Peasant Skirt

As the weather warms up we are thrilled to be wearing skirts as often as possible.  One of this season’s biggest skirt trends are peasant skirts.  While the name doesn’t really create an appealing image, it really is a beautiful skirt and best of all something that is ultra comfortable and fun to wear.

The peasant skirt features a series of connected layers that give a subtle ruffled look and of course a great touch of feminine details.  They can come in a variety of different lengths depending on your preferences, but they are almost always longer skirts that fall well below the knee.  They can also be as long as ankle length.  The longer length makes them a good multi-purpose skirt.  The peasant skirt works well as a casual skirt that you can wear with flip flops or sandals or dress it up with heels or boots for dressier occasions.

You can also find peasant skirts in actual tiered fabric layers giving the skirt a heavier, but bold look.  These are great statement skirts.  Personally, my favorite style of the peasant skirt is the Hilton skirt by one of our favorite designers Velvet by Graham and Spencer.  This skirt is long, but not ankle length.  It hits about half way between the knee and the ankle.  It also features a folded waist band giving you added versatility if you want the length to be a little longer.  Currently available in two great colors black (you can never have enough black skirts!) or Rootbeer, a smokey brown color.   I love this skirt because I don’t really like the ankle length skirts and depending on your personal body type you want to be careful that you don’t wear skirts that are too long because they can make you look shorter and draw added attention to your feet.

Best of all the peasant skirt really does give you a great feminine skirt that isn’t your basic pencil or A line skirt, but it is super comfortable and is really a great all around wear anywhere skirt.  In the current economy where we all are trying to maximize our dollar, this is the perfect versatile piece.  I love the ability to wear this on weekends running errands in my flip flops and then the next day wear it to church or a dressy party.  Really you can dress it up and change the sophistication level of this skirt by simply changing your shoes and top.

In short, the peasant skirt is a great way to really add a versatile, trendy and stylish skirt to your closet.  It really is a must have for summer.  It is also a great way to help you accentuate your favorite accessories year round whether they be sandals, boots, a great top, or even jewelry.  You can’t go wrong with a good peasant skirt and be sure to consider your individual body type when picking the length for the skirt.  If you are super tall, the longer length peasant skirt may be perfect for you, but if you are shorter or feeling a little heavy around the waistline, the shorter length peasant skirt might be best.

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