Spring Trend: Boatneck Dresses

Every spring as the weather gets warmer dresses are at the forefront of our shopping searches.  This spring, one great trend that you may want to incorporate into your wardrobe are boatneck dresses.  The boatneck line is always such a classic, seemingly retro neckline that we see most predominantly in tops.   To be honest, when I think of boatneck tops, my first thoughts are tops with stripes that really draw you into a sailing motif.  That boatneck stereotype is blown out of the water with a few great examples of boatneck dresses.

First consider the Retro Boatneck Dress by designer Sweet Pea by Stacy Frati.  This dress in vibrant colors and a great retro pattern features black trim and a black tie around the waist.  The pattern of the dress features a mix of flowers in blues, pinks and purples. The style of the dress is a straight fit, but the tie around the waist helps make it more fitted.   This dress features a bolder look and really can be a statement piece for your wardrobe depending on your individual style.  We love the classy and elegant look of the boatneck and are glad to see it becoming a more prominent trend in dresses this season.

The Martha Boatneck Dress by designer Velvet by Graham and Spencer also features a boatneck line.  This dress has a gathered empire waist and a flared waist. It is a great spring summer dress and is made of baby jersey cotton so it is completely washable and comfortable to wear.   This dress in Greenbean is a great vibrant green color which works wonderfully for spring and summer.  We also love the look of the flared waist or skirt with this dress as it really does give a distinctive contrast to the boatneck at top.

Don’t forget to incorporate other great trends for this spring and summer like leggings which would pair perfectly with both of these dresses.  We’ve done previous posts on great ways to incorporate leggings so you can check that out for our tips on that fashion trend, but these dresses would be great complements with leggings.

If you are looking for other great ways to incorporate boatnecks into your spring and summer wardrobe consider pairing boatneck tops with pencil skirts or even flared skirts or A line skirts.   We love the Sintia skirt by Velvet by Graham and Spencer as a great must have for spring pencil skirts.  Don’t forget about the Lija flared skirt also by Velvet as another possible match for great spring / summer skirts.

Ultimately, you have to decide what styles and trends work best for you this season, but we love the trend of boatneck dresses and they will certainly be pieces you will want to be on the lookout for as you shop for spring and summer dresses.   The great classy look of the boatneck line is a great way to incorporate distinctive styles and trends into your wardrobe this season and looks classic enough that it won’t be out of style next season.

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Feminine Vintage Jackets

There is nothing better than finding that perfect vintage style jacket with feminine touches.  Many of us have one or two go toFeminine Vintage Jackets in our closets that we love to wear as the occasion calls for them.  Finding that perfect vintage style feminine jacket is often like finding a needle in a haystack, so when you find that prefect jacket you definitely want to make it work in your wardrobe for as long as you can.  It really is like finding a fabulous statement piece that you can wear for that special night out or party.

Consider the Cropped Bomber Jacket by designer Zooey by Alice Heller.  This jacket is truly a statement piece that blends vintage and modern elements.  With pockets in front, big buttons, and a cowl neckline, the bomber jacket brings a lot of great detail to a seemingly simple jacket style.  Of course, in my opinion, what really makes the Zooey jacket stand out is the arched hemline in back.  This accent really makes the jacket.   Giving the jacket a distinctive look, this detail in back makes the jacket a wonderful piece to accent variations in lengths and layers.  We love wearing this jacket with long tops or even tank tops depending on the season.  As you can see, with all of this detail, it is easy to wear this jacket as part of your entire outfit for the day and as more than just a jacket you wear outside.

If you are looking for longer length feminine vintage jackets this season, be sure to look for a great trench coat.  We’ve seen a variety of great trench coats this season.  The most popular look is a length that falls just above the knees and incorporates ruffles or added feminine details like buttons.   These jackets are truly timeless and with certain details can be brand new, but full of vintage style.   A good trench coat is really a must have jacket for spring and summer so every gal should have at least one in their closet.

