Sleeveless Turtleneck Sweaters

Its sweater season, but at Vintage Fringe we are tired of the basic v neck sweater or frumpy cardigan and instead find ourselves searching for unique, modern sweaters that help us create our own individual style.  Today we want to focus on some of our favorite styles that are not the run of the mill sweaters you’ll find everywhere else.

One of our favorite distinctive sweaters is the sleeveless turtleneck sweater.  Turtlenecks are certainly timeless pieces and are a great look this season and frankly just about every season. Sleeveless sweaters are perfect for warmer climates or seasons where you may not need a full coverage sweater.  The sleeveless turtleneck is such a stylish look and they are not as easy to find which consistently makes them distinctive.  With the right wrap or cardigan, you could also create a great style by pairing the sleeveless turtleneck sweater and a wrap for versatility.

Another great sweater option is the wrap.  There are a variety of different wrap sweaters.  Some are cropped, some are open, some are flared in front, and some are extra long.  All of these various styles are popular and totally in this season.  One favorite sweater is the Rumba sweater by designer Laurie B.  The Rumba features a puffed short sleeve which is not something you find everyday on a sweater.  In addition it features a simple straight back, but the front features a snap in the middle, pockets on each side and a longer flared front.  All of these elements really do make this sweater one of a kind and a great year round sweater.  In the summer we wear it over a ruffle tank and in the winter over a long sleeve top with boots and jeans or a skirt.  This sweater will quickly become your favorite go to wrap or sweater just in case it might get chilly.

Finally, a heavier sweater, but another style that is extremely fashion forward is the Moonlight Cap Wrap Sweater also by designer Laurie B.  This wrap also has a cropped sleeve and a tie at the waist.  This sweater features an oversized wrap in front that we think looks best when it falls naturally creating a wide v.  The tie at the waist features belt loops at the sides to keep it in place.  This fashion forward sweater looks great with boots or leggings and looks great over a long sleeve scoop neck top.

Collectively, each of these sweaters is a distinctive style which we love adding to our wardrobe.  All of them feature short sleeves or no sleeves and are perfect for warmer weather which makes them so versatile.  Typically the when you shop for sweaters you’ll see variations pattern or color and slight differences in style.  These sweaters, however, are not the run of the mill sweater you’ll find everywhere and in addition both the sleeveless turtleneck and the Rumba wrap are perfect year round. When you think of your next sweater purchase, we’d encourage you to seek out similar distinctive sweaters that are function, flexible and fashionable as this perfect blend of characteristics will help you find a sweater that is one of your favorite go to sweaters.

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