Sheer Blouse

Sheer tops or sheer blouses have really become a great way to incorporate a bit of femininity and sexiness into your wardrobe at the same time.  You may see pieces with great options and stylish patterns that look stunning over a solid color tank or top.  I love these sheer blouses because they can work great for that evening out, but depending on the style and top, they can also work for the office or just for that casual day.  Here are a few examples of how this sheer blouse trend has really been incorporated in a variety of different style tops with different style patterns that can be great additions to your wardrobe.

First, consider the Sheer Peasant Top by designer Sweet Pea by Stacy Frati.  Sweet Pea is always known for their great use of patterns, feminine style tops and their signature nylon mesh fabric that gives each piece an instant opacity.  This Sweet Pea by Stacy Frati top features a gorgeous peasant blouse wide scoop neckline.  The sleeves are 3/4 length and feature gathered cuffs and a loosely gathered neckline.  Of course, the top is sheer and can easily be layered over a tank.  The style features a natural loose fit that really makes it stand out over a tank top.  The Skyler pattern highlights a beautiful teal blue color and contrasting shades of light brown and black.

Next consider the Sheer V Neck Dolman Sleeve Top also by designer Sweet Pea by Stacy Frati.  This top features a pattern called Plume that really does resemble peacock feathers which are so popular this season.  The pattern features grays, shades of black and a hint of white.  The style of top features a wide dolman sleeve and a wide v neck.  The top is styled to be reminiscent of a sweatshirt, but it certainly doesn’t fit the profile of a baggy sweatshirt.  The sleeves even though the dolman sleeve gives it a loose fit; the sleeves keep it with a more formal look.  Again this top features the signature nylon mesh fabric so it has an inherent opacity that will give you the perfect amount of sheerness for layering over a tank top or short sleeve top.

Finally, consider the ultimate sheer dress shirt, the Boyfriend Stripe LS Buttonup Top by Splendid.  True to its name, this long sleeved Boyfriend button-up top from Splendid features a looser fit.  We also love the sheer look as it is is perfect to wear over a tank.  With a crinkly cotton/silk blend, this top is perfect to wear year round as it is light enough to work in the summer and perfect for layering in the winter.  The top features a great blue and black stripe pattern that makes it a versatile piece that perfectly complements your basic black tanks, tops, pants and skirts.  It can obviously be worn tucked in or even tied at the waist for a more feminine look.

As you can see, there are a number of great possibilities for sheer blouses and each with a distinctive style and pattern.

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Comfy Summer Road Trip Style

If you’re headed out for that great road trip this summer, you will certainly want to make sure and pack some great pieces that exemplify that classic comfy summer road trip style.  Of course we can all define our comfy summer road trip style in different ways, but anything included in our list must meet a few simple criteria.  First it must be comfortable.  It can’t be too tight and fitted and it must be something that you would be happy to wear for over 12 hours if necessary.  Next it must be good for warm hot weather that typically hits every summer road trip.  Finally, it must be cute and fun and not just a traditional comfort piece that can look frumpy or basic.  Here are a few great examples of tops or dresses that we think illustrate perfectly comfy summer road trip style.

Consider the Lace Trim Stripe Tank by designer Collective Concepts.  This top is a great piece for summer and certainly fits the wearable in warm weather criteria. You can see at first glance that it is also adorable and fun with great details like vibrant colors and ivory lace straps around the shoulders and a racer back for added contrast.  The tank also features a cute pocket in front and we all love pockets.  It is available in Navy or Red color each with a contrasting cream colored heather stripe.  The tank is also flared at the waist which makes it a great comfort tank that really will keep you from looking too grungy on that road trip.

We can’t do a piece on comfortable summer road trip clothes without mentioning the Alternative Apparel Heather Ringer tee.  This tee features a vintage soft cotton poly blend fabric so it is certain comfortable.  It also features great colors of army green or dark brown and each color features contrasting darker colors at the cuffs and collars on this tee.  This contrast helps to set it apart from your basic solid colored tees and with the ultra soft fabric and a great piece you really can’t go wrong with throwing this cute tee into your suitcase.

Another great comfortable top that would be a great road trip piece, is the Satin Sleeve Boatneck Top by designer Zooey by Alice Heller.  This top features contrasting satin trim around the sleeves for added contrast and also features a comfortable fabric made with 100 percent hemp.  This top features a wide sleeve and a boat neckline which makes it distinctive and trendy for sure while the loose fit around the body and the fitted waistband gives the top shape without making it overly fitted and tight which makes this a great road trip top.  It is available in Ebony, a dark brown and Phantom, a plum color.

