Ella Moss and Velvet Go Neutral

Nude colors just aren’t for your bras and underwear anymore.  Neutrals, buffs, and nudes are all over the place this spring.  For many of you fair fashionistas a nude color palette may be something you think is not at all flattering for your fair complexion.  So here are a few of my suggestions on how to wear nude and not  get washed out.

Velvet's Freda Gathered Waist Dress in Fog

Instead of matching your new wardrobe with your foundation colors instead look to incorporate subtle neutrals to your wardrobe.  For those especially fair ladies  make sure you pick a neutral hue that doesn’t bring out the yellow undertones in your skin.  A perfect example of this is Velvet’s  Freda Gathered dress in the “fog” color.  This very neutral almost lavender color is great for the fair ladies who can get easily washed out in other colors.  This fog color introduced by Velvet will highlight the pinks in your skin tone.  I also really love how this neutral color with a hint of gray really makes the model’s blue eyes pop.

The Melbourne Puffsleeve Front Tie Top by Ella Moss

The Melbourne Puffsleeve Front Tie Top by Ella Moss

To follow the fashion trend of nudes and neutrals you don’t always have to wear all nude.  This cute nude and white striped shirt by Ella Moss is adorable and allows you to accessorize with bold colors which is oh so perfect for spring.  I love how Ella Moss added a neutral stripe to this puffsleeve front tie top which adds a bit a flair to an already trendy top.  This top also has elastic in the sleeves and the waist which gives you a perfectly tailored look.

These designer looks are sure be strong this spring, and don’t forget at Vintage Fringe you can always shop by color or designer.

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