Boutique Dresses

We all love shopping at boutiques because they always have such great unique finds that you don’t see everywhere else and it is a great way to stretch out of your fashion comfort zone and move into new and up and coming designers.  At Vintage Fringe, the number one item searched for at our online clothing boutique are dresses.  Boutique dresses are no exception to the boutique shopping preference and finding great boutique dresses can really shape and transform your own personal wardrobe.   Check out a few great dresses currently in our Vintage Fringe lineup that we think really are representative of great boutique dress finds.

The Abigail Ruffle Dress by designer Ella Moss is one of our most upscale designer dresses.  This dress features a beautiful black silk fabric with a ruffle around the neckline and pearl buttons on the bodice in front.  The dress accents your feminine figure with an empire waistline and a silk tie around the waist for added definition.  The dress is also lined making it more comfortable and easy to wear than your traditional silk dress.  Best of all this dress can easily be dressed up for a cocktail function or can be worn to the office or a party as well.

For another style and look consider the Kayin Scoop Neck Dress by designer Velvet by Graham and Spencer.  This dress is a great fall style with a draped cowl neckline and a gathered waist.  The dress features a ultra soft rayon blend and is the ultimate comfort dress without sacrificing style and shape.  The loose fit is actually a style trend this season and this dress looks stunning with high boots and big earrings.  This dress is also not something you will find in every department store this season.  It is a great example of a distinctive boutique dress style that is also comfortable and wearable.

Finally, another great dress that typifies distinctive boutique dress styles.  The Blaire Widesleeve Crew Dress is a great flirty, feminine style dress.  This dress is available at Vintage Fringe in Admiral (Navy) with White contrast details at the hem and around the waist or in Lemonade (Yellow) with Grey for contrast.  These colors are great contrast colors and they really do amp up the style of this dress.  The front of the dress features pleats around the shoulders and a button keyhole in front of the dress. The hem is also tapered at the bottom of the dress with a longer center and shorter hem on the sides.  Again it is extremely comfortable to wear and without sacrificing style.

These are really just a few great illustrations of what type of varied styles you may find with boutique dresses.  You can also find styles that are even more casual than these alternatives.  Examples include the Zahara Knot Dress made with a Baby Jersey Cotton and a looser fit so they are great staple dresses that are sure to be comfortable to wear.  Also, don’t be afraid to capitalize on the options to move outside of your typical dress comfort zone and try new styles and new designers.

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Jeweled Cardigan

Let’s face it, we’ve seen a thousand cardigans and they are all basically the same thing.  We probably have at least five cardigans in our closets in a variety of different colors or fabrics.  If you want to individualize your cardigans your options are generally to find another color or pattern to mix it up.  Of course you can always accessorize them, but finding that perfect accessory just for a cardigan can be a lot of work and hassle.   We love finding cardigans that are even more distinctive than that with added accents such as jeweled cardigans or cardigans that don’t look like the run of the mill solid color cardigans you see at big box retailers.  Any variations can be great alternatives to the basic solid cotton cardigan.

One of our favorite pieces is a jeweled cardigan by an up in coming designer, Joy Joy Clothing.  The Heart Button Cardigan features tons of detail which we love!  First it has heart shaped buttons with bows on them.  Then there are the puckered ¾ length sleeves which look so girly and feminine.  Finally, last but certainly not least the heart shaped accent in place of a pocket on the lapel, featuring a variety of different pattern covered buttons literally sewn on in a heart shape. You don’t often find something this perfect and this piece is sure to become one of your favorites too.

When you are shopping for distinctive styles of cardigans like a jeweled cardigan, you will also find cardigans in a variety of fabrics which can make all the difference in terms of how and where you wear each cardigan. For example, the Satin Trim Cropped Cardigan features satin trim with a satin tie around the neckline.  This is a detail or trim that you don’t see everyday on the basic cardigans.  We love finding these gem cardigans that are full of detail and distinction.  These pieces are really investments in your closet and a great way to add vibrant, unique pieces to your closet.  Alternatively, the Pleated Paisley Front Ruffle Cardigan features a bold paisley pattern with a cascading ruffle down the front.  This is a great elegant cardigan that would be perfect paired with a black tank and skirt and is a great addition for summer.

We love the cardigan because of its versatility and utility in our closets.  A great piece to dress up a simple tank top and something that can be worn to work and casually too.  Finding a way to elevate a wardrobe essential is always something so satisfying and really is an investment in your wardrobe.  Whatever details suit your personal preferences, you can find a number of great cardigans that do amp it up and really add a lot to that basic cardigan and they don’t have to break the budget.  You always need a few basic cardigans too, but we think that every closet needs a few great statement cardigans that can help transform that simple black dress or tank into something even better.