So the next time you are packing for that fabulous comfy summer road trip, be sure and throw any of the above tops in your bag or suitcase.  Of course these are just a few examples of good travel tops, and you may have other criteria you want to add, but in any case these are great options for comfy summer road trip tops with style.

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Designer Tee Shirts

designer tee shirtsTee shirts are always a great go to item particularly during summer when you often just need something you can throw on without putting in much thought.  Tee shirts are always a great casual alternative and finding designer tee shirts can be a no brainer when you factor in their style and great quality.

You can find tee shirts in a variety of styles including v necks, scoop necks, button ups, polos and basic crewnecks.  Some of our favorite designer tees include those from Alternative Apparel.  You will find many of the popular “boyfriend” tee styles that include polos color contrast to give each piece added depth and more detail than just your basic plan white tee.

The Alternative Apparel Heather Ringer Tee features a great heathered fabric that is ultra soft cotton and feels comfy and casual all rolled into one.  This same tee is available at Vintage Fringe in an army green color or a dark brown.  This tee features a crew neck and basic tee shirt style, but with great colors and fabrics and high quality.  This tee style is also available in the Basic Ringer Tee as well, but features alternative colors such as white with black trim around the collar and sleeves or a powder blue with red trim.  This features a basic cotton fabric and is a great everyday tee alternative that isn’t just your basic white tee.

Another option for designer tee shirts include tees with patterns or prints such as the Alternative Apparel Rainbow Basic crew.  This top features a great vintage style fabric in off-white with blue trim around the collar and a muted rainbow pattern on the front.  It is a great comfortable designer tee shirt that is of course not the simple basic white tee either.

Finally, there are a number of great designer tee shirt options with stripe patterns.  You’ll see wide stripes, narrow stripes and different types of contrast whether it be white contrasting colors or two tones of the same colors as possibilities.  The Stripe V Neck by Alternative Apparel or the Heather Stripe School Girl tees features great tee shirts that are a bit more dressed up than the typical crewneck tee.  They each feature colored stripes contrasted with lighter white shades and then trim around the collar or sleeves that utilize that solid color.  The Stripe V Neck is available in a Milk Chocolate brown color stripe and alternatively the Heather Stripe School Girl top which features a polo collar neckline and buttons in the front is available in Fern Green, Rose Pink and Linen Tan.

As you can see you can find great designer tee shirt alternatives that are all reasonably priced without sacrificing on great fabrics, quality or style.  Complete with distinctive necklines, colors and styles each of these tees are great examples of how you can find great designer tee shirts without breaking the bank or much sacrifice.  These are great tops that can all work well with jeans or even the right style of skirt this summer.

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Hot Pink Tops

Hot Pink Tops can come in a number of great styles.  We love the hot pink color because it is pretty much automatically a statement piece with a vibrant, bold color that looks great with just about any skin tone.  Plus how can you go wrong with pink the ultimate feminine color.  Consider a few great options for hot pink tops currently available at Vintage Fringe.

If you are looking for solid pink, then consider tops like the Alejandra Knot Top by designer Ella Moss.  This top features a gorgeous pink in a great feminine style. This top features a v neckline with a knot at the center for added detail.  The top also features pleats around the collar along with the empire waist and pleats in the back of this top.  The sleeves are also gathered at the cuffs giving it a fuller looking sleeve.  This top is a great fluid piece that is flattering and feminine and of course features a vibrant pink color.

Alternatively, consider the perfect beach vacation top the Cotton Gauze Scoop Neck with Tie Top.  This top by Splendid makes us feel like we are on vacation in the Caribbean! It is loose fitting at the waist and also has a loose scoop neck around the collar with a drawstring tie around it. For detail the top also features 6 white buttons as in the front so you can wear the top buttoned up or not.  The sleeves are also gathered and feature elastic at the cuffs. It is light weight and looks great over a tank top or bikini top in summer weather.  Of course is also comes in Strawberry a bright pink color.

Finally, if you don’t want a solid pink top, you can find great patterned tops by designer Sweet Pea by Stacy Frati as an example that weave in hot pink colors into their tops.  You may like the look of the Bell Sleeve Top by Sweet Pea which features a black and hot pink scroll pattern with a vivid solid pink detail around the neckline.  This top features flared sleeves which give rise to the Bell Sleeve name and a gorgeous neckline and pattern which makes this top a great statement piece.  There is also the Classic Surplice Short Sleeve V Neck top which features a beautiful floral pattern with lots of hot pink, browns and hints of purple and yellows.  This bold pattern accents a fitted top that is gathered at the waist and features a solid brown lining underneath.

