Cowl Neck Sweaters

The cowl neck sweater is such a feminine, flirty style of sweater.  The cowl neck is great because it really is a loose turtleneck look with an edge.  As I am sure you already know, cowl necks and turtlenecks are very en vogue this season.  The cowl neck has infiltrated more than just sweaters too.  You will find cowl necks on lots of great tunic tops, long sleeve tops and even dresses.  The cowl neck top or sweater is really a great piece to have in your wardrobe during cold weather as it doesn’t look as stiff or formal as your basic turtleneck and gives an added feminine detail to any piece.   I’ll be honest the only thing I don’t like about cowl neck sweaters is that sometimes the cowl neck is too much.  It may be too low or not stay in place well enough so I end up fidgeting with it all day to get it to lay just right.   In the quest to find some great cowl neck pieces that do not fall into that excessive cowl neck category consider a few of these pieces that still give you that look, but are more comfortable and wearable which makes us love them all the more.

Aspen Motorcycle Sweater – This adorable sweater from Velvet by Graham and Spencer is a super versatile piece.  You can wear it as a jacket, as a sweater, zipped up – all the way, zipped up part of the way, or not zipped up at all.  This classic cropped motorcycle jacket/sweater features a zipper off center that goes from top to bottom.   Available in basic black, this sweater is so warm and cozy and features epaulets on the shoulders and zippered pockets at each side.  Of course it also has a tighter fitting cowl neck that you can wear a variety of ways with the functionality of the zipper.  We love that again this isn’t an excessive cowl neck, but a classic neckline that helps make this sweater the ultimate statement piece.

Marni Cowlneck Pocket Dress – The classic cowl neck piece this great dress or tunic length top also from Velvet by Graham and Spencer features the cowl neck line that is just right.  Of course the cowl neck is really on the beginning of the details on this dress with the drawstring waist and the pockets on the front below the waistline.  We love the wide rolled up sleeves and the amazing color choices with this dress.  It has been one of our most popular pieces at Vintage Fringe and we can’t get enough of it.  Of course it pairs perfectly with boots or leggings too. The Marni dress is a great stylish dress with lots of fringe to make this another fabulous statement dress for your wardrobe.

As you can see both of these pieces use the cowl neck features in different ways, but still the cowl neck adds to the amazing fashionable style that makes each of these items distinctive and super stylish.  You can’t go wrong with either of these pieces and we especially love that even though the cowl neck is a great aspect of each of these items it doesn’t overwhelm the dress or the sweater as there are loads of other details that make them perfect statement pieces for any wardrobe.

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