Velvet by Graham & Spencer Tops

Ramona Dolman Top by Velvet by Graham and Spencer

Ramona Dolman Top

Velvet by Graham & Spencer tops are a must have for your wardrobe.  The Velvet collection is at its core an upscale tee shirt brand, but their collections always take traditional looks to new heights with distinctive fabrics and styles and it doesn’t take much observation to realize that they are so much more than a contemporary tee shirt line.  Some of our favorite pieces by Velvet are their dresses, leggings and jackets, but of course their tops certainly do not disappoint.  Here are a few of our favorite Velvet by Graham and Spencer Tops which are currently available at Vintage Fringe.

The Ramona Dolman Sleeve Top is a total must have shirt if you love the dolman sleeve style as much as we do.  The dolman sleeve tops are always a favorite because of their spin on the over-sized sweatshirt style combined with a fitted shirt look.  The Ramona features an luxurious waffle weave pattern which gives it a great texture and a dressy, distinctive style.  The top is meant to look over-sized, and it is super comfortable to wear, while still being delicate and lightweight. The top is available in both Heather Grey and White and is perfect to wear in fall/spring weather or depending on your preference even on a cool summer day.

Next the Grace 3/4 Sleeve Top really typifies a classic tee shirt style amped up with a bit of added feminine flair.  The top itself is a straightforward scoop neck with 3/4 length sleeves.  The stylish twist that is typical of great Velvet brand tops comes with the rouching on one side of the top.  The top also has a long length hitting below the hips.  The Grace top is part of Velvet’s Gauzy Whisper collection which features a thinner cotton fabric with a touch of spandex giving this top the perfect amount of cling or fit. I am also a big fan of the Red Vine color.  It is a total stand out and a great top for spring/summer.

Another great top for summer, the Bianca Dolman Top takes the classic striped top to another level.  With dolman sleeves and an over-sized fit  this top is perfectly stylish.  The top also features diagonal stripes on each side that contrast the horizontal stripes in the center which is a great twist on the classic striped top.  The top is narrower at the bottom than at the top which is typical of the traditional dolman style. The Tide green stripes are also the must have color this season.  The Bianca top is sheer and the stripes are contrasted with an ivory/oatmeal color.  This is a great top to wear with jeans or a skirt this summer.

Bianca Striped Dolman Sleeve Top by Velvet

Bianca Striped Top

These are just a few examples of some of our latest favorite tops by Velvet this season.  As you can see these tops really do transcend from being just classic tee shirts to trendsetting statement pieces that you can truly wear everyday.  Of course these tops are just a few of our favorites and there are so many more amazing stylish Velvet tops to choose from. What are some of your favorites?

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Oversize T-Shirt

There is nothing better to have in your closet than an oversized t-shirt.  This can be the perfect casual, comfortable go to piece that you need.  It used to be that such pieces were just reserved for being worn around the house, but now the oversized t-shirt has made its way into a number of great stylish pieces that you can wear out of the house.  Consider a few of these great alternatives for that stylish oversize t-shirt.

First, the Hunter Short Sleeve V Neck Dress.  That’s right, it’s a dress.  This dress from designer Velvet by Graham and Spencer’s Maldives Stripe Collection, the Hunter Short Sleeve V Neck Dress can also double as a tunic and be worn with or without leggings if you prefer, but it is a great oversized t shirt option.  The dress features your basic short sleeve v neck at the top and a loose fit around the waist.  Don’t be fooled though as this dress is not your basic t shirt as it features a classic style, but with added twists like the v neck that is a touch off center and is folded over to give it a slight pleat.  The dress also features navy trim around the neckline and navy stripes on a white fabric background.

Next, from the same Maldives Stripe Collection, the Edita Maldives Striped Top.  This top is a long oversized top that features a deep wide scoop neck and long sleeves.  Again in an effort to make this top distinctive, Velvet designed it with a distinctive style including a hem that is longer in back than in front and the front hem circles up. Here the stripes and trim are Cardinal Red which gives it a great bold look, but it isn’t overpowering when contrasted with the white fabric.

For a little more fit, but great comfy style consider the Rayon Slub Jersey Boatneck by designer Splendid.  Known for their comfy fabrics, this top features a great Rayon Slub fabric that feels even more comfortable than your basic jersey t-shirt and gives it a more sophisticated fit and style.  The sleeves on this top are ¾ length and the top features a fitted waist to give it a sweatshirt style fit along with that typical sweatshirt triangle at the base of the neckline.  An excellent top that really does feel as comfortable as a t-shirt, but looks more stylish and sophisticated.

Finally, last but not least, consider the Daree Wide Sleeve Boatneck top by Velvet.  This top features a boatneck and a wide oversized fit and style.  The sleeves are wide and oversized at the top and then the top tapers in toward the waist giving it a more fitted look at the waist.  We love to wear this top with a belt around the natural waist for added style and definition.   This top is part of Velvet’s Slinky Rayon collection and again features a great rayon fabric that is truly comfortable and luxurious feeling simultaneously.

As you can see, the oversized t-shirt is really becoming its own fashion trend and there are a number of great possible options for finding distinctive pieces that you should actually never be afraid to wear out of the house.

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