70’s Vintage Fashion

For many, the 70s were a fashion trend that people either love or hate.  One of the best things about modern trends is that the finding elements of decades past or vintage style elements in modern fashion is really much easier than you might think and in many cases bring retro styles back in improved ways that work in current styles.  When I think of 70s vintage fashion I think of short skirts, bold colors including lots of color blocking all with a certain edge of modernity or bohemian style. Consider a few of these great pieces as examples of how modern designers and styles incorporate vintage trends into wearable modern dresses, tops and sweaters.

As an example of modern designer pieces that are part of our current style, but still incorporate vintage style elements. Designer Sweet Pea  by Stacy Frati features the Mod Retro Tunic  which I think is a great example of new 70s vintage fashion.  This top screams vintage style.  Made by Sweet Pea by Stacy Frati, a designer that loves to work with patterns, this print is totally retro with bold colors and patterns.  In addition, the style of this tunic looks like it just walked out of the 70s and yet today would look so hot with tall boots to really bring a vintage style to the modern day.  The Retro Boatneck Dress in the same pattern is a more conservative style than the Retro Tunic, but is another great vintage style piece.

The Ella Moss Baja Tie Waist Sweater is another great example of 70s vintage style fashion.  This bohemian inspired piece pays homage to modern, yet retro styles and includes a white knit with a multi color stripe around the hem.  The loose tie waist can be styled however your individual style prefers.  True to retro style this top also features a Henley neckline or split v neckline.   The Baja Tie Waist Sweater is a great piece with a subtle look compared to the bold colors of the Mod Retro Tunic.

Another retro piece by designer Ella Moss is the Ella Moss Miley Striped Cardigan featuring bold, but colors.  This adorable cropped length cardigan features knit around the shoulders in three stripes with different colors contrasted by either a sold blue or candy apple red contrasting solid knit.  The bold colors and stripes invoke all sorts of retro styles and pieces and make this a great statement piece cardigan.

Each of these pieces is an excellent example of utilizing vintage styles in modern fashions and in distinctive ways and pieces.  As you can see vintage elements can be found in a variety of pieces from dresses or tunics to sweaters and in a variety of different styles and different designers.  I love the fact that each of these pieces has that retro flair, but yet still blends in perfectly in modern styles.   Even if these pieces aren’t for you, hopefully they will give you inspiration to find additional vintage style pieces that do suit your own individual style.

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Spring Trend: Bright and Bold Color

As you start shopping for spring and summer clothing you will want to be looking for the latest spring trend this season bright and bold colors.  You will see these bold colors in a variety of solids, stripes and patterns in lots of different pieces of clothing.

This spring and summer you will see lots of great patterns ranging from python prints or floral patterns all the way to more subtle infusions of tie dye.  You’ll most definitely want to look for great tops and dresses with the patterns that suit your own individual style.  Patterns utilizing bold colors will range from distinctive animal prints like python to bold floral patterns, lots of elements of tie dye patterns and of course stripes in a host of great fabrics and distinctive style tops.

Bright colors will be popular in both patterns and solids colors. Be on the lookout for a variety of bold shades of coral colors, blues and purples.  This spring you will continue to see lots of clothing utilizing shimmer and shine with the use of fabrics instead of more matte fabrics and colors.  Satins, sequins and sheer are another great way to incorporate bold colors.   Wearing bold colors is all about your own personal style.  A few rules of thumb to help make sure you don’t overdo it with bold, bright colors.

We love incorporating bold colors as accents or contrast especially with shiny or shimmery materials like satins or sequins.  This is a great way to add subtle touches of color that still stand out.  This way if the color doesn’t survive many more seasons, you can still pull off the pop of color because it is an accent rather than the primary color.  Another great way to add hints of a color is with patterns.  You can find lots of great tops by designer Sweet Pea by Stacy Frati, as an example, that include lots of patterns with base colors like black accented by hints of fuscia or other bright colors.  This pattern allows you to wear bolder colors because they are offset with the basic black or basic core color.

Spring is also a perfect time to incorporate bright spring colors like yellows, greens, and pinks.  These spring colors are perfect bright colors for spring and summer and we love mixing these colors with other core colors to mix it up.  One of my favorite spring dresses is the Blaire Widesleeve Crew Dress.   This great dress by designer Ella Moss features a yellow lemonade color contrasted with grey stripes at the hem or at the waistline. This dress is a perfect example of a great bright color that doesn’t go over the top.

The bottom line is that you have to decide how bright and bold you are willing to go with incorporating color trends into your closet.  Adding a few key pieces in the latest trend color such as a coral this season is a great way to spruce up your wardrobe.

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Latest Jacket Trends

Jackets are always evolving along with fashion trends every season.  Of course this season is no different, but you will definitely want to be mindful of some of the latest jacket trends when you are out shopping for a new jacket.  There are several new trends you should be aware of when considering your next jacket purchase including length, styles and fabrics.

