have a classic vintage look that I adore.  Two great examples of the perfect boatneck top that also has a modern twist or fringe are the Daree top by Velvet and the Satin Trim Boatneck by Zooey.

Velvet Daree Wide Sleeve Boatneck Top

Velvet Daree Boatneck Top

By this time of year I am usually trying to shop for tops that I could probably still wear in winter but that will also work into spring.  I love Velvet’s Daree Wide Sleeve Boatneck Top because this is exactly the kind of top that can do both.  I wear this top in Green with a long sleeve white shirt underneath it in the Winter and come Spring I can wear it alone.  My sister owns this top in the other color milk which is a beautiful ivory that looks great with a dark jean and brown boots.  Part of Velvet’s Slinky Rayon collection, the fabric drapes your body perfectly.  It is loose enough you can add a belt for a tunic look, but you can also wear it without a belt and it looks great too.

Zooey Satin Sleeve Boatneck Top

Zooey Satin Sleeve Boatneck Top

The Boatneck top with Satin Trim by Zooey is my ultimate night on the town top.  This regal looking fabric is hemp with satin detail on the sleeve.  We love the fitted look at the waist and the satin contrast on the sleeves.  The hemp fabric has an amazing softness and durability and even though it may not look like it this top is machine washable.  Available at Vintage Fringe  in a dark brown (ebony) or a rich plum (phantom).

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