60’s Vintage Dress

60s Vintage style can really be a great inspiration for modern fashion styles.  Finding great vintage style fashions is really making a comeback as retro patterns and styles have found their ways into current designer fashions.

One of our favorite 60s vintage style dresses is the Dita V Neck Dress by designer Ella Moss. This polka dot pattern dress is the perfect modern interpretation of vintage style and truly reminds us of something that you would see January Jones wearing in the TV Series Mad Men.  This dress features an elegant v neck with a ruffle accenting the neckline and shoulders.  The polka dot pattern which is so representative of the 60s is another way that this distinctive statement dress embodies vintage fashion trends.  The dress also features an empire waist and a flared skirt from the empire waist line as added feminine touches.  The dress is also lined and is available in Pond, a green color, or Shadow a smokey purple color.

Another dress that embodies 60s vintage style is the Rhonia V Neck Tank Dress by designer Velvet by Graham and Spencer.  This dress features a sweetheart neckline with skinny tank straps all in a gorgeous pattern in Flamingo pink.  This dress features a belt at the waist in metallic grey fabric for contrast and a flared skirt giving it added feminine detail.  This dress also looks like an elegant classic summer dress that you would have seen on any of the women in Mad Men or even Patty Duke.  This retro style is full of feminine class and the perfect summer sundress. Of course it is also a great piece to wear with your favorite cropped cardigan.

As you can see, you can find 60s vintage inspiration elements in many modern designer fashions and not just in dresses.  Consider the La Befana Polka Dot tie tank as another 60s era modern fashion inspiration.  This tank does feature a built in shelf bra for added fit and comfort.  It also features a multi color polka dot pattern on a white fabric with a feminine neckline with a bow at the shoulder.  With a loose sash like neckline this tank is really reminiscent of the 60s fashion era and yet still exemplifies a great modern interpretation of 60s retro styles.

Finding modern vintage style pieces to help perk up your closet or add feminine style to your wardrobe is a great way to blend old and new.  This blend of modern and vintage styles is a great way to add distinctive individual style while also staying current with modern fashion trends.  Best of all these pieces are all from great designers so they are high quality and fit true to size.   Regardless of what your personal style is, you are sure to find great vintage style elements pervasive in modern fashions that will be a perfect way to perk up your wardrobe and possibly even stretch out of your own fashion comfort zone with some great stylish pieces.

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Vintage Peasant Tops

Peasant tops are a big trend this season and we love the fact that they really do represent a great way to include vintage touches into your closet.  Vintage style peasant tops can include the vintage style elements with the patterns or even vintage elements like smocking or ruffles that have been making a comeback in different style tops.  To begin, peasant tops typically are made from cotton shirting fabrics such as cotton voile and often feature a loose fluid fit and are frequently accented with anything including embroidery, ruffles, ties, or even smocking or ruching.

You will want to find whatever style of peasant tops that work best with your style and body type, but at Vintage Fringe our theme for shopping is to find ways to incorporate and blend the vintage with the modern when shopping for anything vintage style.  Of course we typically shop for new clothing which is what we carry at our site and that is often the easiest vintage style clothing to find when shopping online, but if you are looking for true vintage peasant tops you can certainly find lots of vintage elements in such pieces.

One reason why we love the look of peasant tops right now is that they fit in so well with the great look of tunic length tops and leggings.  Finding tunic length peasant tops is really not that difficult and we love the look of the Keelin Squareneck Lace top by designer Velvet by Graham and Spencer.  This longer length top features a loose fit and a retro square neckline accented with lace trim.  We love the puff sleeves and the gathered elastic near the hem for added flare.   This top is long enough that it would pair perfectly with leggings or with a cute pencil skirt for spring and summer.

Another great peasant top style is the Celestine Boatneck top by designer Ella Moss.  This loose fitting top is sheer and looks great over tank tops for added accent.  With a ruffle around the neckline and elastic at the base of the sleeves, this top is super feminine and still has that vintage style to it.  The Celestine Boatneck also features a tie around the neckline that can be tied or worn loose depending on your personal preference.  The fabric also features a contrasting star pattern for added detail.  This top is available in both a Pink and a Green color which also bring some great vivid vintage style into play.

As you can see, peasant tops really do come in a variety of styles and there is not really a concrete one peasant style.  We love the look of the looser fit over a tighter fitting tank or leggings for added contrast to your outfit.  Best of all, the peasant top really is a distinctive way to incorporate your own style into your wardrobe as there really isn’t a cookie cutter peasant top style.  They also typically are so feminine that they are great statement pieces for both casual and special occasions so in the current economy they are a great piece to include knowing that you won’t feel guilty because this top will last you for many seasons to come.

