Jeweled Cardigan

Let’s face it, we’ve seen a thousand cardigans and they are all basically the same thing.  We probably have at least five cardigans in our closets in a variety of different colors or fabrics.  If you want to individualize your cardigans your options are generally to find another color or pattern to mix it up.  Of course you can always accessorize them, but finding that perfect accessory just for a cardigan can be a lot of work and hassle.   We love finding cardigans that are even more distinctive than that with added accents such as jeweled cardigans or cardigans that don’t look like the run of the mill solid color cardigans you see at big box retailers.  Any variations can be great alternatives to the basic solid cotton cardigan.

One of our favorite pieces is a jeweled cardigan by an up in coming designer, Joy Joy Clothing.  The Heart Button Cardigan features tons of detail which we love!  First it has heart shaped buttons with bows on them.  Then there are the puckered ¾ length sleeves which look so girly and feminine.  Finally, last but certainly not least the heart shaped accent in place of a pocket on the lapel, featuring a variety of different pattern covered buttons literally sewn on in a heart shape. You don’t often find something this perfect and this piece is sure to become one of your favorites too.

When you are shopping for distinctive styles of cardigans like a jeweled cardigan, you will also find cardigans in a variety of fabrics which can make all the difference in terms of how and where you wear each cardigan. For example, the Satin Trim Cropped Cardigan features satin trim with a satin tie around the neckline.  This is a detail or trim that you don’t see everyday on the basic cardigans.  We love finding these gem cardigans that are full of detail and distinction.  These pieces are really investments in your closet and a great way to add vibrant, unique pieces to your closet.  Alternatively, the Pleated Paisley Front Ruffle Cardigan features a bold paisley pattern with a cascading ruffle down the front.  This is a great elegant cardigan that would be perfect paired with a black tank and skirt and is a great addition for summer.

We love the cardigan because of its versatility and utility in our closets.  A great piece to dress up a simple tank top and something that can be worn to work and casually too.  Finding a way to elevate a wardrobe essential is always something so satisfying and really is an investment in your wardrobe.  Whatever details suit your personal preferences, you can find a number of great cardigans that do amp it up and really add a lot to that basic cardigan and they don’t have to break the budget.  You always need a few basic cardigans too, but we think that every closet needs a few great statement cardigans that can help transform that simple black dress or tank into something even better.

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Designer Weekend Clothes

Whether you are searching for the perfect outfit for a weekend trip or for the perfect casual outfit to wear out running errands on your weekend, finding the right designer weekend clothes can be a struggle.  You’re likely so busy that you may actually end up needing a variety of different clothing options for your typical weekends which can include so many different types of activities.  Here are a few different suggestions depending on the type of activities your weekend includes.

Basics:  You really are always in need of great pieces that are basics for layering, for just wearing with jeans on your busy weekend.  Consider great pieces from Designer Zooey by Alice Heller such as any of the Cap Sleeve V Neck, ¾ Sleeve V Neck or the Long Sleeve V Neck top as great pieces to wear and all you have to do is throw them on with a pair of jeans and you are good to go.  You can dress them up with scarves, jewelry or even a great blazer.  These basic tops are great pieces for just about any busy weekend.

Active Wear:  If you hit the gym or the yoga studio on your weekend then, you will definitely love finding a few amazing pieces from Splendid.  First of all, I practically live in either the French Terry with Lycra pants or the Cotton Slub French Terry pants on the weekends.  Regardless of whether I hit the gym, these are my go to comfy pants.  Of course I love pairing them with a Splendid U Neck Tank top and wear the French Terry with Lycra Hooded Jacket if I need something a little warmer over the tank.  Collectively, these pieces are great staples for your active wear wardrobe and will be perfect pieces for your active weekend.

Casual:  If you are looking for something that is casual, but still distinctive, consider great hoodies for your designer weekend clothes.  The 2×1 White Stripe Hoodie is a great example of a designer top that goes great with just jeans on your weekend.   Alternatively, consider the Splendid Long Sleeve Stripe Hoodie with wider stripes contrasted in solid and heathered fabrics or even the Textured Ribbed Long Sleeve Hooded Sweater that is great for layering or even wearing out to the beach.  All of these pieces are great go to pieces for your casual weekend activities.

