Romantic Dresses

Finding the perfect romantic dress can seem like a daunting task.  However, there really are a number of great options for romantic dresses that come in a variety of different styles for whatever romantic occasion you may have.   Today we are going to discuss a variety of different alternatives that would work great for that romantic occasion.

The first dress option, the Rhetta Maxi Dress by designer Velvet by Graham and Spencer is one of our favorite casual style maxi dresses.  This jersey cotton maxi dress is low cut in back which gives this maxi dress a dressier even sexy evening look.  This maxi dress features a simple yet elegant straight fit that gradually flares at the skirt.  This dress also features short sleeves and looks great with your favorite feminine styled belt.  Best of all this dress is also versatile enough that you could easily wear it for casual or daytime events as well.  The style of this dress really reminds us of a regal look and is simple, yet very distinctive.

Next up consider the Dita V Neck Ruffle Dress by designer Ella Moss.  This great dress has a romantic vintage style that always reminds us of something you might see January Jones wearing on the show Mad Men.  With ruffles accenting the deep v neck line and the dress flares at the waist, this dress is the ultimate feminine piece.  Naturally, we love the romantic vintage style polka dot pattern too.  A great dress for a number of occasions which will help make sure you get your money’s worth out of this dress.  This is the perfect dress to wear to the theatre, weddings and just about any other party.

One of our latest new arrivals, the Rhonia dress by Velvet by Graham and Spencer really typifies the romantic dress.  With a v neck tank at the top and a flared waist and tie belt around the waist in a grey contrasting color against the Flamingo pink pattern contrasted with white, this dress really is so feminine and really does exemplify a romantic dress.  This statement dress features a fitted look that accentuates your feminine curves along with a beautiful color and pattern.

Another maxi dress is the Hollie Racerback Maxi Dress in black by designer Ella Moss.  The lace racerback detail around the shoulders is a great embellishment to a basic black dress.  This style of racerback maxi dress is also unique which adds to the statement piece quality of this dress.  This style is also a great blend of casual and dressy or evening and daytime as it really can be worn for any occasion.

As you can see there are really numerous options for great romantic dresses that work perfectly for that special date night, anniversary, wedding or birthday occasion that you had in mind.  Each of these dresses are statement pieces that will be great additions to your wardrobe and wonderful occasion dresses.  They all typify the great blend of elegant and sophisticated with casual and wearable designs.

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Indie Dresses

We all love indie dresses for that distinctive look and flair that comes from the unique style of indie dresses that comes from the fresh perspective of their up incoming designers.   Many of our favorite dresses come from indie designer Velvet by Graham and Spencer and Sweet Pea by Stacy Frati as great examples of feminine dresses that often have a vintage or retro style.  Consider the following examples of great indie dresses available at Vintage Fringe.

As an example consider first the Freda dress by Velvet by Graham and Spencer.  Made from baby jersey cotton and featuring a deep v neck, a gathered waist and a flared skirt, this dress reminds us of vintage styles you might see on Audrey Hepburn or even any of the women in the case of Mad Men.  Full of feminine style, this dress is a statement piece and also one that you don’t see everywhere adding to its indie appeal.  At Vintage Fringe we have this dress available in several colors including white which amplifies the statement piece of this dress.

Another indie dress with a retro look is the Mod Retro Tunic dress which reminds me of something you would see worn in the 60s or 70s eras.  Featuring a pattern of bold colors and a short length, this dress is a true retro piece that is also a great example of a modern indie dress with vintage style.   This pattern also features black trim around the neckline and hem of the dress as well as a black stripe down the center.  The Mod Retro Tunic dress is truly the perfect indie dress that again represents a distinctive indie style.

Similarly, Sweet Pea’s Tie Short dress is another great example of a indie dress with a retro style.  This dress features a brown, pink and purple floral pattern accented with a solid brown panel around the bust and neckline.  The dress also features brown ties around the waist for added contrast.  The retro style of this dress is completely distinctive featuring a fitted tank top and then a lightly flared skirt at the natural waist.  The style of this dress is also so feminine with the ties around the waist adding to the fitted look of this dress.

