Summer Dress Trend: Designer Charlie Jade

Designer Charlie Jade is one of our newest designers available at Vintage Fringe.  We have fallen in love their stylish dresses which are the perfect summer statement dress.  What’s not to love about their bold colors and patterns combined with feminine styles and fabrics.  Charlie Jade’s penchant for silk fabric blends and stunning patterns and styles are displayed in a variety of ways in their dress collection.  Best of all this collection is the perfect solution for that perpetual search for a great dress to wear to a summer wedding.

April Pleated V Neck Dress by Charlie Jade

April Pleated V Neck Dress

Charlie Jade’s collection exhibits a lot depth and variety all with feminine touches and style.  The April Pleated V Neck Dress is a great example of the stunning Charlie Jade designer dress style.  This dress harkens back to yesterday with a classic retro dress style with the pleats around the neckline and the belted waist.  The modern pattern features a spin on the traditional animal print with spots that are varied in size and color giving it a modern, stylish look.  The dress features utilizes an ivory backdrop accented by baby blue e black spots of color.  This dress looks professional and sophisticated and is perfect for the office or a night out.

Another great example of the range of Charlie Jade dresses is the Diana Ditzy Print Maxi Dress.  This dress features a more complicated pattern with mixes of orange, red, baby blue and white.  The dress features an empire waistline and shoulder straps which then flares all the way down the long maxi length.  The back of the dress features racer back detail giving the dress added distinction.  This is a great maxi dress option this summer.  As with pretty much all of Charlie Jade’s fabrics, this dress is 100% silk.

Finally, the Janie Scoopneck Dress by Charlie Jade gives you another example of Charlie Jade’s distinctive design.  The dress is more than your simple summer sundress, as it features a braided fabric trim around the straps and neckline.  In addition, the dress features layered panels in front that give it an added pop of style and a feminine touch.  The colors are a baby blue and an eggplant purple which pair beautifully together.  The pattern features abstract lines of striping giving it a modern edge.

If you are in the market for a statement piece summer dress, then be sure to consider Charlie Jade dresses for their excellent style and patterns as well as their beautiful use of silk fabrics.  Each dress truly represents a statement piece that will add more distinction to your individual wardrobe.  Best of all, none of these dresses is so trendy that it will be out of season by the end of the summer.  Each dress provides a timeless style that is sure to last for multiple seasons making these dresses a great fashion investment.

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Red Vintage Dresses

Red dresses are always hot commodities and red vintage style dresses are no exception.  Finding a good red dress can sometimes be like finding a needle in a haystack and in your search for that perfect dress consider a few key things to look for when searching for that perfect red vintage dress.

First, you want the right color red.  We all know reds that can be too orange or too bright so depending on what your skin tone is or what your personal preference is on red, it goes without saying that you will want to make sure you have the right shade of red.  Of course you can also find good shades in the ever popular coral color.  There are some rust tones that are also very popular this season.  Be sure that you find a color that you absolutely love because this dress will likely become a go to dress in your closet.

One way to combat the powerful red tone, is to find a good pattern that takes pressure off of the dominant red color.  Of course you can find bright, bold patterns too, but there are a number of great patterns that utilize red tones that are very versatile and also help to create that perfect vintage style or retro look.  Consider the Chapel Dress by designer Velvet by Graham and Spencer as an example.  This dress is part of Velvet’s Spanish Tile collection and features a gorgeous red and white tile pattern.  The dress itself features a fitted style that really does look like something you would see in an old black and white movie.  The dress features a v neck with knot at the base of the v and elbow length sleeves for added style.  As you can see, this is a great illustration of how effectively a pattern can help add to a dress while also still maintaining the bold red color.