Dresses:  Often the only time I wear dresses is on weekends whether it’s to date night or church.  Consider a few examples of great easy to wear comfortable and classy.  I love the Larina Dress by designer Velvet by Graham and Spencer.  This dress features ¾ sleeves and a crochet detail around the neckline.  This dress is part of Velvet’s Baby Jersey collection so it is 100% cotton and machine washable.  Of course, like all of Velvet’s clothing it is also made in America a fact that never hurts and indicates the great quality.  Another great weekend piece is the Freda Dress also by Velvet featuring a gathered waistline a flared skirt and a deep v neck.  With ¾ sleeves, this dress is also a great piece practically year round so you will be sure to get your money’s worth out of this dress.

As you can see finding great, high quality designer weekend clothing is fairly easy if you boil it down to what type of activities your weekend will include.

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Are Leggings Still in Style?

If you are wondering if leggings are still in style the short answer is definitely yes.  You don’t have to look much further than the latest trends this past season including Leggings and the popularity of tunic length tops that pair so well with leggings.  Leggings are still in full swing and many people who previously sat on the sidelines with leggings wondering if they were a fad are finally embracing the benefits of incorporating leggings into their wardrobes.   If you’re still looking for great types of leggings or even just great ideas of how to incorporate leggings into your wardrobe today we wanted to give you a few great ideas of things you should consider when you are shopping for leggings.

First, you need to decide what your budget is.  If you are someone who still thinks that leggings are just a flash fad then you may be thinking that you’re not sure how much staying power they may have as a fashion trend.  Accordingly, you may only want to invest in leggings on the more economical side or low end to see if they are really that great or if you even like them.  We’re not going to say you can’t do this and it isn’t such a bad idea, but we would strongly encourage you to consider that you do generally get what you pay for so in our experience those leggings don’t last as long or fit as well.  We would encourage you to try at least 1 pair of good leggings that are in the $50 price range so that you can experience what good quality leggings are like to wear.  We are pretty sure that you will see that there is a difference and the advantages of the mid-range $50 pair of leggings are so worth it.

Next, you will want to decide on length.  You find a variety of lengths, but they primarily fall into the camp of long (roughly ) or short (mid-knee or higher).  Honestly, the main determinant here is your preference.  The long length works so well with things like boots or in colder weather when you don’t want that much skin exposed.  The shorter length works great with things like dresses or shorter tunic length tops.  The shorter length is more popular for warmer weather and looks adorable with sandals and ballet flats.   At Vintage Fringe we love to wear leggings made by designer Velvet by Graham and Spencer.  Their leggings are great quality and are on the reasonable end of price and can generally be found at retailers between $50-65.  We love their Swoozie leggings for the longer length or the Ritzy leggings for the shorter length.  Both are made of great quality jersey cotton and fit extremely well.  The waist band s properly sewn and they are thick enough fabrics that they don’t run or snag easily.  The Ritzy legging is a slightly thinner fabric made from Velvet’s Gauzy Whisper fabric, but is still thick enough to be good quality.

Finally, the final decision can sometimes be the hardest—what color?  Here you have to take into account your own preferences and existing wardrobe, but consider a few pointers as you decide on colors.  When you are starting to incorporate a piece into your wardrobe it is always a good idea to think about it in terms of basics.  Any good stylist will tell you that you always start basic and work your way into splurge colors or pieces over time.  So with that in mind you will want to start with basic black.  You really need at least one pair of basic black if not a couple because you can make black work with just about anything.  Next I would add in a good grey or brown color depending on whether you primarily wear cool or warm colors.  Once you have a few of these colors in your closet then you can add in accent colors like blues, reds or other perk colors.

As you can see these are our rules of the road when shopping for leggings.  You will find that getting the right pair of leggings can make all the difference when you try to add it into your wardrobe.  Hopefully these suggestions have helped to give you a few good ideas for how you can find the right pair of leggings for your budget, wardrobe and individual style.

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Designer Boutique Clothes

Fashion is all about creating your own individual style.  We all dread the prospect of showing up to anything wearing the same dress or top as someone else.   Designer boutiques can help you solve this problem with unique clothing offerings that are not the same old pieces you see at every department store.  We founded Vintage Fringe to meet this exact need.  Designer boutique clothes are far more individualistic and distinctive.  Designer boutiques often don’t carry the same quantities that the big department stores carry so it is much more limited which ensures that it really will be your individual style.   They can also be a great place to spot the latest fashion trends and styles.  We all have that great piece that we discovered at a designer boutique that really became a statement piece in our wardrobe and often helps us to stretch out of our clothing comfort zone to incorporate some of the latest fashion trends.

