Oversized Knitted Sweater

Having that perfect go to oversized knitted sweater has become an essential part of a good wardrobe.  I love having an easy to wear knit sweater that you can just throw on or take you as your just in case sweater when you aren’t sure if you’ll be warm enough. Finding a sweater that is oversized is also a current fashion trend that really does help create a relaxed sweater look that I love because it breaks up the monotony of the classic sweaters that you find in your closet.  The oversized sweater is a great way to rescue a tired, stuffy sweater wardrobe and update it.  Consider a few examples of ways to freshen up your sweater wardrobe with some oversized knitted sweater possibilities.

First consider a short sleeved sweater that is versatile enough and can work practically year round, the Laurie B. Gable Stripe Cardigan.  This oversized sweater features a dramatic contrasting zipper that is front and center in this distinctive cardigan, the Gable Stripe grey and black pattern looks so classy and elegant.  Laurie B. still manages to weave in fashion forward elements with the oversized dolman flared sleeves on this sweater, a scoop neckline and the contrasting black trim around the neckline and cuffs and hem.   You also would not believe how luxuriously soft the knit on this sweater feels.  It is made from a viscose, nylon blend and it feels super soft and very comfortable.  This is a great sweater to wear over that black dress in summer unzipped or just with a black skirt or pants and capris.  One of our favorite winter looks is wearing this over a long sleeve black top with a black skirt and boots.  As you can see, this is a great distinctive sweater that would be perfect to freshen up your sweater wardrobe.

Another distinctive sweater option is the Laurie B. Moonlight Cap Wrap Sweater.  You’ll love this distinctive sweater and its fashion forward look.  It is not for everyone, but if it suits your personal style it can be a great way to spice up your sweater wardrobe and has an oversized loose fitted look.  Complete with a flowing look of the wide v neck with the tie around the waist giving it a contemporary, fitted look.  This sweater is available in a variety of colors and is perfect to go over a long sleeve top in just about any color.  You’ll love the slight shimmer on the knit and the distinctive, modern look.   It is a perfect wrap to layer and looks stunning with boots or leggings.

As you can see, finding a good oversized knit sweater is a great way to freshen up your closet with a modern knit sweater that is totally en vogue.   You will quickly find that each of these sweaters will become some of your favorite go to sweaters as they bring distinctive looks to your wardrobe.  Best of all they are versatile pieces that can be worn in multiple seasons and will be great investment pieces in your personal wardrobe.

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Bohemian Chic Skirt

Summer skirts have really become an essential summer must have.  I love wearing them instead of capris or shorts in warm weather and because of this I love finding skirts that are versatile.  Finding a skirt that can be worn during the day and evening outings feels like such an accomplishment as inevitably I always find dressy skirts that are too dressy to be worn casually during the day or vice versa I find a casual skirt that can be worn casually, but not dressed up.  I always love finding skirts in different styles and you really do want to have a few great skirt options in your closet this summer.

The perfect bohemian chic skirt can be the perfect blend of stylish, versatile and comfortable and really should be a summer wardrobe essential. Bohemian chic skirts can come in a variety of styles and with a variety of designs and fabrics. Here are just a few of our favorite bohemian style skirts and all of them are from one of our favorite designers Velvet by Graham and Spencer.  Velvet is known for their great use of cottons and other great fabrics while also blending contemporary and casual styles creating great feminine wearable pieces.  Of course their designs are also high quality and are made in the USA an added bonus.

First the Lija Skirt.  This skirt is truly a perfect blend of a classic style with contemporary details like the raw edge and the high waist.  The skirt flares too which makes it feel girly and feminine on while also making it very comfortable.  This is a great go to skirt that can be worn out running errands on a weekend or with the right top and accessories dressed up and worn to a dressy occasion too.  Available in basic black, this skirt is a must have summer essential.

Next the Fanya Skirt.  Another flared skirt, but this with a diagonal stripe pattern and an asymmetric hem and a diagonal line across the waist for accent.  This skirt is a cotton tencel blend so it is the ultimate soft, comfortable fabric and easy to wear again for casual and dressy occasions depending on what you wear it with and how you accessorize it. I love the raw edges again at the hem and the stripe pattern that really does make this a distinctive skirt.