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Buy Boutique Fashion Online

Boutiques are quickly moving online and shopping for boutique fashion online is becoming as convenient as shopping at many of your big department stores, but with the ability to find more distinctive designers and styles.  We all love the experience of finding your favorite neighborhood boutique and shopping for one of a kind finds that you won’t see at every department or chain store.   Online shopping for fashion is becoming far more popular and convenient and it actually enables you as the shopper to be savvier and price conscious which as we all know can be essential if you are trying to stay on a budget.  Beyond just price, shopping online enables you to find all sorts of conveniences such as free shipping and returns, comparison shopping for alternate colors and styles in addition to price, and many online sites have wish list options which allow you to store and save your favorite fashion picks.

We love the convenience of shopping for boutique fashion online because you can shop from the convenience of your home, office or mobile phone or iPad all while in your pajamas and at any time of day.  We dreaded boutique shopping because inevitably it was so much work to hunt for parking, shop during their hours and hassle with your kids which often ruined our shopping experience.  The beauty of online shopping is that such hassles are eliminated.  The only drawback to online shopping is not being able to try something on if necessary and see it in person, which is why we always look for boutiques online that include free shipping and returns.   We also love being able to really hone in on what specific designers we like and still window shop other styles and designs conveniently.  That is the best part of boutique shopping is staying away from mass market fashions that you can find seemingly everywhere.  We love finding a designer we love and then searching online for other styles or selections or even reduced pricing.  The online search makes it far easier to find niche items.

Shopping for fashion online also makes you a smarter shopper.  Shopping online allows you to compare multiple sites with far less work than shopping at boutiques in person.  There are many sites online that allow you to search many different sites based on specific things like designers, colors, sizes, or even style descriptions.  This ability to comparison shop in a more convenient way will make shopping far more efficient than bouncing from boutique to boutique. is one such site that features the ability for you to bookmark your favorite pieces in your own boutique. also has a fashion focus and features smart shopping abilities to help narrow your search very quickly.

Shopping for boutique fashion online is really revolutionized by the convenience of shopping online. Once you discover boutique fashion shopping online you will quickly find that it is much simpler and far more convenient than the dedication and time required to complete your own boutique shopping scavenger hunt and will hopefully become your first stop for fashion shopping in the future.

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Designers Boutique Clothing

Boutiques have developed a reputation of having great designer clothes that you often don’t find everywhere else.  That is the appeal and mystique of the clothing boutique and shopping for designer clothes.  Designer clothes are great because they feature high quality and you shop the same designers you love because of their distinctive style and the consistency of the sizing.  Boutiques are a great way to find new and upcoming designers and individual style that you won’t find in every chain store.

For those of you who may not know the story of Vintage Fringe a designer clothing boutique online, we started Vintage Fringe because we were tired of finding the same styles and designs worn by so many of our friends.  We can all appreciate the hunts we endured to boutique formal dress stores to find that perfect prom dress and the knowledge that no one else from our school would be wearing it.  Vintage Fringe attempts to bring that same level of individual style with high quality designer clothing while also including convenient customer policies and the ultimate convenience of shopping online.  There is nothing worse than trekking around town looking for that favorite boutique during their crazy hours and hassling with things like parking.  The online shopping channel really is the future of shopping and we have tried to make our boutique as convenient as possible.

You will also find a variety of designer clothing online and available in clothing boutiques online.   Often shopping online provides all sorts of options for saving money on free shipping, discounts, coupon codes, promotions, and the ability to comparison shop all help the online shopper save money and time.    In the beginning, some designers wouldn’t allow online shopping for their lines, but now you can find all but a few hold outs have even opened their own shopping sites.

Online shopping provides no shortage of designer boutique clothes and ways to find them.  While you may first think of your basic search engine searches, you should also look for good search portals or fashion comparison sites.  Many of the boutiques feature their designer clothing on search sites such as or where you can find a variety of different boutiques or sites and comparison shop simply by typing in the designer or a description of the item.   These comparison sites are great ways to find a variety of different styles and introduce you to new online boutique sites.

In short, you can find a variety of designer clothes boutiques online each with different styles and lines just as you would find brick and mortar designer clothing boutiques.   However, online if you know how to find it and where to look you really can find great ways to save and compare along with a wide variety of different lines and designers that you may not find in the boutique in your neighborhood.   Of course, we always recommend that when  you do shop online you look for legitimate sites that have customer friendly shipping and return policies to make sure that you can find that perfect statement piece that works perfectly for you.

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