This season the trends seem to encompass the full spectrum of lengths from longer lengths like the knee length trench to the cropped bomber jacket.  Cropped jackets should also be considered this season as a great vintage style trend.  We have seen many elegant cropped length jackets which remind us so much of the elegant vintage wraps worn in days gone by.

Finding the perfect feminine vintage jacket is a seemingly perpetual search, but we think you will find that there are some great new jacket styles that do incorporate great vintage style trends and modern looks. The vintage style look also allows you to create your own personal style.   Not to mention that you will want to find a few great staple jackets such as the trench and if you love feminine details you want to find the perfect trench for you that incorporates your favorite details.  Since jackets are truly investments in a good wardrobe and are frequently worn for several seasons, you will find that an extensive search is well worth it.

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Pretty Spring Dresses

As the weather starts to turn, our fashion focus shifts to short sleeves, tank tops and of course pretty spring dresses.  This season there are a variety of great dresses that can be worn with a wrap during spring and solo during the summer.  Spring and summer dresses come in a variety of styles and with a variety of fabrics.  Of course for warm weather you will always want to consider lighter weight fabrics like cottons that wear well, are breathable and comfortable.

Velvet by Graham and Spencer is a large source of inspiration for us with great dresses primarily made of cottons or other lightweight fabrics.  One of our favorites is the Freda Dress and for spring and summer we wear it in gorgeous white.  With a flared skirt and a gathered waist line, this dress also features ¾ length sleeves and a deep v neck.  It really is a stunning dress and looks fabulous on.  Made of baby jersey cotton, this dress is machine washable and comfortable to wear which makes it a versatile piece for spring that can be dressed up for special occasions and dressed down for just a simple spring day dress.

Another wonderful spring dress is the Modal Jersey Scoop Neck Dress by Splendid.  The modal jersey is so soft and luxurious and it is a great complement to the ruffles around the scoop neckline and sleeves.  This dress is available in Mud, a light brown color, or Black and is a great go to dress for spring.  We love the pretty ruffles that are subtle, but really make the dress stand out.  The modal jersey fabric is amazingly soft and still machine washable so this dress is easy to wear for everyday and can be dressed up too.

One of our favorite classy and elegant dresses is the Wrap Dress by Sweet Pea by Stacy Frati.  This dress comes in basic black and features a faux wrap on the side.  With ruffled sleeves and a deep v neck, this dress is a super versatile piece because it can easily be dressed up for special occasions or to wear to the office.  It is the dressiest of the dresses mentioned in this article.

Finally, when you are looking for pretty spring dresses, we have to mention the Dita Ruffle V Neck Dress by Ella Moss.  This gorgeous dress exudes femininity and most certainly qualifies as pretty.  We love the deep v neck and the ruffles around the neckline.  With a flared skirt and an empire waist, this dress really has a gorgeous vintage style to it as well.

Of course, these dresses only scratch the surface of perfect dresses for spring, but in any case these dresses are a great representative sample of what is available for spring and what classic styles you can incorporate into your spring wardrobe.  Don’t forget the option of incorporating a great wrap or two to help keep you warm during cool spring nights.   Each of these dresses work well for different occasions and will be great additions to your closet.

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Mixed Pattern Fashion

Mixed pattern fashion is certainly not for everyone.  However, if you are feeling like stepping out in a bold way or are looking to make a fashion statement, then consider a few simple rules of thumb when selecting your patterns.  In our opinion, mixing patterns only works when you keep in mind one piece can be bold, but the other piece should be subtle.  Typically, offsetting bold patterns with solids or simple, subtle patterns can be a great way to truly incorporate your own fashion style in a bold way.   The more you can use solid colors as complements the better.   Also, be sure to avoid the cardinal rule of mixing patterns with colors that clash.