Finally, the Sintia Pencil Skirt is really a classic style skirt that is part of Velvet’s Gauzy Whisper collection featuring a light weight gauzy cotton fabric.  This skirt features cotton lining so it is not sheer and still manages to have a lightweight so that it is comfortable and also doesn’t look like a thick jersey fabric locking it into only being a casual piece.  This skirt can easily go from the office to running errands and comes with a high waist and with the cotton fabric has some give to it so it is very forgiving.

Whichever skirt best fits your summer skirt needs, you can’t go wrong with any of these bohemian chic style skirts.  They are a great blend of wearable and stylish which is our number one priority for great summer skirts.  Be sure and get yours today.

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Celebrity Inspired Clothing

I’ve seen so many celebrities this season rocking a gauzy white shirt from Kate Hudson to Zoe Saldana, wearing a baggy or loose fitted white top can be a great way to create the perfect casual yet sophisticated outfit.  A white top is a great way to add in a clean crisp color and offset it with pops of color or jewelry to create that signature white top look.

The obvious choice is your basic button up boyfriend top style in white that looks great with a necklace with lots of color and a colored belt with jeans or a skirt or leggings.  The white top is really a clean slate piece that gives you the ultimate in flexibility to add in any color and you can literally transform that look with accessories each time you wear it.  You’ll see lots of celebrities rocking this style of top on a day to day basis and the classic white boyfriend top is a timeless piece.

As homage to that top consider the Montego Long Sleeve Henley top by one of our favorite designers Ella Moss.  This top features an empire waist and a tie in back to create a fitted look, if desired.  With brown wooden buttons in front at the base of the Henley neckline and at the end of the ties in front and back for added contrast and these details give this top a bohemian look as well.  The fabric is gauzy cotton which makes it a great lightweight summer piece and frankly something that can be worn year round over a tank and with brown boots and jeans as an example.

Another twist on the basic button up top is the Darvey long sleeve button up tunic top.  A fitted top with tunic length by designer Velvet by Graham and Spencer features a baby jersey cotton fabric contrasted with a number of mother of pearl shimmery buttons.  Available in white and a variety of other colors in case you are looking for something other than basic white, but the classic white color works great as a substitute for the basic boyfriend style white top.  In addition, it gives you all sorts of versatile options for layering and accessorizing.  I wear this top over contrasting colors of Kelisha tank tops which are the perfect complementary length.

Of course there are countless options and twists on the basic gauzy white shirt this season.  You can find that classic boyfriend style top in white if that is your cup of tea or consider alternative style tops that can provide added ways to wear distinctive pieces while still giving you that same stylish look.  What I love best about gauzy white tops is really the versatility and alternative ways to accessorize these tops and help give each outfit a unique look and style while still wearing the same top.  The creative options are endless and really a great way to transform something simple into a statement piece or outfit.

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Celebrity Clothing Styles

We all pay attention to certain celebrities clothing styles and fashion choices.  Each of us has our respective favorite celebrities and honestly I can love one outfit on a celebrity and hate another outfit on the same celebrity.  There are of course a few celebrities that rarely go wrong in terms of outfit choice.  This classy taste in fashion probably is more a reflection of their personal stylists, but I still love to think that some of my favorite celebrities have a say in selecting their personal style and having such great fashion sense.  One of my favorite celebrities that I love to follow their fashion choices and clothing styles is Reese Witherspoon.

With such a classy, sophisticated personality it is no wonder that her fashion style really does seem to be an expression of her personal inner beauty and confidence.  In watching her over the years with different hair styles and at different fashion award events, her style is always elegant and classy.  If you catch her in day to day outfit photos, she always manages to look sophisticated and classy while still looking casual and as if she is truly an everyday normal gal which perhaps is part of her overall appeal.

If you look at many of these casual everyday photos, Reese has her own trends and one of my personal favorite of her style choices are stripes.  She seems to love stripes and frankly wears them often and she looks great in them.  She frequently wears stripes in tops in a variety of colors and styles.

If I had a pick out a few pieces that I think Reese would love to wear at Vintage Fringe, I think she would love the Variegated Stripe Boatneck top by Splendid.  This great top features contrasting white and navy or red stripes in various different width stripes.  This top seems right of Reese’s alley and a great complement to her skin tone.