As you can see, there are a number of ways to wear hot pink tops and a number of different styles and patterns to find them in.  Hot pink is a great color particularly in summer months when patterns and colors tend to be a bit brighter and bolder than other times of year.  You can also see that great designers have included other feminine details and accents so the best part of your top isn’t just the great color.

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Striped Knit Blouse

When you’re shopping for a striped knit blouse, there are really a variety of different alternatives depending on what you need this top for.  Whether you need it for something dressy, casual or a combination of both, there are a number of options for each type of occasion and from a variety of designers.  Stripes are totally in this season and there are several great alternative ways to wear them in different style blouses.

Consider a classic boatneck knit blouse by designer Splendid, the Variegated Stripe Loose Jersey Boatneck top.  Of course it is completely classic Splendid to feature a stripe pattern and this top features contrasting stripes with a twist. This striped top features the unique blend of wide and narrow stripes of color and white as contrast on this top. It also has two tiny buttons at the top of the left shoulder for added detail. Made from loose knit rayon this long sleeve boatneck has just the right amount of opacity to look adorable over a tank.  It is available in either a Red and White stripe pattern or a Navy and White stripe pattern.   This top is a dressier knit top that can certainly be worn to the office or casually as well which makes it a great option for your closet.

Another alternative striped knit blouse is the Boyfriend Stripe Button-up top, also by Splendid.  True to its name, this long sleeved Boyfriend button-up top from Splendid features a looser fit.  It also has opacity or sheerness in the fabric and this sheer look is perfect to wear over a tank.  With a crinkly cotton/silk blend, this top is perfect to wear year round as it is light enough to work in the summer and perfect for layering in the winter.  Available in navy with black stripes, this top even works with a black suit.  This blouse is also made with cotton knit and silk blend and best of this top is machine washable.  This top is truly a great versatile option that can be worn out and loose or open over a tank or worm under a blazer.  With options to dress it up or down, this top is a great striped blouse option.

A casual option for a striped knit top is the Stripe Knit Top by Collective Concepts. This stripe knit top features wide contrasting white and pink or white and green stripes.  The white fabric is a burnout material which gives it an opaque look. The fabric is a rayon and nylon blend with a hint of spandex giving this top a great luxurious knit feel and with a hint of cling. Clearly this is a short sleeve alternative to the other striped knit top options, but certainly a noteworthy one worth considering as a great casual option for your closet.

As you can see you really can’t make a bad choice here.  Each of these tops are comfortable, high quality, and a great striped knit blouse alternative depending on whatever occasion you need the top for.

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Minimalist Fashion Dress

When you are shopping for that perfect minimalist fashion dress there are truly a number of options for great dresses that feature minimalist styles, but don’t sacrifice their statement quality.  With simple details such as knots or zippers as accents, minimalist dresses can still have an edge or distinctive quality while being true to their minimalist design or style.

A few great examples of a minimalist fashion dress include the Burca Scoopneck Dress by Velvet by Graham and Spencer. This dress looks basic in black from the front and features just enough added detail to give this minimalist fashion dress a pop.   The back of this dress features a wide zipper that is prominently displayed in the center at the top of the back of this dress.  The zipper is a great way to add some shine and also give the piece an edgier feel, but it still has a subtlety to it that doesn’t interrupt the minimalist feel.  Zippers are actually becoming more and more popular this season, but yet thankfully are not overdone which makes them still a great statement detail.  The back of this dress also tapers toward the bottom of the dress and features a diagonal line to break up the back of the dress.  This dress looks amazing with high boots and can also work with leggings giving you the ability to wear this great dress practically year round.

Another great example of a minimalist fashion dress is the Zahara Knot Dress by Velvet.  This dress features baby jersey cotton with long sleeves and a knot at the base of the v neckline. The dress has a fluid look with a flared skirt that hits just above the knee.  A dress that works perfectly as a minimalist fashion dress because of its great classic fabric and simple dress style that is offset by the knot detail around the neckline to add a touch of sophistication to the dress.  This great minimalist dress is also available in black, grey, rain and lilypad so you have a variety of great options to go with this dress.

Finally, the Anais V Neck Dress by Velvet also features a simple, minimalist style, but you don’t have to sacrifice on the great classic style and look of this dress.   This great dress features elbow length sleeves and a gathered v neckline that is set off as an empire waist which adds to the elegant style of this fitted dress.  The dress is very fitted which gives you a chance to rock your great body if this style of dress works for your body type.  This dress is available in Eggplant, a deep purple with shades of blue in it.

As you can see, just because the dress is a minimalist fashion dress, it doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice style and trends to maintain the minimalist style.  Each of these dresses are minimalist fashion dresses, but they all have small elements that really do maintain that statement dress quality that we are always going for at Vintage Fringe.