One of our favorite lines that incorporate a variety of patterns in elegant, feminine ways is Sweet Pea by Stacy Frati.  She uses lots of bold, bright patterns and offsets or complements them with accenting solid colors for trim or lining underneath.  Consider the Tie Short Dress by Sweet Pea.  This dress features a bold fuscia pink and brown floral pattern.  For contrast, she uses solid brown for the ties at the waist and in the bodice and around the neckline.  The effect of incorporating the contrast is that it helps to add a bit of simplicity to the bold pattern which helps create a more elegant, feminine look.

Consider also branching out into bolder colors and mixing them with non-traditional base colors like navy or brown.  For example, we love the look of brown with navy.  Of course you want the right shades to make it work, but these are colors we would never have thought pair well together, but we fell in love with the Annabelle top by designer AlixK which features a warm clay brown fabric accented with embroidered flowers in navy.  It looks stunning.  We also mix solid navy tops with reds, greens, corals, and greys.

When you’re trying to mix in different patterns with solid colors consider wearing accenting colored tank tops under patterned tops.  As an example, in the winter we wear navy or black long sleeve tops under the Cotton Stripe Tie Cardigan by Splendid.  Similarly, you could also wear a long Kelisha tank top by designer Velvet by Graham and Spencer under the Variegated Stripe Loose Jersey Dress for contrast.

In short, when you are exercising your creative licenses with your wardrobe planning and if you feel like stepping out in a bold patterned look, be sure to offset patterns with solid colors as much as possible.  Be sure to stay within the realm of colors that work together and beware of mixing patterns with colors that clash.  Doubling patterns is not for the faint at heart, so whatever look you create be sure to wear it with confidence and make sure that you do feel confident enough to wear it.  There is nothing worse than wearing an outfit that you feel embarrassed to be seen in once you step out of the house.

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Clothing Boutiques Online

The experience of shopping at clothing boutiques is something most of us have come to love.  Personally, I would dream of having one day a week where I could just hunt for good boutiques.  Frequently, we covet the boutique shopping experience because it enables you to find new and sometimes new to you designers and all too often distinctive styles or pieces that you wouldn’t find somewhere else.  Despite all of these benefits, finding these seemingly elusive boutiques and finding a boutique that fits your style or even finding one with your busy schedule is often difficult as they are typically not in the mall or typical shopping spots.  Frequently, clothing boutique shopping trips are full of hassles finding their locations and then once you find the shop then you discover that they closed early that day or opened later.  Thankfully, those hassles have become things of the past as clothing boutiques are moving online and the online clothing boutique is quickly becoming the first stop shopping location.

The ability to find so many great clothing boutiques online has really changed the way that shopping for clothing has previously been done.  The new clothing boutique online is advantageous because it really does eliminate many of the hassles of boutique shopping.  For example, with the clothing boutique online, you now can shop in your time frame (frankly even in your pajamas) and spend as long as you want on the site.  You can also more easily find upcoming or indie designers and pieces that still give you that exclusivity that not everyone will have the same top.  Another benefit to online shopping that you can find at some clothing boutiques online are things like free shipping and often even free returns.  These customer friendly policies minimize the risks of ordering online with sizes and fit.  Good clothing boutiques online will also have a lot of images of the pieces styled on models such as Lookbooks which are also a helpful advantage as it gives you more ways to visualize and see a piece before you buy it.

Shopping at clothing boutiques online also helps you to pinpoint which designers you are looking for and search online to find shops or boutiques that carry them.  You can search by individual pieces or styles and spend more time comparison shopping which you would never have done in the traditional clothing boutique.  New websites like boutiques.com or like.com have taken boutique comparison shopping to a whole new level.  Don’t forget you can also search for coupons or even promotions online as well. Such advantages really do make you a more educated shopper and help enable you to find the best deal which in the current economy really can help make the typically more expensive boutique pieces more affordable and attainable.  As an online clothing boutique, at Vintage Fringe, our goal is to have your love your clothes as much as we do and to always have your friends asking “Where did you get that?” Clothing boutiques online are a great trend that is here to stay and we are confident that you’ll find shopping online with us a great experience.

