Black and White Dresses

Black and white are great color complements when it comes to clothing and in particular dresses.  A big dress trend is a variety of distinctive patterns mixed with black and white.  You’ll find lots of special occasion dresses featuring black and white stripes, color blocking with simple black and white details, or a variety of other patterns contrasted with black and white.  The use of black and white as contrast colors really is an elegant, classy way to make a statement that draws attention, but doesn’t necessarily overdo it.

Consider the Chapel dress by designer Velvet by Graham and Spencer as an example of a classy yet bold statement dress featuring a black and white pattern.  Part of Velvet’s Spanish Tile collection, naturally this dress features a tile pattern and a gorgeous fitted style with a v neck and a subtle knot at the center of the v neck.  This dress hits just at or below the knee and features short sleeves. It is not only available in black and white, but also red and white.

Certainly you can find a variety of distinctive styles such as the Chapel dress from a host of different designers.  Personally, I am very picky with patterns and like to find patterns that are not overpowering.  It is easy to get carried away and I think that less is more.  As an example of simple, yet great patterns consider the fabulous use of color blocking that looks great with simple black and white.   The use of wide stripes in contrasting colors is another great example of simple, yet statement piece black and white dresses.

If you haven’t found that perfect patterned dress in black and white, consider the options of utilizing a solid black or solid white dress with contrasting white or black accessories.   I love the Freda dress by Velvet by Graham and Spencer in White with black accessories whether it be black boots, big black necklaces, or the right black belt to accent the gathered waist.    We love blending black and white and in particular love the look of wearing the black Lija skirt with the Nona Ruffle top both by Velvet.  This look paired with a wide black belt looks very put together and so polished.

As you can see, whatever look you prefer there are so many different ways to incorporate black and white dresses whether it be pairing a skirt and top or finding a patterned dress.  Black and white are really such great classic colors that work wonderfully independently, but work so well together for any occasion or any outfit.  Whether you are looking for a simple or outrageously bold look, black and white dresses are a great way to implement any look or style perfectly.  The black and white color combination is also far more accessible than many other patterns and is always so easy to insert into your wardrobe as everyone always has basic black or white accessories that enable you to dress up or down whatever dress or style you select.

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