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Bold Color Halter Top

If you are looking for the perfect summer statement top consider the Ruffle Halter Tank by designer La Befana.  A sister line to designer Sweet Pea by Stacy Frati, this tank features gorgeous ruffles cascading down the front of the halter tank top.  Available in a steel grey color, this tank is a total statement piece that showcases one of this season’s best fashion trends ruffles. The ruffles are a great way to take a stylish design to another level.  This halter top is the perfect piece to accentuate your shoulders and neckline.   A gorgeous halter tank this top is sure to be a go to for any occasion.

Halter tank tops are great summer pieces as they are very distinctive and depending on the style can be a sophisticated, flirty summer tank.  They can come in a number of styles and colors.  Consider the Sleeveless Front Tie Halter tank top by Sweet Pea by Stacy Frati.  This halter tank top features a ruffle around the neckline with a tie in front giving it an added feminine touch.  Most importantly, this tank features a gorgeous bold red rose pattern on a dark navy blue background.  The bold pattern is a great way to create a flirty feminine look with a classy tank top that can be worn for an evening out or even simply for everyday activities.

Compare that tank to the Mae Ruffle Scoop Neck Tank top featuring a deep scoop neck and a gorgeous red coral color called Cayenne.  This tank features a ruffle around the neckline and a drawstring so that you can control the tightness of the neckline.  We love the bold color and the style of this tank top.  This tank from designer Velvet by Graham and Spencer features a lightweight cotton fabric which makes it a great tank for summer weather.  An alternative to the halter tanks above, this tank features a distinctive look and a great way to showcase your great summer arms, shoulders, and neckline.

All three of these tanks are great statement tank tops and they look gorgeous.  What I personally love is that they are not trashy or tasteless halter tanks which you see all too often in the summer.  Rather these tanks really do accentuate the shoulders and the neckline in a variety of different styles, but all of them still look elegant and tasteful.  As you can also see they all have completely distinctive styled necklines and unique accents which makes each of them a great statement tank top.   Several of these tops also work great under blazers, cardigans or wraps in colder weather giving them added versatility which can be so helpful when you are shopping for clothes on a budget in the current economy.  Whatever look suits you best, be sure that you have at least one great statement piece halter tank in your closet as a great way to mix up the boring basic summer spaghetti strap tank tops.

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Lace Vintage Top

Lace is a great way to incorporate vintage fabrics and vintage styles into modern fashions.  If you are looking for that perfect lace vintage top you certainly can find a number of great options this season.  Lace is a classic fabric or accent, but it is also a fabric that is making a bit of a comeback.  We’re seeing a lot more lace tops and dresses this season and so many great tops with feminine details to maximize the lace detail.

As an example of great lace vintage style tops, consider the Lace Tank with a Pocket by designer Collective Concepts.  This tank features a black lace with black trim around the hem, sleeves and a fabulous pocket as an accent.  This tank is sheer so it is great for layering which gives you all sorts of additional options for accent colors to pair with it.  This also gives you a lot of versatility with options to dress it up or dress it down as necessary.  Some of our favorite ways to style this tank include pairing it with a black cotton tank underneath and the Fanya skirt by Velvet or with a great belt over contrasting capris or leggings like Velvet’s Ritzy leggings.  Whatever your style preference, this tank is a great way to wear a lace vintage top and best of all it is a reasonably priced top at $55 which is an added bonus.

Another example by designer Ella Moss is the Hollie Crew Top featuring lace detail around the crew neckline in a gorgeous yellow color.  This short sleeve top features an intricate lace knit woven around the shoulders and neckline giving this top a very distinctive look that is perfect for summer.  The bright yellow color is a good yellow and looks great as an accent with blacks, blues, whites and greys.  A great way to incorporate lace detail into your wardrobe, this top is currently on sale so is also at a great price $49 at Vintage Fringe.

Both of these tops are great examples of how lace detail can really bring a vintage trend to a modern style top.  Of course there are a number of other ways to use lace that are really more accents rather than the defining characteristics of the style of the top such as the Lace Trip Stripe Tank top also by Collective Concepts or in dresses too like the Oma Cap Sleeve Dress by Velvet or the sister dress to the Hollie Crew, the Hollie Racerback Maxi dress.  Even if lace is only the detail and not the primary fabric for the top, tank or dress, the lace look really can transform a piece from simple to elegant.  You can easily see though how easy it is to find lace incorporated into a variety of great stylish pieces and at reasonable prices.  Of course finding a great statement piece is often an investment in your wardrobe, but of course you can also find great pieces that will work within most of our currently reduced budgets as well.