I could also see Reese wearing the Melbourne Puff Sleeve Front Tie Top by Ella Moss.  This cute short sleeve top features a v neck top accented by a tie and puff sleeves.  The top also features an elastic waist band so it has a gathered loose fitting look at the waist.  I love the white stripes contrasted by an oatmeal heather stripe.  A great natural look and style, I think these colors would look amazing with Reese’s blond hair.

Finally, for more of a winter look, I can picture Reese wearing the Trinity Cowlneck Top by designer Velvet by Graham and Spencer.  Reese does tend to wear a lot of color and it is a great complement with her hair and skin tone and this top would work well with her body type.  A loose fitted top with a combination of stripe width, this top is a great stylish statement piece that Reese would look great in.

As you can see, stripes are a popular trend in clothing and Reese is certainly on board serving as a walking billboard for adorable stripe tops that manage to look stylish and classy while always looking great on Reese everyday.

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Sporty Stripes

Stripes are a great way to mix up the styles in your closet and a great way to transform a basic style top into a statement piece or transform an outfit.  While stripes are always preferably worn horizontally, they can be wide or narrow, contrasted by white or black or shades of the same color and in different styles ranging from tops to skirts.  We are mad about stripes and here are a few of our favorite examples.

First up is the Variegated Stripe Boatneck top from designer Splendid.    This long sleeve top features a wide boatneck with tiny colored buttons over the shoulder for added contrast.  The variegated stripe pattern features different stripe widths all contrasted by a white background.  The stripes come in either navy or red and are a great way to make this top pop.  The fabric is airy enough that this sweater is great practically all year round and is a tad sheer so it looks great over tanks as another way to accessorize and provide a little contrast.

The variegated stripe pattern is also found in Splendid’s Variegated Stripe Loose Jersey Dress.   This dress is a must have for summer and can even double as a swim suit cover up.  It features a deep v neck in front and back and a tie at the base of the v neck in front.  The Variegated Stripe features a Quartz contrast color which is a gorgeous pink color.  This dress is a great example of how to sport stripes in any context.

Another great must have for summer are Collective Concepts tops and tanks.  Featuring great sporty stripe patterns these tops also come in great fabrics that feel luxurious and are machine washable and so comfortable.  The Lace Trim Stripe Tank as an example features wide stripes in navy or red contrasted on an ivory background.  This tank has a loose fit and a flared waist giving it a comfortable fit.  Accented by lace detail around the shoulders and a racerback, this tank is very distinctive.  The stripe knit top features a short sleeve scoop neck top with either pink or green colors contrasted against an ivory background.  This top has a sheer fabric and looks amazing over a tank for added detail.

Of course you can also find stripes in skirts.  Consider one of our latest arrivals the Fanya Drape Skirt by designer Velvet by Graham and Spencer.  This skirt features a diagonal block of stripes around the waist and then an asymmetrical line that divides the skirt which then alternates into a horizontal stripe pattern.  If that sounds too confusing, you’ll just have to take a look at the skirt to see what we are talking about, but it is a great way to mix up the stripes and add a touch of flare to this skirt.

There really are endless alternatives for ways to find and incorporate sporty stripe patterns into your wardrobe and as you can see they really are a great way to transform simple style pieces into something distinctive.

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Fashion Online Shop

Shopping for fashion online is becoming more and more common as more and more boutiques and stores build out their online presence.  While some people do still prefer the option of shopping in person in a store for things such as clothing, many people are discovering the advantages of shopping online.

First, it really doesn’t take long to discover that online shopping is more convenient.  You can avoid the lines, skip the hassle of finding parking, avoid fighting traffic, and you don’t have to spend time checking multiple stores to find the lowest price and search different stores to find which has what sizes or colors, you don’t have to worry about finding a babysitter for your kids or chasing them around the store. Shopping for fashion online is truly revolutionizing the shopping process.  When you shop for fashion online, the best advantages are that you can do so in your pajamas while in the convenience of your own home once your kids have gone down for naps or late at night when you can’t sleep.  Online shopping is really becoming more and more convenient to help minimize the shopping hassles that you face. Many online sites even offer free returns which can save you another trip to the store to return your item.