Boutiques also often carry unique or new and upcoming designers.  We often love those great clothes that we find at that designer boutique because often they can introduce us to designers that we previously may never have heard about.  Great designer boutiques should always offer their clientele wonderful introductions to new or previously unknown designers.    Not only is it a benefit to find great new designers to love to keep your wardrobe fresh and trendy, but also because it also ensures that you won’t see everyone else wearing the same thing.

Of course we all know about how great designer clothes are and the amazing fabrics that they utilize along with lots of embellishments.  An example of a great designer that is often found at boutiques is AlixK.  We love AlixK because of the embellishments and the attention to detail on every piece.  Featuring darts to help give their tops a feminine, flattering fit along with floral embroidery patterns on a majority of their tops, the AlixK top epitomizes great designer boutique clothing.  Some of our favorite AlixK tops are made from a silk cotton blend which feels extremely soft and oh so luxurious.  The best part is the fabric is ultimately a knit so it has a comfortable, wearable feel and is even machine washable!

Many designer boutiques are now featured online which makes them super convenient.  With the ability to shop on your own schedule and frequently with deals on shipping finding designer boutique clothes can be simple.  Another advantage to designer clothes is the consistency in sizing, so you shouldn’t have to worry too much about fit, but finding an online designer boutique that offers free returns can also be a plus.   At Vintage Fringe we offer free shipping and free returns on all orders excluding items in our outlet.  Our goal is to always offer great feminine fashions that will enable to you create your own individual style and to help you discover a mix of niche known and unknown designers that will always have your friends asking where did you get that?

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Boutique Fashion Online

The online world has really helped to revolutionize clothes shopping.  Now you can easily find all sorts of designer clothing that previously was only available at high end department stores and boutiques.  We love boutiques because they always give us the ability to create our own individual style, but they have often been some of the last companies to join the online shopping arena.  This has really started to change with more and more boutiques creating online shopping sites and with many boutiques only selling online.

With all of these options available, finding boutique fashion online has never been easier and the options are increasing by the day.  Here are a few tips of things to look for to identify best online fashion boutiques.   With online shopping you can frequently find sites that will have free or low cost shipping.   Good online boutiques will also have free or low cost return policies which are important to look for so that you know that you can trust that they will stand behind their clothes.   While online shopping has become far more mainstream, you never know who you can trust, so free or low cost returns is always a good indicator of a worthwhile site.   These shopper friendly policies really make online shopping so much more convenient that in many ways it is easier to shop online than hassle with hitting the mall only to hassle with finding parking or fighting the crowds.  Not to mention that shopping for boutique fashion online is so much simpler than worrying about traditional boutique’s limited hours and again hassling with parking and crowds.  Traditional boutiques often don’t have great return policies while online boutique’s return policies are often much more favorable.

Good boutiques often have unique pieces that you won’t find everywhere else or even designers that are hard to find.  Shopping for boutique fashion online is no exception.  In fact, in many cases boutiques online carry more selections or unknown designers and frequently have more varieties of colors and styles than traditional boutiques because they aren’t limited by a store size or lots of overhead.    Boutique fashion online often enables people to quickly see the latest fashion trends and to find niche pieces that previously might have been unavailable or difficult to find.   Shopping online makes it much easier to truly create your own individual fashion style as online boutiques frequently don’t carry the same stock levels as large department stores and their customers are worldwide so the odds of your neighbor wearing the exact same top to a function are very low.

In short, we all love lots of things about boutique fashion shopping, but boutique fashion shopping online can really improve upon the boutique shopping experience and make it so much more convenient for today’s modern shopper.  We think you’ll quickly see how finding boutique fashion online can really provide you with access to many more distinctive pieces and designers that will help you craft and maintain your own distinctive individual style in a way that is far more convenient and accessible.

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Online Boutique: Clothing and Fashion

Online Boutique: Clothing and FashionThe clothing boutique is so alluring.  Many of us dream of days spent doing nothing other than bouncing from boutique to boutique to check out their newest arrivals with our bestest girlfriends.  Let’s be honest, this is far more of a dream than a reality.  If you’re at all like me, I always struggle to find the time to dedicate to such fashion scavenger hunts.  However, that has all changed as soon as I discovered the benefits and convenience of shopping for boutique clothing fashion online.

