Shirt Cover-up Ideas

As you hit the pool or beach this summer, you are likely looking for great shirt cover-up ideas that will work as your swim suit cover-up.  We like to find pieces that are versatile and don’t just simply function as a swim suit cover-up, but can also be worn as a regular top or dress too.  Frankly, depending on what type of cover-up you buy, you can end up spending even more money on something that you only wear in the summer.  For those of us who are budget conscious, looking for a cover up with added versatility is a home run.

The perfect swimsuit cover-up that also doubles as a dress or tunic is the Variegated Stripe Loose Jersey Dress by designer Splendid.  This dress features a v neck in front with a tie at the base of the v and an empire waist.  The dress also features a deeper v neck in the back.  It is a loose knit fabric which makes it perfect for summer swim weather.  It is also a short length dress another great summer cover-up feature.  The dress features a white base fabric with quartz pink stripes in varying widths that is part of the Splendid Variegated stripe pattern.  As you likely already know, we love Splendid for their great stripes and fabrics and this dress is a great illustration of Splendid’s great style and designs at work.

The Baby Fleece Tie Waist Hoodie is another great cover-up option.  This features a heavier fabric than the lighter weight loose knit fabric, but that can be great for cooler days at the beach or evenings.  With an empire waist, that can be adjusted by the drawstring tie to fit as loose or tightly as you prefer, this hoodie is fitted and features an athletic style.  It is short sleeved as well and features a soft baby fleece fabric that is like the weight of a typical sweatshirt.  As we mentioned, this piece is also versatile and can be worn over a long sleeve top and jeans in winter weather or over a tank and capris or leggings in the summer and finally as a standalone dress if you prefer.   It is also available in a Parsley green color.

The Textured Rib Long Sleeve Hoodie is another versatile option and it is the ultimate light-weight sweater.  This light-weight fabric gives it an opacity that makes it sheer enough to wear easily over long sleeve tops in cold weather and over tanks and swimsuit tops in the summer.  This cover-up is a great option for times when you need a warmer cover-up option.  The hoodie also features a drawstring at the waist which offers added flexibility and detail.

There are a number of great possible options for shirt cover-up ideas and hopefully these are a few that you might not have thought of as traditional cover-up options.  As mentioned, we love the versatility of each of these pieces as dresses, sweaters or tunics which give you more for your money and are a great way to extend your budget.

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Grey Cardigan

Finding a grey cardigan can sometimes feel like finding a needle in a haystack so to speak.  The are not as common as you might think, but they can be so great with excellent options to pair them with a number of great colors besides your basic white.  Grey is a great complement to pinks, purples, blacks, reds and even certain shades of blue and green.  Having a versatile option like a grey cardigan in your closet is really a must because of the variety of pairing options. Of course, grey isn’t a color that can be worn with every skintone, but it can be a great color and comes in a number of great shades so depending on your individual style and preferences can be a great alternative to basic colors like blacks and whites.  Consider a few great examples of different alternatives for grey cardigans.

First, consider the Ella Moss Victoria Cardigan. This versatile cardigan features a blend of great fabrics for added contrast including cotton voile around the shoulders that wraps from front to back. The balance of this cardigan is modal jersey fabric so super soft.  The bottom half of the cardigan is a looser fit and has a light flare.  It is not a fitted wrap.  The neckline is also gathered as you can see in the photo of the back of this cardigan giving it another layer of individual style. We also love the light Haze grey color.  It pairs so well with black, white, navy, purples and so much more. This cardigan is also dressy enough to wear to the office and casual enough to wear to run errands or out at night.  It is also lightweight enough to work for warm weather and is the perfect piece for layering in spring, summer and even fall.

Alternatively, the Splendid Variegated Stripe Loose Jersey Wrap also features a great lightweight, breathable fabric which is great for warm weather.  It is a little heavier than the Victoria Cardigan, but a great option with differing widths of stripes contrasted against a white background.  Here the grey is a Heather grey option which is darker than the Haze grey in the Victoria Cardigan, but a completely distinctive piece with a draped cardigan style in front.  The length in front cascades down to the waist with a higher more cropped fit in back.

As you can see, both of these cardigans are very distinctive and certainly not you’re basic styles or fabrics.  Each of these cardigans have the versatility to work just about year round and particularly in the summer months are great pieces to throw over a tank or short sleeve top on a cool evening.  Of course, grey cardigans are distinctive just as they are because of the unique colors and the versatility of the grey colors and you have certainly seen lots of grey elements in modern fashion trends in different styles and patterns.  Grey truly is a great color that in a cardigan is a great complement to a number of colors which in the current economy is a great way to stretch your dollars and save your budget.

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Fashion Hoodie

This summer nothing beats a great fashion hoodie to throw in your bag for that weekend campout, trip to the beach or cool summer evening.  Hoodies are always known for being great casual pieces, but there is nothing better than finding a fashionable hoodie that is more than just your basic sweatshirt with a hood.  There are a number of great options for fashion hoodies.  Consider a few of our favorite examples of stylish, fashion hoodies.

First consider the 2×1 White Stripe Hoodie by designer Splendid.  This is a perfect casual hoodie that works for everyday.  This fashion hoodie features a white stripe on either a Mud (light brown) color or Blueberry (light purple) color.  With a wide pocket front and center on this top giving it a casual yet distinctive look.  This top also features 8 snap buttons in front giving you flexibility to wear it by itself or layer it over a tee or tank.  Of course we can’t forget to mention the ¾ length sleeves and the fabric is also light enough to give it added versatility to wear just about year round.

Next in a different category consider the Splendid Textured Rib Long Sleeve Hoodie.  This is one of the dressier hoodies we’ve seen.  This hoodie is made of a cotton cashmere blend giving it a light weight sweater feel.  It is sheer enough that it works perfectly layered over a short sleeve top or tank and we even like to wear it over a long sleeve tee in the winter.  With a drawstring tie at the waist and a wide v neck this hoodie really is a perfect piece for that beach vacation where you want something a little warm and love the sheer, light weight look of this hoodie.

Finally, take a look at the Splendid Baby Fleece Tie Waist Hoodie.  This is a wonderful example of a simple yet very distinctive style from Splendid.  The Baby Fleece Tie Waist Hoodie features an empire waist with a drawstring and short sleeves.  It is not every day that you run across a short sleeved hoodie, but we love the look of this Baby Fleece Tie Waist Hoodie.  The Baby Fleece fabric is really a good quality sweatshirt fabric and we love the vivid green color and the long tunic length of this hoodie.  We wear it over leggings or jeans and love to wear it year round over short or long sleeve tops.

As you can see, each of these fashion hoodies has different style and function and give you lots of different options.  Best of all each of these fashion hoodies is distinctive and truly not something you see everywhere or everyday.  They also each have other disctinctive elements other than just being a hoodie which makes them great pieces to help create your personal individual style.  They are also all great wearable, comfortable fabrics that will work even in warm summer weather and still look stylish despite being casual.

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