Comfy Summer Road Trip Style

If you’re headed out for that great road trip this summer, you will certainly want to make sure and pack some great pieces that exemplify that classic comfy summer road trip style.  Of course we can all define our comfy summer road trip style in different ways, but anything included in our list must meet a few simple criteria.  First it must be comfortable.  It can’t be too tight and fitted and it must be something that you would be happy to wear for over 12 hours if necessary.  Next it must be good for warm hot weather that typically hits every summer road trip.  Finally, it must be cute and fun and not just a traditional comfort piece that can look frumpy or basic.  Here are a few great examples of tops or dresses that we think illustrate perfectly comfy summer road trip style.

Consider the Lace Trim Stripe Tank by designer Collective Concepts.  This top is a great piece for summer and certainly fits the wearable in warm weather criteria. You can see at first glance that it is also adorable and fun with great details like vibrant colors and ivory lace straps around the shoulders and a racer back for added contrast.  The tank also features a cute pocket in front and we all love pockets.  It is available in Navy or Red color each with a contrasting cream colored heather stripe.  The tank is also flared at the waist which makes it a great comfort tank that really will keep you from looking too grungy on that road trip.

We can’t do a piece on comfortable summer road trip clothes without mentioning the Alternative Apparel Heather Ringer tee.  This tee features a vintage soft cotton poly blend fabric so it is certain comfortable.  It also features great colors of army green or dark brown and each color features contrasting darker colors at the cuffs and collars on this tee.  This contrast helps to set it apart from your basic solid colored tees and with the ultra soft fabric and a great piece you really can’t go wrong with throwing this cute tee into your suitcase.

Another great comfortable top that would be a great road trip piece, is the Satin Sleeve Boatneck Top by designer Zooey by Alice Heller.  This top features contrasting satin trim around the sleeves for added contrast and also features a comfortable fabric made with 100 percent hemp.  This top features a wide sleeve and a boat neckline which makes it distinctive and trendy for sure while the loose fit around the body and the fitted waistband gives the top shape without making it overly fitted and tight which makes this a great road trip top.  It is available in Ebony, a dark brown and Phantom, a plum color.

So the next time you are packing for that fabulous comfy summer road trip, be sure and throw any of the above tops in your bag or suitcase.  Of course these are just a few examples of good travel tops, and you may have other criteria you want to add, but in any case these are great options for comfy summer road trip tops with style.

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Vintage Peasant Tops

Peasant tops are a big trend this season and we love the fact that they really do represent a great way to include vintage touches into your closet.  Vintage style peasant tops can include the vintage style elements with the patterns or even vintage elements like smocking or ruffles that have been making a comeback in different style tops.  To begin, peasant tops typically are made from cotton shirting fabrics such as cotton voile and often feature a loose fluid fit and are frequently accented with anything including embroidery, ruffles, ties, or even smocking or ruching.

You will want to find whatever style of peasant tops that work best with your style and body type, but at Vintage Fringe our theme for shopping is to find ways to incorporate and blend the vintage with the modern when shopping for anything vintage style.  Of course we typically shop for new clothing which is what we carry at our site and that is often the easiest vintage style clothing to find when shopping online, but if you are looking for true vintage peasant tops you can certainly find lots of vintage elements in such pieces.

One reason why we love the look of peasant tops right now is that they fit in so well with the great look of tunic length tops and leggings.  Finding tunic length peasant tops is really not that difficult and we love the look of the Keelin Squareneck Lace top by designer Velvet by Graham and Spencer.  This longer length top features a loose fit and a retro square neckline accented with lace trim.  We love the puff sleeves and the gathered elastic near the hem for added flare.   This top is long enough that it would pair perfectly with leggings or with a cute pencil skirt for spring and summer.

Another great peasant top style is the Celestine Boatneck top by designer Ella Moss.  This loose fitting top is sheer and looks great over tank tops for added accent.  With a ruffle around the neckline and elastic at the base of the sleeves, this top is super feminine and still has that vintage style to it.  The Celestine Boatneck also features a tie around the neckline that can be tied or worn loose depending on your personal preference.  The fabric also features a contrasting star pattern for added detail.  This top is available in both a Pink and a Green color which also bring some great vivid vintage style into play.

As you can see, peasant tops really do come in a variety of styles and there is not really a concrete one peasant style.  We love the look of the looser fit over a tighter fitting tank or leggings for added contrast to your outfit.  Best of all, the peasant top really is a distinctive way to incorporate your own style into your wardrobe as there really isn’t a cookie cutter peasant top style.  They also typically are so feminine that they are great statement pieces for both casual and special occasions so in the current economy they are a great piece to include knowing that you won’t feel guilty because this top will last you for many seasons to come.