In fact, we started Vintage Fringe to meet this exact need.  We wanted to bring the benefits of boutique shopping online.  We were sick and tired of buying a top at a chain store only to see many of our friends wearing the same thing.  For example, last summer I attended a wedding and one of the other bridesmaids was wearing an identical denim jacket from the same chain store!  Disgusted with this type of trend, we decided to open an online boutique that provides many of the same boutique benefits with far less of the hassle.

First of all, it goes without saying that an online boutique is far more convenient.  You can shop on your hours, not the store’s. (And let’s face it-boutiques are notorious for having inconvenient hours.)  You don’t have to fight for parking.  You can shop at home in your pajamas.  You can shop at work or at home and frankly sometimes even on your cell phone or iPad.  You can often find more easily niche items online if you know exactly what you want.  At Vintage Fringe, we even offer free shipping and free returns on all non-outlet items, and yes we even have an outlet featuring major fashion bargains.  We also can’t forget that when you shop online you don’t have to worry about those annoying sales people bothering you as you shop!

Secondly, online boutique clothing fashion is typically far more niche and distinctive in terms of what online boutiques carry versus large department stores that often may not even carry the designers you are searching for or if they do they may have so many pieces that you run the risk of having all of your friends wearing the same piece.  Boutiques often offer you harder to find designers and do not carry as much inventory as larger stores so you are frequently much more able to find a distinctive, individual look for yourself.

Finally, shopping online allows you to compare multiple sites with far less work than shopping at boutiques in person.  There are many sites online that allow you to search a variety of different sites based on specific things like designers, colors, sizes, or even descriptions of the styles.  This ability to comparison shop in a far more convenient way will make shopping far more efficient than bouncing from boutique to boutique.

We think you’ll agree that once you discover online boutique shopping you will quickly find that it is much simpler and far more convenient than the dedication and time required to complete your own boutique shopping scavenger hunt!

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Shop Online for Designer Clothes

Shop online For Designer Clothing You’ve probably heard on the news lately the statistics about how more and more people are shopping online for clothing.  Of course, shopping online for designer clothing is no exception to this statistic.   If you’re new to the online shopping arena, let me explain a few reasons why it is advantageous to shop online for designer clothes.

First, shopping online is more convenient.  You don’t have to fight for parking, you don’t have to wait in lines, you don’t have to check multiple stores to find out the lowest price and which store has what sizes or colors, you don’t have to chase your kids around the store or even find time to drive to the store during their hours.  The online channel is truly revolutionizing shopping for designer clothes.  When you shop online, you can do so in your pajamas in the convenience of your own home (or even at work) once your kids have gone to bed or if even late at night when you can’t sleep.  Many online sites even offer free returns which can save you another trip to the store to return your item.

Second, shopping online is often cheaper.  For designer clothes specifically, you can find a variety of comparison shopping sites that will allow you to compare prices and sizes and colors for multiple stores at once.  Such sites allow you to quickly scour the internet for deals on designer clothing and can frequently find sites offering free shipping.  One of our favorites is, which allows you to name your designer, a type of clothing, or a color or size that you are looking for and will return a variety of great results based on your search terms.   You can also be on the lookout for sites with coupon codes for many online retailers that allow you to find additional discounts.

Third, shopping online often allows you the ability to find niche designer clothing items.  Perhaps it is that Chloe purse that is sold out at the mall, but still available at an online boutique store, or that pair of jeans that you know your size in and don’t want to try and chase down at the mall.  You can also more easily find niche designers online as well.  For example, at Vintage Fringe, we carry pieces from designers such as Laurie B. or Joy Joy that you would struggle to find in stores.   The expansiveness of searching on a global level when searching online allows you to find much greater selection than shopping in your local department stores if you know what you are looking for.

In short, if you’re someone who knows which designers you love and wants to find more designer clothes than what your local department store may carry, be sure to shop online.  I’m sure you will discover that shopping online for designer clothes is much more convenient, often more affordable, and easier to locate pieces once you know what you have in mind.  At Vintage Fringe, we offer year round free shipping for all non-outlet items, free returns for all non-outlet items, and shop by color, price and designer options.  We purposely try to carry designer clothes that are high quality and are not found at every other department store or boutique.  Our goal is to always have your friends asking “Where did you get that?”

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