For a more subtle red pattern consider the Cherry Cowl Neck Dress.  This dress features a beautiful floral pattern, but the dominant colors are varying shades of blues and the red here is used as a central accent color.   The red pops out in the flowers and on the back in a varied pattern the red is the primary color accented by the contrasting navy and light blue tile pattern.  This dress is a sheer dress and features a drape neckline, cap sleeves, and a loose tie belt at the waist for added shape.   Again this dress exudes vintage style and invokes retro dress styles with the great combination of patterns and style.

Whatever your preference when hunting for that perfect red vintage dress you may find that you need a solid red dress and you can find plenty of great alternatives out there.  It always makes sense to consider a few great options that really reflect your own individual style or the look that you are searching for.  A red vintage inspired dress can be a perfect addition to any wardrobe.

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Vintage Lace Dress

Lace has never really gone out of style, but this season you will find lace detailing on a number of our favorite dresses.  Lace is a great element utilized on vintage dresses, but best of all one of our favorite fashion trends is to incorporate vintage elements into modern day fashions and finding a vintage inspired lace dress is no exception.  Of course adding lace to a dress is also a great way to make a dress even more feminine.  Such embellishments can really transform a dress.  We love the lace accents that really can make a simple style standout or can make a dress even more feminine and soft. Lace can come in a number of patterns and colors and styles so there are a wide assortment of different ways to incorporate lace into a great dress.   Consider a few of these great examples of stylish lace touches that really make these dresses more feminine and elegant.

A summer favorite the Oma Cap Sleeve Dress by one of our favorite designers Velvet by Graham and Spencer features a lace embellishment around the bust and around the hem of the dress.  This lace detail brings a great pattern and style to an elegant dress and style.  It really transforms the dress from simple and elegant to sophisticated and dressy. The flirty cap sleeve provides an added touch of feminine flair to the dress and combined with the lace detail around the neckline makes this dress a true statement piece.   It is a great piece to wear belted or unbelted and in Flint grey is a gorgeous color that is perfect for just about any occasion.

Next check out the Hollie Racerback Maxi Dress.  This dress by designer Ella Moss features a looser knit lace detail around the neckline, but nonetheless, it is a great accent to this maxi dress.  This basic style dress is kicked up a notch by the empire waist bustline and accented by the racerback and the lace detail around the neckline.  This dress really does look stunning almost regal.  It reminds me of something I could see Audrey Hepburn wearing in a movie.  It is great for summer or spring, but also great for special occasions as well.  Available in a basic black color it is a great way to showcase lace details while also incorporating the current maxi dress fashion trend.  The body of the dress is a luxurious modal jersey fabric so it is ultra soft and comfortable too.

As you can see adding vintage lace detail to a dress is really a great way to take a simple elegant dress and transform it into something distinctive and sophisticated.  Lace in general as a fashion detail is a great way to really add frills to a dress and of course is once again at the forefront of the current fashion trends.  Lace details can be found in more than just dresses and can add vintage elements to any piece just as well as it does dresses.  Best of all it isn’t difficult or uncomfortable to add dresses with vintage lace details and be feminine and at the forefront of fashion trends.   Lace is certainly a fashion trend with staying power and really can be a classic way to include feminine details into casual or dressy fashions.

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Tunic Shirt Dress

When I think of an easy warm weather outfit, my mind immediately turns to a tunic shirtdress. Not only is it effortless, but also it can be styled in numerous ways to keep your look fresh.

One perfect example of a shirtdress that is perfect for right now and transitioning into fall months is the Vika Button Down Dress for Velvet by Graham and Spencer. This easy dress features buttons from top to bottom down the center and is lined with a spaghetti strap tank dress underneath. The sleeves are secured up by a button but can also be worn down if preferred or in cooler weather. The dress is a looser fit but it brings shape in with a tie at the waist. It comes in two colors: Yam, which is a coral tone, or Safari, which is a brown tone. This dress can be easily dressed up with a pair of heels and nice jewelry or can be worn with flat sandals for a more casual appeal. It is a great cotton shirting fabric so is breathable and truly does fit the bill for a great shirt dress.

