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We all pay attention to certain celebrities clothing styles and fashion choices.  Each of us has our respective favorite celebrities and honestly I can love one outfit on a celebrity and hate another outfit on the same celebrity.  There are of course a few celebrities that rarely go wrong in terms of outfit choice.  This classy taste in fashion probably is more a reflection of their personal stylists, but I still love to think that some of my favorite celebrities have a say in selecting their personal style and having such great fashion sense.  One of my favorite celebrities that I love to follow their fashion choices and clothing styles is Reese Witherspoon.

With such a classy, sophisticated personality it is no wonder that her fashion style really does seem to be an expression of her personal inner beauty and confidence.  In watching her over the years with different hair styles and at different fashion award events, her style is always elegant and classy.  If you catch her in day to day outfit photos, she always manages to look sophisticated and classy while still looking casual and as if she is truly an everyday normal gal which perhaps is part of her overall appeal.

If you look at many of these casual everyday photos, Reese has her own trends and one of my personal favorite of her style choices are stripes.  She seems to love stripes and frankly wears them often and she looks great in them.  She frequently wears stripes in tops in a variety of colors and styles.

If I had a pick out a few pieces that I think Reese would love to wear at Vintage Fringe, I think she would love the Variegated Stripe Boatneck top by Splendid.  This great top features contrasting white and navy or red stripes in various different width stripes.  This top seems right of Reese’s alley and a great complement to her skin tone.

I could also see Reese wearing the Melbourne Puff Sleeve Front Tie Top by Ella Moss.  This cute short sleeve top features a v neck top accented by a tie and puff sleeves.  The top also features an elastic waist band so it has a gathered loose fitting look at the waist.  I love the white stripes contrasted by an oatmeal heather stripe.  A great natural look and style, I think these colors would look amazing with Reese’s blond hair.

Finally, for more of a winter look, I can picture Reese wearing the Trinity Cowlneck Top by designer Velvet by Graham and Spencer.  Reese does tend to wear a lot of color and it is a great complement with her hair and skin tone and this top would work well with her body type.  A loose fitted top with a combination of stripe width, this top is a great stylish statement piece that Reese would look great in.

As you can see, stripes are a popular trend in clothing and Reese is certainly on board serving as a walking billboard for adorable stripe tops that manage to look stylish and classy while always looking great on Reese everyday.

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