Unlike most dresses you would see in department stores and chains, these great indie dresses again typify what we have come to love about indie dresses in general with their unique style and appeal to find bold styles and bold looks along with great retro elements and feminine style.   We love indie dresses for their distinction and their statement piece quality and often subsequently fall in love with their indie designers.  As you can see there are a number of great indie dresses available at boutiques  as well as at online boutiques in this the renaissance of the indie designer.   Indie designers have become the forefront of vintage styles and feminine pieces ad indie clothing and their designers have become more en vogue.

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Crochet Dress

A recently popular trend of crochet dresses has really brought crochet elements to the forefront and a variety of designers are bringing these great elements into a number of modern dresses.   First, we should clarify what we mean by a crochet dress or crochet elements.  Of course we are referring to knit detail that depending on the pattern may be loose resembling a lace or tight resembling ornate embellishments.  We are all about the details at Vintage Fringe and Crochet details are a great way to add detail and feminine style and inspiration to a top or dress.  Perhaps the best way to demonstrate these great features is to actually give you some examples.

First consider the Larina ¾ Sleeve Crochet dress by designer Velvet by Graham and Spencer.   Here the crochet detail is around the neckline featuring a great pattern to give this dress added distinction.  The Larina dress features a wide scoop neckline that cascades into a lightly pleated body on the dress.  We love the great colors of Mink (Charcoal Grey), Truffle (Taupe) or Pistachio (Green) as they each pair so well with either warm or cool shades and all can work well with either black or brown when pairing with accessories like belts, boots or necklaces.  The crochet detail is certainly the center of this dress, but it really doesn’t overpower it and brings just the right amount of detail to the style of this dress.

Next consider the Hollie Racerback Dress.  This dress features a looser crochet knit so it does look more like lace, but nonetheless, it is a great accent to this maxi dress.  This basic style dress is kicked up a notch by the empire waist bustline and accented by the racerback and the knit detail around the neckline.  This dress really does look stunning almost regal.  It reminds me of something I could see Audrey Hepburn wearing in a movie.

Finally, the Oma Cap Sleeve Dress also by Velvet features a crochet lace like embellishment around the bust and around the hem of the dress.  This crochet detail brings a great pattern and style to an elegant dress and style.  The flirty cap sleeve provides an added feminine flair to the dress and combined with the crochet detail around the neckline makes this dress a true statement piece.

As you can see crochet detail is becoming more pervasive and is a great way to really add subtle frills to a dress.  Of course the crochet detail is not only utilized in dresses, you can find it in tops and tanks too.  The Hollie Racerback Maxi dress has a sister Hollie Crew Neck top by designer Ella Moss that also utilizes the loose knit crochet detail around the neckline.  In any case you can easily work crochet elements into staple pieces in your closet if you look for them and best of all it is far easier to wear crochet details as incorporated into dresses as an accent or embellishment rather than as the entire dress where you are perpetually worried about trying not to snag the fully crocheted dress on something!

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Polka Dot Dresses

Polka dot patterns are one of our favorite modern vintage style trends.  The polka dot pattern really is a true classic that doesn’t go out of style.  Consider as an example that classic brown dress with white polka dots that Julia Roberts made famous in Pretty Woman.  That dress really did exude femininity and sophistication.  Polka dot patterns can be multi colored or basic white which is extremely common and of course you can find them primarily in dresses, tops, skirts.   Of course they can also come in a variety of different fabrics which can also add to their wearability.

My personal favorite example of a feminine polka dot dress is the Dita dress by designer Ella Moss.  This dress features a gorgeous ruffle accenting the v neckline.  With an empire waist and a flared skirt this tank dress looks elegant and stunning on.  This dress is made of a blend of supima cotton and modal. Complemented by the white polka dots on Shadow a smokey purple color fabric or light green polka dots on Pond, a teal green color, this dress is not your basic black and is certain to get you noticed.   I can totally see January Jones wearing this dress in an episode of Mad Men.