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Designer Cardigans

Designer cardigans are the perfect piece to wear this time of year.  Cardigans have come a long way from the puffy think styles of the 80s and now you find the modern versions include lighter weight fabrics, distinctive buttons or no buttons, no shoulder pads, and additional trim or details like pockets.   Some of our favorite designer cardigans have even transformed into short sleeve versions that are perfect for layering over long sleeve tees or work great over short sleeve tops in warmer weather.

Consider the Cotton Bamboo Cardigan by Splendid.  This cardigan made from 70% cotton and 30% bamboo features short loose sleeves, hints of white around the trim in front and as accent in the back and pockets.  Without buttons, this cardigan gives a loose look that helps it look slightly less formal, but the style itself gives it a modern edge.  The Cotton Bamboo Cardigan features a long length that falls well below the hips.

Another contemporary cardigan style by designer Velvet by Graham and Spencer is the Eloise Winter Slub Long Pocket Cardigan.  This long sleeve flared cardigan is another one of our favorites.  Part of Velvet’s Winter Slub collection that is so popular this season the Eloise cardigan is a great long cardigan option.  You’ll love the long length that works so well with leggings or boots.  The loose, open look of the cardigan which adds to the versatility of the cardigan gives you a variety of alternative ways to wear and accessorize it. Our model wears it with an adorable scarf and scoop neck top and jeans.  Of course we can’t forget to mention the pockets in front too which give it an added element of distinction compared to other cardigans this season. The winter slub fabric is the perfect blend of texture giving the fabric variation which adds to the uniqueness.

One of everyone’s favorite designers Ella Moss features the Kylie Bust Tie Cardigan.  This cardigan is a great dressy piece.  Made with lightweight cotton knit which gives this top a sophisticated, sheer look.  With a tie at the bust line you can adjust the fit and look of this cardigan to suit any occasion.  We love wearing this with a tank in warm weather and then with a long sleeve top in colder weather adding to its usefulness.  The empire waist looks very flattering as it is loose enough and sheer enough to ensure that no one looks frumpy.  Of course, Ella Moss is a great sophisticated designer that is known for designing modern, yet wearable designs.

As you can see there are a variety of different designs and options to consider when shopping for Designer Cardigans and these are only the tip of the iceberg so to speak.  You can find other great cardigan designs from some of our favorite sweater designers including, Laurie B., Splendid and Ella Moss.  As the weather warms up, some of the lighter weight wraps and cardigans from designers such as Velvet by Graham and Spencer or Sweet Pea will be great pieces to have on hand.

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Designer Clothes Online

Finding Designer Clothes online has never been easier.  In fact, if you are hunting for a specific designer or a niche designer shopping online is one of the best ways to find designer clothing.  Online shopping is quickly becoming a central way to find designer clothing and to find great deals that are often only available online.  I hate trying on clothes in the store.  In fact, I would rather just buy it and return it later than try one just one item.  A great example is denim.  When I shop for jeans, I always try to find the fit I like and then stick with it for as long as I can.  Online shopping is a great solution for this type of shopper who knows specifics about the designer, the style and what you are looking for.  Often you can find a variety of stores where that designer is available and frequently find additional colors or styles that might be available at other stores or sites.  This ability to educate the shopper more completely has really made online shopping a great venue to find clothing.

There are a variety of sites online that carry different designers and may even vary their selection of pieces from those designers.  In addition, online shopping really opens up your designer clothing options as you can find much more selection than what is just available at your local boutique or department store.  Finding indie or upcoming designers is also far easier to locate online.  We suggest that you have a few go to sites or consider using shopping portals such as like.com, boutiques.com, or pronto.com as sites to do your window shopping or browse for new lines or designers.  At these sites you can search by designer or by style allowing you to gain exposure to a variety of different designers that you may not have previously known or heard about.

