How to Accessorize my Neckline

As temperatures start to warm up this year it will quickly be time to start thinking about ways to accessorize your neckline.  Luckily there are a variety of great ways to accessorize necklines that are also extremely popular fashion trends this season.

Let’s start with probably the most obvious…necklaces.  Of course every outfit presents unique opportunities to wear jewelry, but necklaces are by far the most central, but yet also most diverse way to accessorize.  Popular necklaces range from the simple classic silver or gold necklace to the larger chunky bead or stone necklaces that are so popular these days.   Having a few of each for your different tops and looks will be an essential way to help accessorize around the neckline.  Chunky big necklaces can be found in a variety of styles, colors and lengths and you will want to invest in a couple of great bold necklaces that you can wear with as many outfits as possible.  Consider your existing wardrobe and style and then find a couple of great staple chunky necklaces that will work with it.  You will also want to incorporate a few more classic pieces to give you some optional looks before you buy necklaces that are more splurge pieces.

Another great way to accessorize your neckline are scarves.  Cute scarves have been a great fashion forward trend that is still in style this season.  Similar to the strategy for finding some good necklaces, you will want to first invest in a few great accent colors that would fit with your wardrobe.  If you tend to like warmer colors consider an ivory or brown colored scarf as a complement to your existing clothing.  Likewise if you prefer cool colors a grey or light blue might be a great good complement colors.  We recommend starting with solid colors first and then branching into patterned scarves if they suit your individual style.  You will likely want to have a couple of basic go to scarves to layer into your wardrobe as a great way to accessorize.

Finally don’t forget about turtleneck tops as suited to the season.  You can find short sleeve turtlenecks for warmer weather.  The turtleneck is very much in style and one of the latest trends in turtlenecks are gathered turtlenecks that give you a great turtleneck look that stays in place and also gives you a beautiful, feminine look around your neck.  Consider the Discharge turtleneck top by AlixK or their Cappy short sleeve turtleneck as examples with this great neckline.

We think that each of these alternatives are great ways to accessorize your neckline.  Of course whatever you prefer to accessorize your neckline with we recommend that you try to stretch out of your comfort zone and expand your individual style to try some of these amazing ways to accent your neckline.  I have to admit that I’ve lived through the scarf trend in the 80s and was a little reluctant, but I invested in some great staple colors that fit my wardrobe and have found them to be so fun to wear.  Above all, each of these alternatives are great ways to insert some added feminine touches into your wardrobe and we think if you invest in the right pieces, each of these trends can be so much fund to include in your individual style.

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Empire Waist Tops for Fall

Empire Waist Tops are the perfect style of top to help create that classy feminine look since they do accentuate your bust line. However, sometimes the empire waist look can be unflattering if the loose or flared waist line makes you look pregnant.  In the quest to find that perfect empire waist top while also looking figure flattering, here are a few of our ideas of a few good empire waist tops.

Velvet by Graham and Spencer Vevina Long Sleeve Empire Waist Top – A simple, yet classy empire waist top with a loose, but not flared waist.  This top won’t create that pregnant poof at the waist line and features a complementing feminine v neck accented by buttons at the base of the v neck and on the cuffs of the sleeves.  It is part of Velvet’s Baby Jersey collection and consequently made of baby jersey cotton which makes it very soft and comfortable.

Ella Moss Costa Puff Sleeve V Neck – Another great empire waist top that is figure flattering available in Soot, a smokey purple color that is so popular this season.  With pleats around the v neck, a cinched center and puff sleeves, this top is anything but ordinary.  The empire waist line is subtle, but gives this top an elegant look.  The waist below the empire waist line is only slightly flared avoiding the unflattering look.

AlixK Discharge Long Sleeve Turtleneck – An up-in-coming designer with a penchant for feminine touches and details to all of their tops, this collection by AlixK features their amazing silk cotton fabric blend which feels super luxurious (which we are so grateful is machine washable by the way).  Part of AlixK’s signature look is the great embroidery work which is hand-made.  The Discharge turtleneck is great because it is gathered so it doesn’t flop over or need readjusting throughout the day.  Again this empire waist top is distinctive, but isn’t overly flared to give it an unflattering look.

Velvet by Graham and Spencer Piree Ruched V Neck – Part of Velvet’s Gauzy Whisper collection, this lighter weight cotton fabric is another illustration of a flattering, subtle empire waist top.  With ruching around the bustline adding another element of femininity, this top features a wide v neck and a subtle flared waist.  We love the Magnolia purple color too.

In short, in the debate about whether empire waist tops are flattering or not, we side with flattering.  If you find the right empire waist top, the look can be very flattering and oh so feminine.  Understandably, they may not work for every body type, but our point is that you can find the right empire waist tops that don’t make you look pudgy or pregnant.  We love the fluid feminine look of loose empire waist tops too and you can also find many of them when you’re shopping, but for those of you who are searching for the flattering empire waist top, don’t despair, they do exist and they are great feminine pieces for your wardrobe.

