Vintage Inspired Clothing

Vintage has become such a popular word in fashion trends that you see it used in a variety of different capacities as you shop.  You often see it referring to true vintage clothing referring to gently used clothing or an old piece that has been hanging in your closet since the 70s.  Many designers and stores or boutiques tend to use vintage style clothing or vintage inspired clothing referring to new clothing with vintage elements in the design.  As an example, you may see a new modern twist on a patterned retro a line mini dress that you might have seen worn in the 70s.  Similarly, you may see new bohemian style pieces frequently referred to as vintage inspired. Taking those vintage elements and incorporating them into new, modern style clothes is what the vintage inspired terminology references.

We love the look of vintage inspired clothes and the frequently frilly, feminine elements that have made a comeback into so many modern styles and pieces.  Here are a few examples of great vintage inspired pieces that are all brand new.

La Befana Polka Dot Tie Tank – What is more vintage than a great multi color polka dot pattern with light pink, blue and green polka dots? With a great scoop neckline featuring an off center bow tying the neckline together, this top has such a feminine look and distinctive style.  This classic tank is also available in solid blue if you don’t love polka dots.

Sweet Pea Mod Retro Tunic – This top screams vintage style.  Made by Sweet Pea by Stacy Frati, a designer that loves to work with patterns, this print is totally retro with bold colors and patterns.  In addition, the style of this tunic looks like it just walked out of the 60s and yet today would look so hot with tall boots to really bring a vintage style to the modern day.

Ella Moss Dita V Neck Ruffle Dress – We often hear that this top looks like it should be in an episode of Mad Men and it really does fit with that vintage style.  We could easily see Betty Draper wearing this dress to a dinner party.  Don’t you just love the feminine touches like the ruffles around the v neck and the fitted waist on this dress?  Again you see the polka dot pattern.

Velvet by Graham and Spencer Doreen Cutout Dress – the Cutout was such a popular clothing trend back in the 70s and you’re seeing a resurgence in current modern fashion trends.  The Doreen dress by Velvet features a cutout in the sleeves around the shoulders and with a fitted dress style this dress again invokes that 70s era mini dress with boots.

We think you’ll find that lots of vintage inspired elements have surfaced in so much of modern day fashion that it really has become a lasting trend.  The best of all of it is that you have the opportunity to take these vintage inspired pieces and truly make them fit with your own modern individual style and wear them with leggings or boots or other modern trends that really do help blend the past and the present.

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