While the classic small  white polka dot pattern is classic, I really do love finding other unique polka dot pattern styles to mix it up and insert a little bit of added distinction into your wardrobe.  When shopping for Polka Dot dresses in particular you will see a variety of different dot patterns ranging from small dots to large dots.  Personally, I prefer the smaller dots to the large dot patterns.  You will also see polka dots mixed with other patterns as a great modern interpretation of the classic pattern.  One of my favorite examples of this trend is the Sweet Pea Cap Sleeve Ruched Top by designer Sweet Pea.  This top has a great contemporary polka dot pattern with polka dots in a variety of colors including red, white, pink and many other colors.

As you can see, another great polka dot trend are multi colored polka dot patterns.  Another multi color great polka dot example is the La Befana Polka Dot Tie tank.  This adorable tank top features a tie around the neckline and a variety of great colors for the polka dot pattern including blue, pink and a light green.

In short, polka dot patterns are totally in this season and are a great classic way to add a vintage fashion trend into your wardrobe.  Whatever type of polka dot pattern suits your individual style you can find these different polka dot styles in a wide variety of dresses, skirts, tops and tanks and in a variety of different fabrics. I suggest trying to step out and insert some added color and distinction to your polka dot patterns.  When shopping for your favorite polka dot dress I love weaving in added feminine touches like ruffles, lace or empire waists.  The polka dot pattern really does make any modern dress into a vintage statement piece.

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Ruffled Dresses

Nothing exudes more femininity than a gorgeous ruffled dress.  Ruffles are everywhere this season and dresses are the perfect piece to showcase great feminine touches including things like lace, flowing skirts and of course ruffles.   Certainly, one of the most prominent ways to use ruffles are adorning the neckline and bust, but you can find ruffles around the hem or even as a statement accent with just one ruffle down the front of a top or diagonally across the body of the dress.  There are tons of different options for ways to wear ruffles or different styles of ruffled dresses.   Here are a couple of our favorites.

Ella Moss puts ruffles to good use with the Abigail Ruffle Front V Neck Dress which is an upscale dress featuring ruffles around the neckline.  Of course the details don’t stop there.  This dress also features buttons down the center of the ruffles and it also features a tie around the empire waist.  This dress is made of silk and does feature a tank dress lining in black as well.  It is a sophisticated, classy dress that is the perfect occasion dress.  With a similar style with a ruffle v neck, the Ella Moss Dita or Aggie Dress feature a modal jersey fabric blend with a deep v neck adorned with ruffles.  Both dresses also feature empire waists and great colors and patterns with diagonal stripes or polka dots depending on your style and preference.

Splendid features yet another use of ruffles in a distinctly styled dress that is elegant, stylish and versatile.  The Splendid Modal Jersey Scoop Neck Dress features ruffles around the scoop neckline and around the sleeves/shoulders.  This dress looks great with boots even in the summer and works wonderfully belted or just as is with cute sandals.  This flexibility really maximizes the versatility of this adorable ruffled dress. I love that the ruffles complement the dress, but doesn’t over power it and really adds a true feminine touch to a straightforward dress.

If you are looking for subtle ruffles consider the Oma Cap Sleeve Dress by designer Velvet by Graham and Spencer.  This dress features a number of details such as the lace around the hem and the bustline which really dresses up the style of this dress.  The cap sleeve features a loose ruffle around the sleeve giving it a subtle ruffle and a distinctive look to this dress.

As you can see there are a variety of great types of ruffled dresses depending on what style suits your personal preferences or occasions.  Of course you can find ruffles used in great tops, tanks and even in cardigans or wraps and not simply just dresses, but whatever your style and whatever way you prefer to wear ruffles be sure that you have at least one or two go to ruffled pieces.  The feminine touch of the ruffle is a great way to incorporate feminine details into your wardrobe staples and really can transform an ordinary piece into something spectacular.

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Great Belted Looks

Belts have really become a trend unto themselves in recent years.  Over the years, we’ve seen the woven belt, the tie silk fabric belt, the studded belt, and the list goes on.  This season the latest belt trend really hits both ends of the spectrum.  You can of course still get away with wearing your same old standby belt, but if you are in the market for belts and wondering what is the best way to use them and what belts you should consider here are a few helpful hints.