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Mixing Vintage Style into Your Wardrobe

Mixing vintage style into your wardrobe doesn’t have to be difficult.  These days finding modern fashions that incorporate vintage style trends is actually pretty easy if you know where to look.  The internet has really made it far easier to find great modern vintage style clothing and in fact as luck would have it with current styles vintage style pieces are also very en vogue.  You can find vintage elements in many modern designer pieces which is a great way to incorporate vintage style into your wardrobe.    To begin let’s talk about what we consider vintage style as that phrase is becoming more and more popular and prevalent in fashion trends.  We consider vintage style to be style elements that you would have found in prior fashion.  Examples include great patterns that are reminiscent of the 70s, etc. and styles that you would have found in prior eras.  Consider the Mod Retro Tunic Top by Sweet Pea as a relevant example of a modern piece that incorporates vintage style.

Finding similar vintage style pieces has really been made easier with the advent of online shopping as many online boutiques and other online sites make vintage styles far more accessible and available.   You can search by color, by style elements like polka dots, patterns or empire waist tops all via the internet as a whole or via more targeted sites such as like.com, boutiques.com, pronto.com and so many other search portal sites.  In fact, you can even find clothes now available at major search sites like pricegrabber.com.

Note that we are not including used vintage pieces in this definition.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with finding great second hand pieces it is just far more difficult to do and shopping for such pieces is typically best done in person shopping at consignment stores or great second hand stores.  We suggest shopping for second hand pieces in person so that you can personally examine the quality of the piece and the fit.  There are lots of ways to get ripped off buying used clothing online.  Accordingly, at Vintage Fringe we only feature clothing that is brand new, of high quality and from designers which feature standard sizing.

Now that you know how to find great vintage style pieces, how to incorporate it into your wardrobe is another matter.  This is actually really the simple part once you have found that perfect vintage style piece.  The current fashion trends are so inclusive of vintage style that it actually works great to blend your vintage style pieces with modern trends.  That Mod Retro Tunic top looks great with leggings or boots.  A couple of good rules of thumb are be careful not overdo it with mixing patterns and styles unless you are really going for a bold look.  We also suggest that you should try start building out your vintage style wardrobe with a few key pieces that you love.  Work them into your wardrobe an then keep picking up great vintage style finds that you can include with your overall wardrobe over time.  Great vintage style clothing is like finding a great souvenir on that amazing trip you took last summer.  You can often find great styles and pieces that will have a great memory or association with them.  In short, we hope you will find that shopping for fabulous vintage style pieces is a great way to spice up your wardrobe and incorporate great styles that you may not see at the big box retailers every day.  We love it because it allows you to really add individual style to your wardrobe which is really what makes a difference in your closet.

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Indie and Vintage Clothing

The ease and convenience of shopping online has really transformed the search for indie and vintage clothing.  Shopping second hand or vintage stores used to be limited solely to in person shopping which of course would make shopping so much more difficult and tiring.  Honestly, I am always leery of shopping for second hand clothing online as you really never can fully examine the pieces to see their condition.  Not to mention that when you typically shop for true second hand clothing you are looking for bargains which make it more costly when you have to add in possible costs like shipping.  There are, however, a variety of online conveniences that have actually made shopping online easier certainly for indie clothing or clothing from unknown or upcoming designers and for vintage style clothing.  When you are looking for vintage style clothing be sure that you distinguish between used vintage clothing and new vintage style clothing.

At Vintage Fringe we always are on the lookout for indie designers, but with some basic standards.  For example, we don’t target one off pieces or designers with only one style as we typically like to have more breadth in our lines.  In addition, we like to have some standardization in sizing and frequently one off indie designers may not be able to offer that same consistency in sizing.  As an online only boutique, being able to offer as much sizing consistency as possible is an important part of providing a reliable customer experience.  Certainly there are variations in every line in terms of pieces that fit a little differently than others and we try to note that where applicable in our product descriptions.

All of our pieces at Vintage Fringe are brand new, but we always look for vintage style or vintage inspired elements within the lines and pieces that we carry.  Consider the vintage look of the Heart Button Cardigan by indie designer Joy Joy Clothing.  This great piece features adorable feminine elements and still has a retro, vintage look.  Alternatively, consider the Retro Boatneck Dress by Sweet Pea.  This piece is a great example of a retro or vintage looking pattern on a modern piece that is brand new and with consistent sizing.