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Jeweled Cardigan

Let’s face it, we’ve seen a thousand cardigans and they are all basically the same thing.  We probably have at least five cardigans in our closets in a variety of different colors or fabrics.  If you want to individualize your cardigans your options are generally to find another color or pattern to mix it up.  Of course you can always accessorize them, but finding that perfect accessory just for a cardigan can be a lot of work and hassle.   We love finding cardigans that are even more distinctive than that with added accents such as jeweled cardigans or cardigans that don’t look like the run of the mill solid color cardigans you see at big box retailers.  Any variations can be great alternatives to the basic solid cotton cardigan.

One of our favorite pieces is a jeweled cardigan by an up in coming designer, Joy Joy Clothing.  The Heart Button Cardigan features tons of detail which we love!  First it has heart shaped buttons with bows on them.  Then there are the puckered ¾ length sleeves which look so girly and feminine.  Finally, last but certainly not least the heart shaped accent in place of a pocket on the lapel, featuring a variety of different pattern covered buttons literally sewn on in a heart shape. You don’t often find something this perfect and this piece is sure to become one of your favorites too.

When you are shopping for distinctive styles of cardigans like a jeweled cardigan, you will also find cardigans in a variety of fabrics which can make all the difference in terms of how and where you wear each cardigan. For example, the Satin Trim Cropped Cardigan features satin trim with a satin tie around the neckline.  This is a detail or trim that you don’t see everyday on the basic cardigans.  We love finding these gem cardigans that are full of detail and distinction.  These pieces are really investments in your closet and a great way to add vibrant, unique pieces to your closet.  Alternatively, the Pleated Paisley Front Ruffle Cardigan features a bold paisley pattern with a cascading ruffle down the front.  This is a great elegant cardigan that would be perfect paired with a black tank and skirt and is a great addition for summer.

We love the cardigan because of its versatility and utility in our closets.  A great piece to dress up a simple tank top and something that can be worn to work and casually too.  Finding a way to elevate a wardrobe essential is always something so satisfying and really is an investment in your wardrobe.  Whatever details suit your personal preferences, you can find a number of great cardigans that do amp it up and really add a lot to that basic cardigan and they don’t have to break the budget.  You always need a few basic cardigans too, but we think that every closet needs a few great statement cardigans that can help transform that simple black dress or tank into something even better.

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Knit Tank Top

Knits are pretty much at the top of our list when it comes to favorite fabrics for tank tops.  It is hard to beat a great jersey knit for comfort and wear ability in hot summer weather.  Of course you can find tank tops in a variety of different styles , but today we are going to feature a few of our must have knit tank tops for summer.

You can’t talk about fabulous knit tank tops without discussing the Kelisha tank top by designer Velvet by Graham and Spencer.  This tank is a must have because of its length.  It is tunic length so it works great with leggings, skirts, and tunic tops during the summer and works perfectly for layering in colder weather too.  It is baby jersey cotton so it is a super soft cotton knit fabric.  You can also find these tanks in a variety of colors which make it even more of an essential for your summer wardrobe.  Honestly, I have about 5 of these in different colors to wear year round with different tunic tops.

Another great knit tank top is the U Neck tank top by designer Splendid.  This tank is really a staple tank top featuring a “U” scoop neck in front and back and wide straps.  The body of the tank features a super soft ribbed fabric that is 50% cotton and 50% modal. Pretty much anything with modal in it–we love because of its softness.  It is a great comfortable and quality knit tank top that comes in white, pink and parsley green.

If you are looking for a knit tank top that is more than just a basic style tank, consider the Mae Ruffle Scoop Neck tank by Velvet.  This tank features a deep scoop neckline adorned by a ruffle with a drawstring tie around the neck, this tank top is a perfect complement to your closet.  This knit tank top is extremely versatile with the ability to dress it up under a blazer at the office or wearing it as a standalone top with capris, a skirt or whatever.  This is a statement piece. This tank is part of Velvet’s Whisper collection which is a thin, lightweight jersey cotton.  It also is available in Cayenne a red coral color that is totally the “it” color this summer.

As you can see there are a number of great options for knit tank tops ranging from staple pieces to statement pieces.  Whether you need the basics or something more sophisticated, knit tank tops are a great way to incorporate comfortable fabrics into your wardrobe without sacrificing on the style or quality of the tank top.  Knit tank tops are an affordable way to add pieces to your wardrobe that won’t break the budget and can be worn practically year round.   You can also find them in great colors that are a great way to add a little spice to your wardrobe and work so well for layering.

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