It may also surprise to learn that shopping for fashion online is often cheaper.  When shopping for designer fashion specifically, you can find a variety of comparison shopping sites online that allow you to compare colors, sizes and prices between multiple stores at once.  Such sites allow you to quickly access the internet for fashion deals and with just a little bit of searching you can find a variety of sites with free shipping or coupon codes for free shipping.  A couple of our favorites Like.com Pronto.com or Boutiques.com which allows you to search by designer, a type of clothing, or a color or size that you are looking for and will return a variety of great results based on your search terms.   You can also find a number of sites with coupon codes for many online retailers that allow you to find additional discounts.

Shopping online often provides you with an easier way to find niche fashion items.  Perhaps it is that Chloe purse that is sold out at the mall, but still available at an online boutique store, or that pair of True Religion jeans that you know your size in and don’t want to try and chase down at the mall.  Likewise, finding niche designers online is easier as well.  At Vintage Fringe, we carry pieces from designers such as Laurie B. or Joy Joy that you would struggle to find in most stores.  Searching on a global level when searching online allows you to find much greater selection than shopping in your local department stores particularly if you know what you are looking for.

We think you will quickly discover that shopping online for fashion is much more convenient, often more affordable, and easier to locate pieces once you know what you have in mind.  You can even find great pictures of fashion pieces in sites Lookbooks which brings window shopping to a new level.    Next time you’re looking for some new fashion ideas, be sure to shop online.

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Fashion Boutique Online

Shopping for fashion online is becoming far more popular and common.  We all know how alluring the traditional clothing boutique can be.  If you had to plan your favorite shopping experience many of those days would be spent shopping at a variety of great fashion boutiques finding distinctive pieces for your wardrobe.  For those of us who struggle to enough time to make that dream a reality, the boutique shopping experience can more easily be found at a website near you.

In fact, we started Vintage Fringe to meet this exact need.  We wanted to bring the perks of boutique shopping online and make it far more convenient.  Like many of you, we were tired of buying a top at a chain store only to see many of our friends wearing the same thing.  For example, last summer I attended a wedding and one of the other bridesmaids was wearing an identical denim jacket from the same chain store!  Disgusted with this type of trend, we decided to open an online boutique that provides many of the same boutique benefits with far less of the hassle.

In case you are new to shopping for fashion online or a little leery, consider the following reasons why finding a great fashion boutique online can be much easier.  It goes without saying that shopping at an online boutique is far more convenient.  You can shop on your hours, not the store’s. (And let’s face it-boutiques are notorious for having inconvenient hours.)  You don’t have to fight or even pay for parking.  You can shop at home in your pajamas.  You can shop at work or at home and frankly sometimes even on your iPad or cell phone.  You can more easily locate niche items online if you know exactly what you want.  At Vintage Fringe, we even offer free shipping and free returns on all non-outlet items, and yes we even have an outlet featuring major fashion bargains.  We also can’t forget that when you shop online you don’t have to worry about those annoying sales people bothering you as you shop!

One of the best reasons for boutique shipping is that boutiques make it easier to find niche and distinctive fashion pieces.  Shopping at online fashion boutiques is no exception.  You can frequently find great boutiques with a variety of niche designers you won’t find everywhere online.  One of the best ways to search online for such niche items is to just google the name of the designer and see what is out there.  Online boutiques like traditional boutiques often offer you harder to find designers and do not carry as much inventory as larger stores so you are frequently much more able to find a distinctive, individual look for yourself.

Shopping online allows you to compare multiple sites with far less work than shopping at boutiques in person.  There are many sites online that allow you to search a variety of different sites based on specific things like designers, colors, sizes, or even descriptions of the styles.  This ability to comparison shop in a far more convenient way will make shopping far more efficient than bouncing from boutique to boutique.  Boutiques.com is one such site that features the ability for you to bookmark your favorite pieces in your own boutique.

Once you discover online boutique shopping you will quickly find that it is much simpler and far more convenient than the dedication and time required to complete your own boutique shopping scavenger hunt and will hopefully become your first stop for fashion shopping in the future.

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