Shopping online for indie or vintage clothing is actually far easier because of the ability to search for niche pieces or designers.  Such shopping would have been nearly impossible without the help of the internet, but now more and more niche designers and boutiques are starting online.  Don’t forget to also be sure and visit the many comparison shopping sites for online fashion to get good ideas of lines and designers you may want to browse in your vintage clothing hunt.  Such sites are really great ways to go window shopping from the convenience of your computer.  Be sure to check out online lookbooks at fashion sites for great styling ideas too.   In short, shopping for indie and vintage inspired clothing has really never been easier and more popular.  With these great hints, hopefully you will discover for yourself the conveniences of shopping for indie and vintage clothing online.

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Long Sleeve Dresses

It’s the perfect time of year to be shopping for Long sleeve dresses.  We love finding stylish dresses and especially love finding distinctive styles to wear for special occasions or just for fun.  Pairing dresses with boots, leggings, scarves or even just great jewelry make finding good dresses even more worthwhile. A variety of designers notoriously have great dresses and a variety of long sleeve dresses.  Dresses by Velvet by Graham and Spencer have become some of our favorites.  They are typically made of their baby jersey or gauzy jersey cotton so they are comfortable, machine washable and wearable which can’t be said for a lot of dresses.  Here are a few of our favorite dresses by Velvet this season:

Velvet by Graham and Spencer Freda Gathered Waist Dress – This dress is a classic style, but we love the look of the gathered waist and the deep v neck giving it an elegant feminine look.  This dress style reminds us of a vintage Greta Garbo dress.  Since the Freda dress is made of a super soft jersey cotton this dress is versatile and works in warm and cool weather a great feature when you are trying to get the most out of every purchase these days.  One of my favorite things about this dress is that it is available in black, navy and white.  We love the look of the white dress in the spring and warmer weather as it is not a dress color you find every day.

Velvet by Graham and Spencer Doreen Cutout Dress – A truly fashionable classic long sleeve dress with a bit of an edge.  The Doreen dress features long sleeves with cutouts on each arm just at the base of the shoulders.  Lengthwise it hits our models at about mid-thigh so it pairs perfectly with boots, and leggings or tights.  It is currently available at Vintage Fringe in Gazelle, a great purple color so it goes wonderfully with blacks and greys.  We love the cutout look giving this dress an added twist and the fitted look.  We are so hooked on boots and leggings this year that this dress is a must have this season.

Velvet by Graham and Spencer Zahara Knot Dress – A timeless dress the Zahara Knot dress features an A line skirt and a knot at the base of the v neckline.  With long sleeves as well, this dress is another versatile piece for cold and warm weather. We love the simple, but elegant look of this dress and again the colors.  It is available at Vintage Fringe in Rain (a light blue), Black, Chisel (Grey), and Lilypad (Green).   The neckline on this dress is very flirty and distinctive and takes a classic style up a notch.

As you can see, long sleeve dresses can come in many styles and designs and naturally you have to find the right style for you, but we think you’ll find that these long sleeve dresses by Velvet are great additions to your wardrobe and many of them can be classic pieces that will not be out of style next season.

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Splendid Hoodies

This season hoodies are a great fashion trend that we have come to love at Vintage Fringe.  Of course you can find lots of great hoodies from a variety of designers, but today we wanted to focus on several of our favorite Splendid Hoodies.  As many of you who are familiar with the Splendid brand know, we love Splendid’s great use of classic colors and amazing fabrics and styles.  With classic signature patterns of stripes and solids, the Splendid line features wonderful wearable pieces that are simple and still super stylish.  They have a variety of styles ranging from dressier hoodies to your simple basics, but we think you will love each of them.

Splendid 2×1 White Stripe Hoodie – A perfect piece for everyday this hoodie features a white stripe on either a Mud (light brown) color or Blueberry (light purple) color.  With a wide pocket front and center on this top giving it a casual yet distinctive look.  This top also features 8 snap buttons in front giving you flexibility to wear it by itself or layer it over a tee or tank.  Of course we can’t forget to mention the ¾ length sleeves which give it great versatility to wear in a variety of temperatures.

Splendid Textured Rib Long Sleeve Hoodie – One of the dressier hoodies we’ve seen this hoodie is made of a cotton cashmere blend giving it a light weight sweater feel.  It is sheer enough that it works perfectly layered over a short sleeve top or tank and we even like to wear it over a long sleeve tee in the winter.  With a drawstring tie at the waist and a wide v neck this hoodie really is a perfect piece for that beach vacation where you want something a little warm and love the sheer, light weight look of this hoodie.