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Designer Boutique Clothes

Fashion is all about creating your own individual style.  We all dread the prospect of showing up to anything wearing the same dress or top as someone else.   Designer boutiques can help you solve this problem with unique clothing offerings that are not the same old pieces you see at every department store.  We founded Vintage Fringe to meet this exact need.  Designer boutique clothes are far more individualistic and distinctive.  Designer boutiques often don’t carry the same quantities that the big department stores carry so it is much more limited which ensures that it really will be your individual style.   They can also be a great place to spot the latest fashion trends and styles.  We all have that great piece that we discovered at a designer boutique that really became a statement piece in our wardrobe and often helps us to stretch out of our clothing comfort zone to incorporate some of the latest fashion trends.

Boutiques also often carry unique or new and upcoming designers.  We often love those great clothes that we find at that designer boutique because often they can introduce us to designers that we previously may never have heard about.  Great designer boutiques should always offer their clientele wonderful introductions to new or previously unknown designers.    Not only is it a benefit to find great new designers to love to keep your wardrobe fresh and trendy, but also because it also ensures that you won’t see everyone else wearing the same thing.

Of course we all know about how great designer clothes are and the amazing fabrics that they utilize along with lots of embellishments.  An example of a great designer that is often found at boutiques is AlixK.  We love AlixK because of the embellishments and the attention to detail on every piece.  Featuring darts to help give their tops a feminine, flattering fit along with floral embroidery patterns on a majority of their tops, the AlixK top epitomizes great designer boutique clothing.  Some of our favorite AlixK tops are made from a silk cotton blend which feels extremely soft and oh so luxurious.  The best part is the fabric is ultimately a knit so it has a comfortable, wearable feel and is even machine washable!

Many designer boutiques are now featured online which makes them super convenient.  With the ability to shop on your own schedule and frequently with deals on shipping finding designer boutique clothes can be simple.  Another advantage to designer clothes is the consistency in sizing, so you shouldn’t have to worry too much about fit, but finding an online designer boutique that offers free returns can also be a plus.   At Vintage Fringe we offer free shipping and free returns on all orders excluding items in our outlet.  Our goal is to always offer great feminine fashions that will enable to you create your own individual style and to help you discover a mix of niche known and unknown designers that will always have your friends asking where did you get that?

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Don’t Miss the Vintage Fringe Outlet Sale!!!!

In honor of the hot summer weather Vintage Fringe is serving up some hot prices on all our outlet items.  Starting today until July 15th take an additional 20% off all outlet purchases.  This means you can get designer clothing from designers like Sweet Pea, Velvet by Graham and Spencer, Alixk, Laurie B., Alternative Apparel, Ella Moss, Zooey, and Splendid at discounts of up to 80% off.  A perfect example of our amazing savings is this Orange and Black Sweet Pea dress originally retailing for $99 .  Now with the additional 20% off you can buy this dress for only $44 .  The hot prices won’t last forever, so hurry up and save only at Vintage Fringe.


Sweet Pea Orange and Black Dress

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Fashion Madness Savings

Joy Joy Heart Button Cardigan

Joy Joy Heart Button Cardigan

March Madness at Vintage Fringe features our own spin on the traditional with our latest sale.  We’re having a Fashion Madness sale featuring an additional 20% discount on every order over $150.  Check out latest fashion arrivals from fabulous designers like Ella Moss, Splendid, Velvet by Graham and Spencer, Sweet Pea, Zooey, Laurie B., AlixK and featuring some of our newest designers such as Joy Joy.

The Joy Joy Heart Button Cardigan exemplifies femininity with this adorable cardigan.  With a heart shaped collection of cloth covered buttons over the heart down to the heart shaped buttons with tiny bows on them, this cardigan will quickly be one that you will truly love.  We also love the feminine puff sleeve and the elbow length sleeves.  Available in Black, Green, Pink and Yellow, this light-weight sweater will be a perfect piece over your summer sun dresses or on its own.

This sweater is just one of the many items that can be purchased with the latest Fashion Madness savings.  Don’t forget that this discount is in addition to any existing sale items which can mean savings up to 70% on select sale items.  Hurry, the Madness won’t last forever!

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Empire Waist Tops

Velvet Brand Clothing

Velvet Brand Clothing

Empire Waist tops are very popular this upcoming winter.  We’re seeing lots of empire waists that are long creating a modern twist on the tunic style tops. We think this style of top is a mainstay of creating a vintage style look.

One of our favorites at Vintage Fringe is the Vevina top from Velvet by Graham and Spencer.  We love the empire waist, the length, and the buttons used for accents on the sleeves and neckline.  It has a fitted bohemian style top that gives you that sophisticated, yet casual look.  This top is currently available in white, brown (mushroom), pink, and black.

Another great empire waist style top at Vintage Fringe is the Discharge top by AlixK.  The AlixK line features a distinctive fabric with a silk cotton blend and unique hand made embroidery on every top.

AlixK Clothing

AlixK Clothing

They also pay so much attention to the details on the tops with each shirt featuring things like gathered turtlenecks or darts on the bodice.  What we love about the Discharge is the empire waist and design currently available in Black with Grey embroidery and Brown and Lighter Brown  embroidery.  We also have it in Ivory with ivory embroidery that will be available for sale next week.  We hate struggling with some turtlenecks in getting them to stay in the right place.  We love the gathered turtleneck that just falls in place on its own.  You’ll also love the gathered cuffs on the sleeves giving this top another added feminine detail.

These are just a few of our favorite empire waist pieces currently available at Vintage Fringe.

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