Another great example of an easy shirtdress is the Sammy Long Sleeve Belted Dress for Velvet by Graham and Spencer. This dress features an amazing pattern adding contrast by bringing in a grey tie belt at the waist. The neckline is a deep v-neck adding a bit of sexiness to this fun look. It is perfect worn as a dress or thrown over leggings such as our Ritzy legging in grey. Of course, don’t forget about other great details like the pockets on the sides and the great Jellybean green pattern.

Consider also one of our most popular tunic shirt dresses, the Ivonne Maldives Striped Tunic Dress by designer Velvet by Graham and Spencer that can easily be paired with leggings, boots or pants but can also be worn as a flirty dress. If this dress were shorter, it would be the perfect basic Tee Shirt, but with the added length this tunic dress really does typify a great tunic shirt dress. The dress has a boatneck and long sleeves and of course with the great stripes and trim around the cuffs and collar in Rock, a smokey grey color, which looks great on the white fabric background. This tunic short dress would also look great with high boots and a belt and of course great jewelry. It is a jersey cotton blend so it is also casual and comfortable to wear.

A shirtdress is a great addition to any woman’s closet. Like the ones I mentioned, they are so versatile and can be worn in a number of ways making them an effortless and easy addition to any closet. Many of these dresses could also be worn in fall or colder weather and not just in sprint or summer. Like pretty much all tunics, they are so stylish and really can transcend seasons and also work with so many different types of accessories.

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White Tunic Dress

Nothing is easier or more fun than a good solid piece in your wardrobe that you can wear multiple ways. One of these pieces that every woman should have is your own version of a white tunic dress.  The white tunic dress is a great staple piece that gives you tons of options for pairing with leggings, shoes, boots, and accessories like belts and jewelry.  Tunics are a must have this season and a great versatile piece that works for multiple seasons and weather and when paired with accessories can be worn a number of different ways.

For a fun twist on the white tunic dress, try our Hunter Maldives Striped Tunic Dress from Velvet by Graham and Spencer. This dress plays into the nautical trend with its navy stripe detailing and fun off center V-neck. For summer this loose fitting dress would be perfect belted at the waist with a pair of fun wedges or sandals, but this piece can also transcend into the colder months by pairing it with jeans or leggings and an oversized sweater. Since it is looser, keeping it belted underneath the sweater would probably be best so that your shape is not lost just because you’re keeping warm!

Another great example of a distinctive great white tunic dress is the Variegated Stripe Loose Jersey Dress by Splendid.  This tunic length dress features a contrasting stripe in Quartz, a pink color.  The stripes are variegated or feature different widths.  This added detail gives good contrast and transforms this tunic dress into something distinctive and flirty.  The tunic dress also features a deep v neck in front and in back.  The front v neck is also accented by a tie at the base of the v neck.  This tunic dress is perfect as a dress and can also double as a swimsuit cover-up for your next beach vacation.

One very unique tunic that we are featuring is the Racerback Flared Tunic by designer Collective Concepts. This racerback tunic is a light grey color and is beautifully designed with a strap made of silver links and black beadwork. Its loose fit makes it perfect to wear as a dress, with leggings or tights for a dressier occasion in the summer and fall months. This lovely tunic could also work wonderfully for the colder months by adding skinny jeans or leggings (our Swoosie Knit Leggings or Jordan leggings both by Velvet by Graham and Spencer would be perfect!) underneath and throwing a nice cardigan or jacket over top.

As you can see there are a number of great ways to wear white tunic dresses and different styles as well.   Tunic dresses are becoming more and more popular in part because of the new style trend, but also because they are also versatile and can be worn literally year round when paired with leggings or worn with boots or over pants.  High boots are extremely popular this season and you can find cropped leggings or long leggings to go with any style of tunic dress.