Splendid Long Sleeve Stripe Hoodie – Another great example of Splendid’s classic stripe patterns, this wide stripe hoodie is a great everyday piece that is still very distinctive.  With contrasting stripes in solid colors and then also a heathered color this hoodie looks so classy.  The criss cross v neck is slightly gathered and this top does feature a solid wide v neck.  This hoodie has a long length and a drawstring tie around the hoodie.  This hoodie is made of a cotton poly blend and feels extremely soft which makes it super comfortable to wear.

Splendid Baby Fleece Tie Waist Hoodie – A wonderful example of a simple yet very distinctive style from Splendid.  The Baby Fleece Tie Waist Hoodie features an empire waist with a drawstring and short sleeves.  It is not every day that you run across a short sleeved hoodie, but we love the look of this Baby Fleece Tie Waist Hoodie.  The Baby Fleece fabric is really a good quality sweatshirt fabric and we love the green color and the long tunic length of this hoodie.  We wear it over leggings or jeans and love to wear it year round over short or long sleeve tops.

As you can see, these hoodies give you a range of styles and unique looks with a variety of fabrics and colors.  You really can’t go wrong with hoodies this season and we love layering them over other tops in the cooler weather.

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Bohemian Tops

We love vintage inspired clothing and a variety of different styles.  At Vintage Fringe we are always on the look out for great retro styles that have been infused into new pieces with a vintage edge.  One vintage style trend is the bohemian trend.  What exactly is the bohemian trend or that bohemian look?  The easiest way to define it is to show you some great pieces that we think really represent this trend.  A lot of bohemian styles feature flared waists—you may see a lot of empire waists in bohemian pieces.  Much of it is traditional cotton or currently organic cotton.  You may see details like embroidery or ribbons weaved into the design of the top.  It may also include retro looking patterns or prints.  You have probably seen a lot of this look at Anthropologie or with their brand Free People and we love their stuff as well.  We have actually been inspired by some bohemian style pieces from great designer brands like Ella Moss and Sweet Pea.  Here are few great examples:

Ella Moss Baja Tie Waist Sweater – this great sweater features a wide v neck sweater with a tie belt at the waist.  With a great multi-color striped pattern at the shoulders and hem of the top and sleeves, this top really does exude a vintage inspired look.  This sweater is light enough that you can wear it in just about any season except summer.  We love the free spirited look that this sweater embodies and think this is a great representation of a bohemian top.

Ella Moss Camille Mandarin Collar Top – Another great bohemian style top from Ella Moss, the Camille top features a beautiful embroidery pattern around the neckline in front.  The mandarin collar also makes it distinctive along with the buttons in front allowing it to be a long v neck if you prefer.  Made of cotton shirting fabric, this top is light and airy.  With ¾ length sleeves which make it easy to wear just about all year long.

Sweet Pea Bohemian Tunic Top – Sweet Pea is known for designing great pieces with fabulous patterns that often have that vintage inspiration.  This top is no exception with a great retro pattern featuring brown accents at the hem and trim around the v neck and sleeves.  The pattern itself features several great colors in yellow, brown and a light red.  You’ll love the split v neck line and the ¾ length sleeves.  Sweet Pea’s fabric is a nylon mesh blend so it is ultra light and easy to wear.

These tops offer different elements of that bohemian top trend and we hope you love it as much as we do.  That retro look is certainly a great way to spruce up a stuffy wardrobe with more modern styles.  We love the ability to mix it up with these tops and wear them a variety of different ways allowing you to truly integrate that vintage style with a modern skirt or other modern fashion trends. You could easily rock any of these tops with boots or leggings depending on your preference.

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Vintage Inspired Clothing

Vintage has become such a popular word in fashion trends that you see it used in a variety of different capacities as you shop.  You often see it referring to true vintage clothing referring to gently used clothing or an old piece that has been hanging in your closet since the 70s.  Many designers and stores or boutiques tend to use vintage style clothing or vintage inspired clothing referring to new clothing with vintage elements in the design.  As an example, you may see a new modern twist on a patterned retro a line mini dress that you might have seen worn in the 70s.  Similarly, you may see new bohemian style pieces frequently referred to as vintage inspired. Taking those vintage elements and incorporating them into new, modern style clothes is what the vintage inspired terminology references.

We love the look of vintage inspired clothes and the frequently frilly, feminine elements that have made a comeback into so many modern styles and pieces.  Here are a few examples of great vintage inspired pieces that are all brand new.