First consider the range of stylish belts from skinny narrow belts to the wide belts to shimmery metallic belts all the way to elastic belts.  Certainly can’t tell you that you only need just one because each of these belts really fit in with a variety of different looks.   Here are some great rules of thumb.  Skinny belts work great with dress pants or slacks and are great accents with your favorite suit.  Wide belts are great with longer length tops or looser dresses that you want to have a bit of a cinched up style.

You need a variety of different styles of belts so that you have great accent belts to contrast with your different outfits.  As examples of some great looks consider a few of these looks at Vintage Fringe for some great belted look ideas.  The Daree top by designer Velvet by Graham and Spencer is the perfect top for belting.  With a wide belt that you wear just below an natural empire waist level, this top looks great with that belted accent.  Consider a belt with elastic or a fancy buckle to complete the look.

Another great look that is made complete with a fabulous belt is the Modal Jersey Scoop Neck Dress by Splendid.  This dress features a classic look and style, but when you layer in a belt around the waist it gives the dress a completely different look.  Our model is wearing a thin leather belt that is just looped at the center, but it really does accent the dress and transform the look and style.

Many tops and dresses come with ties and belts sewn in allowing you to create your own belted look without requiring another belt.  This type of tie belt helps create the accented look that you love with belts, but with less hassle.  Examples of the built in tie tops include the Potina Ruffle top by Velvet by Graham and Spencer.  This top features a long sewn in belt so that you can wrap it around your high waist level to create your own distinctive look.  Another great example of a belted look with a tie is the Retro Boatneck Dress by Sweet Pea.  This dress allows you to customize your look with a tie in front or in back depending on your preference.

The list goes on with so many great tops and dresses that are transformed with belted accents.  Finding Great belted looks can really be easy to create for different outfits with a variety of belts and tops that you can shift each time you wear them.

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Date Night Dress Ideas

Picking out an outfit for a date night can be especially frustrating.  Solving the “what should I wear?” crisis is never fun, but it can certainly be a bit easier.  Consider a few of these great show stopper outfits as possible solutions to the date night dress dilemma.

First up is the Burca dress by Velvet by Graham and Spencer.  This dress features a great boat neckline and added details like a big silver zipper in back.  The dress is also tapered so it fits tighter at the waist than around the bustline.  The modern look is perfect for that date night and the slinky rayon fabric is to die for.  Wearing this over leggings as a tunic for a more casual look or with high boots gives you multiple options to help make this dress even more versatile.  Ideal date night occasions for this dress include: dinner at your favorite fancy restaurant, or art gallery or museum event.

Next up consider the Dita V Neck Ruffle Dress by designer Ella Moss.  This great dress has a vintage style that always reminds us of something you’d see on the show Mad Men.  With ruffles accenting the deep v neck line and the dress flares at the waist.  Of course we love the vintage style polka dot pattern too.  A great dress for a number of occasions which will help make sure you get your money’s worth out of this dress.  Ideal date night occasions for this dress include:  the theatre, weddings and just about any other party.

Next consider the Modal Jersey Scoop Neck Dress by Splendid.  This dress is elegant and simple with the ruffles around the neckline and the racerback detail in back.  With simple lines and a classic look, this dress is versatile and elegant.  As its name denotes it is made with modal jersey fabric which is the perfect blend of luxurious and comfortable.  It is machine washable, yet so soft to the touch that you really hate to take it off.  Ideal date night occasions for this dress include:  summer barbeque and dinner and a movie.

Finally, consider another statement dress with the Doreen Cut Out Dress by Velvet by Graham and Spencer.  This dress in a beautiful purple color called Gazelle.  Featuring cutouts in the sleeves at the base of the shoulders, this dress has a surprising modernity that we adore.  Part sleeves of Velvet’s Gauzy Whisper collection, this dress features a lightweight cotton, it is lined and gives you a perfect classy dress with a slight twist or edge.  We love the look of this dress again with high boots in a contrasting grey or other bold color and of course this dress looks elegant in your favorite pair of statement heels.  Ideal date night occasions for this dress include: the theatre, dinner out, art gallery and any party /event.

In short, you can find a variety of great dresses that can help make the date night dress dilemma a little bit easier.  Hopefully these are a few ideas that will help give you ideas for your own wardrobe and help give you ideas of some of the best places to wear these dresses on your next date night.

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