Finally, don’t forget to check out your favorite online clothing boutique or online store for their lookbook.  This is a great way to find different styling options and actually see the clothes on models.  It is the equivalent of window shopping online to see the different styles and pieces that you may not have actually discovered in a narrow or specific search by designer.  The lookbook is really a great way for sites to showcase their current and prior pieces so that you can get added exposure and ideas from their photo shoots.

The bottom line is that online shopping is here to stay and is really revolutionizing the shopping process especially for designer clothing.  Practically every designer sells online and many even have their own sites.  You can often find great deals and become a more savvy shopper by having that additional education of shopping online so that you are able to compare and browse expanded selections online.  You will want to find a few go to online shopping sites that work well with your individual style and then be sure to sign up on their mailing lists so that you gain access to any promotions or discounts they may be offering.

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Indie and Vintage Clothing

The ease and convenience of shopping online has really transformed the search for indie and vintage clothing.  Shopping second hand or vintage stores used to be limited solely to in person shopping which of course would make shopping so much more difficult and tiring.  Honestly, I am always leery of shopping for second hand clothing online as you really never can fully examine the pieces to see their condition.  Not to mention that when you typically shop for true second hand clothing you are looking for bargains which make it more costly when you have to add in possible costs like shipping.  There are, however, a variety of online conveniences that have actually made shopping online easier certainly for indie clothing or clothing from unknown or upcoming designers and for vintage style clothing.  When you are looking for vintage style clothing be sure that you distinguish between used vintage clothing and new vintage style clothing.

At Vintage Fringe we always are on the lookout for indie designers, but with some basic standards.  For example, we don’t target one off pieces or designers with only one style as we typically like to have more breadth in our lines.  In addition, we like to have some standardization in sizing and frequently one off indie designers may not be able to offer that same consistency in sizing.  As an online only boutique, being able to offer as much sizing consistency as possible is an important part of providing a reliable customer experience.  Certainly there are variations in every line in terms of pieces that fit a little differently than others and we try to note that where applicable in our product descriptions.

All of our pieces at Vintage Fringe are brand new, but we always look for vintage style or vintage inspired elements within the lines and pieces that we carry.  Consider the vintage look of the Heart Button Cardigan by indie designer Joy Joy Clothing.  This great piece features adorable feminine elements and still has a retro, vintage look.  Alternatively, consider the Retro Boatneck Dress by Sweet Pea.  This piece is a great example of a retro or vintage looking pattern on a modern piece that is brand new and with consistent sizing.

Shopping online for indie or vintage clothing is actually far easier because of the ability to search for niche pieces or designers.  Such shopping would have been nearly impossible without the help of the internet, but now more and more niche designers and boutiques are starting online.  Don’t forget to also be sure and visit the many comparison shopping sites for online fashion to get good ideas of lines and designers you may want to browse in your vintage clothing hunt.  Such sites are really great ways to go window shopping from the convenience of your computer.  Be sure to check out online lookbooks at fashion sites for great styling ideas too.   In short, shopping for indie and vintage inspired clothing has really never been easier and more popular.  With these great hints, hopefully you will discover for yourself the conveniences of shopping for indie and vintage clothing online.

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Ella Moss Tops

Some of our favorite tops hail from designer Ella Moss.  The wonderful Ella Moss line is well known for their great use of luxurious fabrics to help give their pieces a flowy, feminine look.  Ella Moss tops are always contemporary, yet elegant styles and the fabrics make you wish you could wear them all the time.  The styles of Ella Moss tops generally fall on the dressier side of your wardrobe, but there are several Ella Moss tops that do have a more casual look.   Here are a few of our favorite Ella Moss tops.

Consider the Victoria Front Tie Neck Top by Ella Moss.  This top features a ruffle around the neckline and long ties for show or if you were to actually tie them around the neck would give it a more Victorian look.  This top features a v neckline with buttons down the center of the bodice.  The base of the top has a loose fluid look to it.  The sleeves also feature a light ruffle at the hem.  Made with contrasting voile fabric around the cuffs and bustline and modal jersey around the body of the top, this top feels as luxurious as it looks.  This beautiful top is available in Lemonade (Yellow) or Chive (Green).