La Befana Polka Dot Tie Tank – What is more vintage than a great multi color polka dot pattern with light pink, blue and green polka dots? With a great scoop neckline featuring an off center bow tying the neckline together, this top has such a feminine look and distinctive style.  This classic tank is also available in solid blue if you don’t love polka dots.

Sweet Pea Mod Retro Tunic – This top screams vintage style.  Made by Sweet Pea by Stacy Frati, a designer that loves to work with patterns, this print is totally retro with bold colors and patterns.  In addition, the style of this tunic looks like it just walked out of the 60s and yet today would look so hot with tall boots to really bring a vintage style to the modern day.

Ella Moss Dita V Neck Ruffle Dress – We often hear that this top looks like it should be in an episode of Mad Men and it really does fit with that vintage style.  We could easily see Betty Draper wearing this dress to a dinner party.  Don’t you just love the feminine touches like the ruffles around the v neck and the fitted waist on this dress?  Again you see the polka dot pattern.

Velvet by Graham and Spencer Doreen Cutout Dress – the Cutout was such a popular clothing trend back in the 70s and you’re seeing a resurgence in current modern fashion trends.  The Doreen dress by Velvet features a cutout in the sleeves around the shoulders and with a fitted dress style this dress again invokes that 70s era mini dress with boots.

We think you’ll find that lots of vintage inspired elements have surfaced in so much of modern day fashion that it really has become a lasting trend.  The best of all of it is that you have the opportunity to take these vintage inspired pieces and truly make them fit with your own modern individual style and wear them with leggings or boots or other modern trends that really do help blend the past and the present.

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Detailed Summer Shirts

In fashion, versatility is high on most women’s list of importance because we all do so much and require a wardrobe that can keep up. In today’s economy especially we have to be a bit smarter with what we buy and how we can use it for different occasions. I for one am all about a top that can take me from grocery shopping,  to a business meeting, to meeting the husband{or girls!} for dinner.  I think that a shirt with detail is the easiest to dress down and look chic or dress up and look fabulous.

Scoop Neck Sequin Top by Collective Concepts

Scoop Neck Sequin Top by Collective Concepts

Check out the beautiful sequin detail on the shoulder of this Scoop Neck Sequin Top by Collective Concepts. It is shown perfectly dressed down for summer and yet could easily be tucked into a pencil skirt for work or pared with leggings or skinny jeans for a night out, love that!
V Neck TIe Wasit Tunic

V Neck Tie Wasit Tunic by Collective Concepts

Secondly, the ivory embellishments at the neckline of V Neck Tie Wasit Tunic by Collective Concepts are just gorgeous. I love that the deep V and cropped short sleeve all bring the attention up, elongating both the neck and the arms making us all look a bit sleeker. The detail once again makes this top easily transform from day to night and the neutral color is a perfect choice for all. I for one would par it with leggings and embellished flat sandals.

So, tell me what are your favorite looks for going from day to night? Do they involve something that is embellished?

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Fashion Trend: Charm Necklaces

All fall and winter your neck was covered with adorable scarfs or turtlenecks.  Now that it’s springtime, it is time to decorate your neck with a little bling vintage style.  Double strand necklaces are the perfect fashion statement for you neck- especially with a boat-neck style top.  To go purely vintage check out Chanel’s clear crystal sautoir.

Chanel's Vintage Extra Long Clear Crystal Sautoir

Chanel's Vintage Extra Long Clear Crystal Sautoir

While this vintage piece is exquisite some of us may not have the $1,495 dollars to spend.  If that is the case maybe you will like my interpretation of this necklace.  Retailing for a very reasonable $30 dollars.

Jewelry Designer Rosanne Follman's Double Strand Charm Necklace

Jewelry Designer Rosanne Follman's Double Strand Charm Necklace

Vintage Fringe exclusively is selling  jewelry designer Rosanne Follman’s double strand charm necklace. I love the use of soft green mother of pearl shells along with silver charms to create a beautiful vintage inspired, but very fashion forward piece.  The length of this necklace is 24 inches, it is a  copper chai with a toggle clasp.

I would pair this necklace with Velvet’s Daree Wide Sleeve Boatneck Top in Milk (ivory)

Daree Wide Sleeve Boatneck Top

Daree Wide Sleeve Boatneck Top

I think the mother of pearl green shells with silver would pair perfectly this with boatneck top designed by Velvet by Graham and Spencer.  What do you think? What would you pair this necklace with?

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