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A recently popular trend of crochet dresses has really brought crochet elements to the forefront and a variety of designers are bringing these great elements into a number of modern dresses.   First, we should clarify what we mean by a crochet dress or crochet elements.  Of course we are referring to knit detail that depending on the pattern may be loose resembling a lace or tight resembling ornate embellishments.  We are all about the details at Vintage Fringe and Crochet details are a great way to add detail and feminine style and inspiration to a top or dress.  Perhaps the best way to demonstrate these great features is to actually give you some examples.

First consider the Larina ¾ Sleeve Crochet dress by designer Velvet by Graham and Spencer.   Here the crochet detail is around the neckline featuring a great pattern to give this dress added distinction.  The Larina dress features a wide scoop neckline that cascades into a lightly pleated body on the dress.  We love the great colors of Mink (Charcoal Grey), Truffle (Taupe) or Pistachio (Green) as they each pair so well with either warm or cool shades and all can work well with either black or brown when pairing with accessories like belts, boots or necklaces.  The crochet detail is certainly the center of this dress, but it really doesn’t overpower it and brings just the right amount of detail to the style of this dress.

Next consider the Hollie Racerback Dress.  This dress features a looser crochet knit so it does look more like lace, but nonetheless, it is a great accent to this maxi dress.  This basic style dress is kicked up a notch by the empire waist bustline and accented by the racerback and the knit detail around the neckline.  This dress really does look stunning almost regal.  It reminds me of something I could see Audrey Hepburn wearing in a movie.

Finally, the Oma Cap Sleeve Dress also by Velvet features a crochet lace like embellishment around the bust and around the hem of the dress.  This crochet detail brings a great pattern and style to an elegant dress and style.  The flirty cap sleeve provides an added feminine flair to the dress and combined with the crochet detail around the neckline makes this dress a true statement piece.

As you can see crochet detail is becoming more pervasive and is a great way to really add subtle frills to a dress.  Of course the crochet detail is not only utilized in dresses, you can find it in tops and tanks too.  The Hollie Racerback Maxi dress has a sister Hollie Crew Neck top by designer Ella Moss that also utilizes the loose knit crochet detail around the neckline.  In any case you can easily work crochet elements into staple pieces in your closet if you look for them and best of all it is far easier to wear crochet details as incorporated into dresses as an accent or embellishment rather than as the entire dress where you are perpetually worried about trying not to snag the fully crocheted dress on something!

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