The Jocelyn Puff Sleeve Top by Ella Moss is also a great versatile piece for your wardrobe.  This top features a lightweight cotton fabric with an adorable pattern including white flowers on the solid cherry red or lemonade yellow fabrics.  With a ruffle around the base of the sleeves, the neckline and the waist, this top always looks feminine.  The waist line and the cuff of the puff sleeve are gathered as well.  This lightweight top is the perfect addition to your summer or spring wardrobe.

Finally, we love the classic, but always perfect Ellassentials Short Sleeve V Neck Top with Smocking.  This top features the classic modal jersey fabric which we have learned to love about the Ella Moss line.  The fabric feels so soft and luxurious.  This elegant v neck also features smocking in the center at the base of the v neck for contrast which really does give this top an added element of femininity.  The base of the top features a flared empire waist like fit which of course only adds to the feminine touches.  This top is available in Admiral (Navy) and Haze (Grey).  This top really is classic and elegant at the same time.

As you can see there is never a shortage of great, distinctive top options with Ella Moss.  Complete with fabulous fabrics, these tops feel as luxurious as they look.  If you already love Ella Moss tops, you will know exactly what we are talking about and if you haven’t ever tried an Ella Moss top, you will want to try incorporating at least one Ella Moss top into your wardrobe.  We are confident that you will find that Ella Moss tops are an essential component of every gal’s wardrobe.

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Buy Boutique Fashion Online

Boutiques are quickly moving online and shopping for boutique fashion online is becoming as convenient as shopping at many of your big department stores, but with the ability to find more distinctive designers and styles.  We all love the experience of finding your favorite neighborhood boutique and shopping for one of a kind finds that you won’t see at every department or chain store.   Online shopping for fashion is becoming far more popular and convenient and it actually enables you as the shopper to be savvier and price conscious which as we all know can be essential if you are trying to stay on a budget.  Beyond just price, shopping online enables you to find all sorts of conveniences such as free shipping and returns, comparison shopping for alternate colors and styles in addition to price, and many online sites have wish list options which allow you to store and save your favorite fashion picks.

We love the convenience of shopping for boutique fashion online because you can shop from the convenience of your home, office or mobile phone or iPad all while in your pajamas and at any time of day.  We dreaded boutique shopping because inevitably it was so much work to hunt for parking, shop during their hours and hassle with your kids which often ruined our shopping experience.  The beauty of online shopping is that such hassles are eliminated.  The only drawback to online shopping is not being able to try something on if necessary and see it in person, which is why we always look for boutiques online that include free shipping and returns.   We also love being able to really hone in on what specific designers we like and still window shop other styles and designs conveniently.  That is the best part of boutique shopping is staying away from mass market fashions that you can find seemingly everywhere.  We love finding a designer we love and then searching online for other styles or selections or even reduced pricing.  The online search makes it far easier to find niche items.

Shopping for fashion online also makes you a smarter shopper.  Shopping online allows you to compare multiple sites with far less work than shopping at boutiques in person.  There are many sites online that allow you to search many different sites based on specific things like designers, colors, sizes, or even style descriptions.  This ability to comparison shop in a more convenient way will make shopping far more efficient than bouncing from boutique to boutique.  Boutiques.com is one such site that features the ability for you to bookmark your favorite pieces in your own boutique.  Like.com also has a fashion focus and features smart shopping abilities to help narrow your search very quickly.

Shopping for boutique fashion online is really revolutionized by the convenience of shopping online. Once you discover boutique fashion shopping online you will quickly find that it is much simpler and far more convenient than the dedication and time required to complete your own boutique shopping scavenger hunt and will hopefully become your first stop for fashion shopping in the future.

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