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Sheer Black Blouse

Black is no longer anything close to ordinary or basic. Sheer fabric tops are a huge trend currently and can easily be carried over into fall. Add some sheer elements to a black tee and you get an amazing twist on a basic standby. The sheer trend may seem scary, but it can be extremely sophisticated.  It is important to make sure you are comfortable with the level of sheerness you are sporting so play around with different styles and elements to find the perfect level of sheer for you. One great way of playing with the trend is by incorporating layering.

Layering has been a huge notch on fashion’s belt and the idea is not going anywhere soon. A sheer black top can be an excellent addition for a fan of layering. For example, why put away your cute camisoles until next year when you can wear them under a sheer black top instantly adding new looks to your wardrobe?

One great example of a top that utilizes sheer to its’ advantage is the Lace Tank with a Pocket top in Black available now by Collective Concepts. The daring woman could choose to wear this as is or could choose to layer a colored tank underneath for a bright pop of color. To bring this tank into fall and cooler temperatures, adding another layer over the top is the perfect solution to keeping the sheer trend in a not-so-obvious way. Bringing a top like the Eloise Winter Slub Long Pocket Cardigan by designer Velvet by Graham & Spencer is a fun way to make the look a bit more casual and also weather appropriate for colder weather. This cardigan is long and is flared in front.  It is also in a great purple shade so it looks great paired with black and a number of other colors.

Another example for the woman who does not want to go too sheer with the trend would be to try the Textured Rib Long Sleeve Hoodie Sweater by Splendid. The sheerness of this sweater is extremely subtle but a bright colored tank underneath would pop through just enough to get the trend effect.  This sweater is lightweight enough to wear to cool days on the beach.  When you layer with this sweater you can easily incorporate a long sleeve top, short sleeve top or a tank top giving you versatility practically year round. It also is a hoodie which gives it a great casual look. This literally opens up a variety of styles and colors that can be paired with this great lightweight sweater.

Hopefully all of these examples give you some great ideas of how to incorporate sheer clothing into your closet and finding that perfect sheer black blouse or how to utilize layering with your existing wardrobe.  Sheer can be difficult if you are not sure how to wear it, but playing around and finding out what works for you can make turn this trend from difficult to everyday ready!

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Button-Down Blouse

When I think “button-down” blouse, I think boring, stiff work shirts that no one wants to wear, but has to. Vintage Fringe is currently carrying a button-down top that is NOTHING like what I just described. The Boyfriend Stripe Long Sleeved Button-up Top will change the way you think about button-up blouses for good.

We’ve featured this top in our blog before, but cannot help that it is worth discussing again! This piece by Splendid is a loose fitting, cotton and silk blend that is as stunning as it is easy to wear. It is a fun twist on the sheer tank that makes it perfect to layer over top of a tank or bandeau. It’s lightweight fabric and navy/black color combination allows for a lot of versatility!

One example of a fun way to mix this piece into your wardrobe is by throwing it on over jeans, adding some fun ankle boots and layering jewelry to finish it off. (See our model for inspiration!) If you are looking for a dressier look, tucking this top into a pencil skirt or wearing it with a black suit would be perfect for any day at the office.

Another, more casual, take on a button down is our Darvey Long Sleeve Button-up Tunic Top by Velvet.  This top is part of Velvet’s baby jersey collection and is super soft making it perfect for mixing into your wardrobe as the temperatures get cooler.  It is cotton and super comfortable. It is also unique enough to stand on its own, but can also be utilized as a layerable piece when you need a few extra layers. This top pairs perfectly with the Kelisha long tank top by Velvet that is the same length and can be worn in an number of great accent colors that would work well with the Darvey top.  For a similar style to the Darvey top, you can also check out the Aria top which features the same style as the Darvey top, but a heathered jersey cotton fabric with added contrast.  Both tops look great with leggings and of course can always be worn with jeans.

The Emalee top by Velvet by Graham and Spencer features a shirred muslin voile ruffle with a scoop neckline. We love the flirty button up v neck in the midst of the ruffles and the faux rolled up sleeves. The partial button-up detail is naturally accented by the ruffles and is a great way to add a feminine twist to an otherwise casual style top. This top is also part of the baby jersey collection so it is also soft and super comfortable.

