Style Trend: The Cozy Shirt Dress

Diya Stripe Cozy Jersey DressSimple and sweet… we love this Diya Stripe Cozy Jersey dress by Velvet by Graham and Spencer.  Why? Because it’s so versatile. It’s soft, comfortable, and long sleeved.  Who could ask for anything more this winter, right?

Well that’s just the beginning.  These shirt style dresses are designed to skim your curves, making them apparent and flattering but without hugging every inch of you.  It’s loose without being baggy, but tight enough to highlight your assets while still hiding your liabilities.  The fabric, length, and style make it casual enough to throw on for a quick run to the grocery store, yet also easy to dress up to carry you through the work day and into those happy hour networking events that your boss loves to throw and while it is long sleeved it is a good transitional dress for warmer fall and spring days as well.

How does this one dress accomplish all of that? It’s all about how you accessorize.  It’s a blank canvas, ready to be transformed into your individual look of the day. For a casual afternoon, wear it with or without some leggings, your comfy flats or slip ons, throw on a scarf or a sweater and you’re golden.  Dress it up with some boots or booties, an elegant scarf, a nice vest, or a long statement necklace and some matching earrings. Other fun ideas include layering on a solid color blazer or a chunky knit sweater, wearing some fun tights underneath, or a leather jacket for faux suede jacket.  We love the Xandra Faux Suede Moto Jacket by Velvet or the Velma Jacket by ASTR.

No matter which way you decide to go with this dress, know that you have tons of options. It’s tiny stripes are fairly neutral, so don’t be afraid to add color or layer on larger prints. Your shoes will help set the tone, so you can use your shoes to guide you with your other accessories.  And finally, use longer accessories to draw the eyes vertically instead of horizontally to create the most slimming effect.



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The Dress Boutique: Our Favorite Mini Dresses

Striped Shift Dress

Striped Shift Dress

The Mini Dress is making a comeback in fashion trends and when combined with Tunic tops or dresses that have also made a comeback, there really hasn’t been a better time to add a few mini dresses to your wardrobe.  The Mini Dress works great for long leg body types and for those of us who may not want to show that much leg all the time, the mini dress also looks great paired with leggings.  Adding leggings to the mini dress also makes many of them more versatile for colder temperatures and a great way to maximize your wardrobe with multiple ways to wear them.  The classic look of a mini dress with tall boots is also another great way to blend current fashion trends. Certainly, there is no shortage of great mini dresses, but consider a few of these mini dresses as some of our favorite mini dresses this season.

The Striped Shift Dress by indie designer Sunday in Brooklyn is a great example of a classic retro style shift dress with modern fashion style and an example of a dress that looks great with boots, heels or leggings. This mini shift dress also features another classic fashion trend with the stripes.  The dress features a short sleeve, scoop neckline and a simple, yet sophisticated shift dress style.  The dress features contrasting zippers on both the left and right hem of the dress for added detail a touch that makes us love the dress even more.

Ikat Tie Neck Dress by Sweet Pea by Stacy Frati

Ikat Tie Neck Dress

Another Mini Dress is the Ikat Tie Neck Dress by Sweet Pea by Stacy Frati.  This dress also exudes that retro look and looks like a classic dress you would have seen with go go boots in the 60s/70s.  The dress features a tie collar at the neck that ties in back with a keyhole closure.  The dress features long sleeves which makes it a perfect fall/winter piece.  The pattern showcases a blend of pinks, browns, blues and greens which gives you lots of accessorizing options.  The body of the dress is a classic shift dress style as well and it hits mid-thigh as a true mini dress. Naturally, this dress also works well with leggings and boots.

Continuing with the pseudo-shift dress theme, we also love the Owl Mini Shift Dress by Tulle.  With a ruffle sleeve that is cap sleeve length and an adorable bird print that we think looks like owls on it this dress is flirty, playful and super stylish.  Each of these dresses while variations of shift dresses all have very different styles and give you a variety of different looks depending on what your style preference is.

Owl Mini Shift Dress by Tulle

Owl Mini Shift Dress

Last, but certainly not least we wanted to also mention a basic, but yet not boring Short Sleeve Mini Sweater Dress also by Tulle.  This dress features a black tank shell underneath a black fitted sweater with a loose knit pattern around the neckline and shoulders.  This mini dress has short sleeves and is the most fitted of all the mini dresses mentioned in this post.  As with the others, it looks great with tights, boots or leggings.

The Mini Dress trend really does have a lot of versatile options for a number of different styles and occasions whether they be completely casual or even dressy.  Of course these are just a few of our favorites and there are certainly lots of other mini dress alternatives depending on your individual style.  Which one of these mini dresses is your favorite?

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White Tunic Dress

Nothing is easier or more fun than a good solid piece in your wardrobe that you can wear multiple ways. One of these pieces that every woman should have is your own version of a white tunic dress.  The white tunic dress is a great staple piece that gives you tons of options for pairing with leggings, shoes, boots, and accessories like belts and jewelry.  Tunics are a must have this season and a great versatile piece that works for multiple seasons and weather and when paired with accessories can be worn a number of different ways.

For a fun twist on the white tunic dress, try our Hunter Maldives Striped Tunic Dress from Velvet by Graham and Spencer. This dress plays into the nautical trend with its navy stripe detailing and fun off center V-neck. For summer this loose fitting dress would be perfect belted at the waist with a pair of fun wedges or sandals, but this piece can also transcend into the colder months by pairing it with jeans or leggings and an oversized sweater. Since it is looser, keeping it belted underneath the sweater would probably be best so that your shape is not lost just because you’re keeping warm!

Another great example of a distinctive great white tunic dress is the Variegated Stripe Loose Jersey Dress by Splendid.  This tunic length dress features a contrasting stripe in Quartz, a pink color.  The stripes are variegated or feature different widths.  This added detail gives good contrast and transforms this tunic dress into something distinctive and flirty.  The tunic dress also features a deep v neck in front and in back.  The front v neck is also accented by a tie at the base of the v neck.  This tunic dress is perfect as a dress and can also double as a swimsuit cover-up for your next beach vacation.

One very unique tunic that we are featuring is the Racerback Flared Tunic by designer Collective Concepts. This racerback tunic is a light grey color and is beautifully designed with a strap made of silver links and black beadwork. Its loose fit makes it perfect to wear as a dress, with leggings or tights for a dressier occasion in the summer and fall months. This lovely tunic could also work wonderfully for the colder months by adding skinny jeans or leggings (our Swoosie Knit Leggings or Jordan leggings both by Velvet by Graham and Spencer would be perfect!) underneath and throwing a nice cardigan or jacket over top.

As you can see there are a number of great ways to wear white tunic dresses and different styles as well.   Tunic dresses are becoming more and more popular in part because of the new style trend, but also because they are also versatile and can be worn literally year round when paired with leggings or worn with boots or over pants.  High boots are extremely popular this season and you can find cropped leggings or long leggings to go with any style of tunic dress.

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