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Spring Trend: Boatneck Dresses

Every spring as the weather gets warmer dresses are at the forefront of our shopping searches.  This spring, one great trend that you may want to incorporate into your wardrobe are boatneck dresses.  The boatneck line is always such a classic, seemingly retro neckline that we see most predominantly in tops.   To be honest, when I think of boatneck tops, my first thoughts are tops with stripes that really draw you into a sailing motif.  That boatneck stereotype is blown out of the water with a few great examples of boatneck dresses.

First consider the Retro Boatneck Dress by designer Sweet Pea by Stacy Frati.  This dress in vibrant colors and a great retro pattern features black trim and a black tie around the waist.  The pattern of the dress features a mix of flowers in blues, pinks and purples. The style of the dress is a straight fit, but the tie around the waist helps make it more fitted.   This dress features a bolder look and really can be a statement piece for your wardrobe depending on your individual style.  We love the classy and elegant look of the boatneck and are glad to see it becoming a more prominent trend in dresses this season.

The Martha Boatneck Dress by designer Velvet by Graham and Spencer also features a boatneck line.  This dress has a gathered empire waist and a flared waist. It is a great spring summer dress and is made of baby jersey cotton so it is completely washable and comfortable to wear.   This dress in Greenbean is a great vibrant green color which works wonderfully for spring and summer.  We also love the look of the flared waist or skirt with this dress as it really does give a distinctive contrast to the boatneck at top.

Don’t forget to incorporate other great trends for this spring and summer like leggings which would pair perfectly with both of these dresses.  We’ve done previous posts on great ways to incorporate leggings so you can check that out for our tips on that fashion trend, but these dresses would be great complements with leggings.

If you are looking for other great ways to incorporate boatnecks into your spring and summer wardrobe consider pairing boatneck tops with pencil skirts or even flared skirts or A line skirts.   We love the Sintia skirt by Velvet by Graham and Spencer as a great must have for spring pencil skirts.  Don’t forget about the Lija flared skirt also by Velvet as another possible match for great spring / summer skirts.

Ultimately, you have to decide what styles and trends work best for you this season, but we love the trend of boatneck dresses and they will certainly be pieces you will want to be on the lookout for as you shop for spring and summer dresses.   The great classy look of the boatneck line is a great way to incorporate distinctive styles and trends into your wardrobe this season and looks classic enough that it won’t be out of style next season.

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Fashion of 2010

Just because 2010 is now in the rear view mirror, doesn’t mean that many of the same fashion trends will carry on into 2011.  Today we want to focus on some of those continued trends because we know that sometimes you need to see that a trend has staying power and isn’t a fad in order to start to incorporate it into your wardrobe.

Trend to stay number one is leggings.  As spring rolls around the corner, you will want to have a pair of cropped leggings in your closet.  Much like capris, this trend has staying power and will likely be around for many seasons to come.  We’ve done prior posts discussing just leggings and what basics to have in your closet, but we suggest having a good basic black long legging and a basic black cropped legging as a starting point.  Then we would suggest adding in the right complement colors depending on your wardrobe such as browns, blues and greys.  We can’t say enough about the long legging in the cooler weather as it is such a great piece to wear with boots.  The cropped legging is also the perfect accent for warmer weather and works really well with ballet flats and long tunic length tops.

The tunic length or loose fitting top is trend number two.  You will see this trend in many spring fashions this season.  You have a variety of options for such tops including the wide boatneck sweatshirt top that narrows at the waist, the long and fitted top which can range from a v neck to a cardigan and the belted or drawstring waist top as a few examples.  This spring, for example, you will see lots of patterned peasant blouses with ties at the waist that is a continuation of elements of the ruffled loose boatneck top of seasons past.

Another trend that will be around for seasons to come are the short mid-thigh dresses that have become so popular.  Whether you like to accessorize these dresses with leggings or wear them with high boots, this dress trend has staying power.  These great dresses come in a variety of styles and include a variety of elements including ruffles, zippers, empire waists and much more.  One of our favorites is the Burca dress by Velvet by Graham and Spencer which features a black wide neckline with the body of the top that gradually narrows to the waist with a tighter fit. Complete with a chunky zipper in back for added detail, this dress is a total statement piece.  It has short sleeves so it really does work for several seasons.

In short, the dawning of a new decade doesn’t mean the end of a fashion era.  You will still see many fashion trends from 2010 continued in 2011. For many of you who may like to adopt a bit of a wait and see approach to shopping for trends, we hope that you will be able to get in on the trend before it is too late.

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