Each of these button-down blouse options are certainly not your standard boring button-down blouse.  These tops range from dressy to casual and best of all each of them give you a distinctive look and really do transform basic and boring into feminine, flirty and fun pieces for your closet of course depending on your own personal style.

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Floral Sundress

You always need a great go to floral sundress option for summer weather or for that perfect island vacation.  Of course floral sundresses come in a variety of styles, patterns and even colors so it is always a great way to find that perfect sundress that represents your individual style.  Here are a few examples of great floral sundresses that may just be the perfect floral sundress for you.

First the Mod Retro Dress or Tunic features a short length so for someone who likes to wear short dresses it works for that or alternatively if you prefer it as more of a tunic it pairs perfectly with black leggings.  The floral pattern here features a black foundation with flowers that feature bold, bright colors like purples, blues, pinks, oranges and even white on a modern floral pattern.   Of course continuing the modern style, the tunic features a black center stripe and trim that caps off the Sweet Pea Rupert pattern and the A line adding to the retro look. Another great feature with this dress is the fabric is 100% Nylon Mesh which designer Stacy Frati utilizes because of its breathability in warm, humid weather. It truly is a great sundress for summer.

Next, if you prefer a more traditional style dress, but still love the Rupert floral pattern, consider the Sweet Pea Retro Boatneck Dress.  This sundress features the same pattern, but with a different style.  Featuring a boatneck and short sleeves, this dress is both distinctive and stylish. The dress also features a tie belt sewn in at the sides to give it added fit and it can be styled however you prefer.  You have the option to tie it in front, back or on the side so you can mix it up however you prefer.  It also works well with leggings if you are looking for more versatility or style options.

Finally, consider the Cherry Cowl Neck Dress by designer Velvet by Graham and Spencer. This sundress features a beautiful floral pattern with blues and deep maroon colors.  The dress features short sleeves and a drape neckline in front.  The pattern shifts to a contrasting smaller tile pattern with blues and red on the back of this dress as well.  There is also a contrasting brown tie belt to give it more fit and style and features a comfortable, sheer cotton silk fabric blend that gives it a great airy summer style.  The bottom of the dress has a hint of flare to it giving it an added feminine touch.  This dress can also work well with leggings and is a great statement piece for any wardrobe.

As you can see, each of these floral sundresses features distinctive styles and patterns that are great options for that perfect summer sundress.  We love each of these dresses for different reasons, but they are all distinctive and versatile giving you a number of different options for wearing them beyond the summer season which certainly can’t hurt in today’s economy.  In short, you really can’t go wrong finding that perfect floral sundress as there are certainly a variety of great options in wearable fabrics that are sure to be a great addition to your wardrobe.

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Oversize T-Shirt

There is nothing better to have in your closet than an oversized t-shirt.  This can be the perfect casual, comfortable go to piece that you need.  It used to be that such pieces were just reserved for being worn around the house, but now the oversized t-shirt has made its way into a number of great stylish pieces that you can wear out of the house.  Consider a few of these great alternatives for that stylish oversize t-shirt.

First, the Hunter Short Sleeve V Neck Dress.  That’s right, it’s a dress.  This dress from designer Velvet by Graham and Spencer’s Maldives Stripe Collection, the Hunter Short Sleeve V Neck Dress can also double as a tunic and be worn with or without leggings if you prefer, but it is a great oversized t shirt option.  The dress features your basic short sleeve v neck at the top and a loose fit around the waist.  Don’t be fooled though as this dress is not your basic t shirt as it features a classic style, but with added twists like the v neck that is a touch off center and is folded over to give it a slight pleat.  The dress also features navy trim around the neckline and navy stripes on a white fabric background.

Next, from the same Maldives Stripe Collection, the Edita Maldives Striped Top.  This top is a long oversized top that features a deep wide scoop neck and long sleeves.  Again in an effort to make this top distinctive, Velvet designed it with a distinctive style including a hem that is longer in back than in front and the front hem circles up. Here the stripes and trim are Cardinal Red which gives it a great bold look, but it isn’t overpowering when contrasted with the white fabric.

For a little more fit, but great comfy style consider the Rayon Slub Jersey Boatneck by designer Splendid.  Known for their comfy fabrics, this top features a great Rayon Slub fabric that feels even more comfortable than your basic jersey t-shirt and gives it a more sophisticated fit and style.  The sleeves on this top are ¾ length and the top features a fitted waist to give it a sweatshirt style fit along with that typical sweatshirt triangle at the base of the neckline.  An excellent top that really does feel as comfortable as a t-shirt, but looks more stylish and sophisticated.

Finally, last but not least, consider the Daree Wide Sleeve Boatneck top by Velvet.  This top features a boatneck and a wide oversized fit and style.  The sleeves are wide and oversized at the top and then the top tapers in toward the waist giving it a more fitted look at the waist.  We love to wear this top with a belt around the natural waist for added style and definition.   This top is part of Velvet’s Slinky Rayon collection and again features a great rayon fabric that is truly comfortable and luxurious feeling simultaneously.

As you can see, the oversized t-shirt is really becoming its own fashion trend and there are a number of great possible options for finding distinctive pieces that you should actually never be afraid to wear out of the house.

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Flowy Summer Dresses and Shirts

Flowy summer dresses and shirts are really the ultimate comfort pieces for your summer wardrobe and are often the best style of clothing to throw in your suitcase for your fabulous beach vacation.  Flowing dresses and tops are by definition loose and potentially flared rather than straight or fitted styles.  In terms of dresses, perhaps the best examples of this style trend are maxi dresses.

One of our favorite maxi dress that is sophisticated and flowing simultaneously is the Rhetta Long Dress by designer Velvet by Graham and Spencer.  This maxi dress features a low cut scoop back which gives this maxi dress a dressier even sexy evening look.  Best of all this dress features a jersey cotton fabric which makes it versatile such that you could easily wear it for casual or daytime events as well.  This maxi dress features elbow length sleeves and an elegant fit which is a fabulous way to wear a flowing maxi dress.  This dress is currently available at Vintage Fringe in both black and malachite a teal blue color

Another great example of a flowing summer dress is the Sanni Short Sleeve Maxi Dress also by designer Velvet by Graham and Spencer.  This is another great casual long maxi dress which features a button-up neckline and a contrasting brown tie around the waist to make this a t shirt style long maxi dress.  The style of this dress makes it very distinctive and with the fitted style at the top of this dress gives it a more feminine, flirty look. This dress also by designer Velvet by Graham and Spencer features a light jersey cotton fabric which makes it perfect for summer weather.  The belted tie in a contrasting brown fabric is a great way to break up an otherwise long straight maxi dress.  This dress also is available at Vintage Fringe in a gorgeous Jasper blue green color.

Finally, as a loose fitted flowing shirt option consider the Eugina Poet Sleeve Top.  Poet tops by nature are loose and also feature a gathered neckline.  The Eugina top by designer Velvet by Graham and Spencer is no exception.  With contrasting cotton fabrics and textures on the sleeves and body of this top the Eugina top provides a deep scoop neck and loose fitted sleeves in comfortable, wearable cotton fabrics.  The top is also long and fits loosely at the waist so it isn’t a constrictive top.  Yet it still has shape and body and isn’t so loose that it looks baggy.  It is currently available at Vintage Fringe in White a perfect summer color.

These are only a few examples of great flowy summer dresses and shirts, but they each show that you can find great flowing statement pieces in either dresses or shirts while also finding pieces that are comfortable and easy to wear.  In short, each of these designer dresses or tops are pieces that are stylish while also being comfortable which is exactly what we love to find.

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