By far the biggest fashion trend with respect to jackets this season is the length.  You will find jackets this season are hot in really two extreme lengths.  Short or cropped length is definitely a big trend this season.  You will find people wearing cropped jackets with longer length tops.  The cropped length jacket is really such a great new jacket look that you will want to have at least one to mix up the looks with your jacket wardrobe.  Alternatively you will also find stylish jackets in long lengths as well.  Trench coats are seeing a surge this season as well and you will find a variety of stylish trench coats that are knee length this season.  Having a lightweight jacket like a trench coat will be the perfect piece to add a little fresh fashion trend into your closet.

You will also see jackets in a variety of styles but with a few standout trends.   The latest trends include a lot of the military style embellished cropped jackets .  Many trends include vintage inspired elements such as cropped flared wrap jackets that you would have seen in furs or in the movies.  Both of these great jacket trends pair so well with boots and leggings or even just your everyday jeans or cargo pants. You will also see lots of off center accents such as zippers or buttons .  Of course we can’t forget to mention accents like belts that are also part of the latest jacket trends.  Embellishments and accents on jackets this season are practically a trend unto themselves.

Another trend this season is jackets that mix up the textures with fabrics.  You’ll see the lots of retro or vintage elements in the fabrics lots of patterns and tweed.  You will also see shimmer and ruffles mixed into a variety of jacket styles.  Really the trend is variety of texture and you can find it in a variety of patterns and styles.   Fabrics will be more shimmer and sparkle than matte and in a combination of bold colors and earth tones are making a comeback this season.

Our goal is always to try and create our own individual style so depending on your preferences you may want to buck the trends altogether, but it is always helpful to know what the latest trends are so that you can choose whether you want to incorporate them into your own personal wardrobe.  It is always good to have at least one jacket that is trendy enough to help spruce up your wardrobe and with the current trends for jackets.  Personally I love my cropped bomber jacket and my trench coat is it is hard to choose just one, but in any case we hope you’ll find that perfect style jacket just for you!

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Fashion Trends from Fashion Week 2009 – Part 1

Fashion Week 2009 wouldn’t be Fashion Week if we weren’t able to glean fabulous fashion trends for the upcoming season from the typical creative, bold pieces that debut at Fashion Week!  In this current economic market where all the news about doom and gloom keeps us shoppers far more conscientious about our spending, we thought we would touch on a few of the trends that can be implemented in more economic fashions for those of us who can only dream about buying those couture fashions at the moment.

Fashion Trend # 1 – We loved the use of bold colors.  We are seeing lots of purple, the smokey shade we have previously mentioned in our  blog posts, but also bold shades of purple with blue hues, so it isn’t the same Joker color purple that seems so circa 1980 now.

Splendid Clothing Blurple 2009 Fashion Trend Color

Splendid Clothing Blurple 2009 Fashion Trend Color

One of our favorite tops in this blue/purple is the Modal Jersey with Silk Cotton Voile SS Scoop Neck with Buttons by Splendid.  We love this Splendid Tee because it is full of feminine details with the gathered and puffed sleeve, the buttons in the center of the scoop neck and of course the bold “Blurple” color.  We also saw other colors like yellow, orange, green, brown and those metallic shades that are so popular right now.

Splendid Clothing Rayon Slub Boatneck Top Color Trends

Splendid Clothing Rayon Slub Boatneck Top Color Trends

Don’t throw out your grey clothing just yet either.  Grey and that smokey shade of grey will still be big this fall.  We love the different shades of grey ranging from darker charcoal shades such as Splendid’s “Coal” version of the Rayon Slub Boatneck which we also carry in “Russet” a bold shade of Orange.

So the key takeaway for those of us who are looking for budget conscious clothing these days: adding a few key pieces in bold colors is a great way to keep your wardrobe hip and trendy while still watching your check book.  As illustrations, both of these tops by Splendid are economical ways to still bring a bold bit of color to give your current wardrobe an upgrade with a fashionable piece that won’t break the bank.

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Vintage Style Trends

While vintage style clothing is of course based on vintage fashions, in our focus to find women’s clothing that is vintage inspired, but also new and never worn, we attend markets to purchase these new vintage style items.  Our latest market was last week and we wanted to let you know what to expect this spring in the upcoming vintage style trends.  First, bold colors.  Orange is very popular this year and so are blues and yellows.  Second, long dresses are all the rage.  Every line we viewed had many long dresses to remind us of the classic Whitney Houston dress in the 80s.  We picked up a few in our purchases, so you’ll have to be sure and check them out.  Next,  tunic length tops are very popular.  We love tunics so we found several tunic length tops at Sweet Pea.  We hope you will love them as much as we do.

In short, we’re sure you will love our new items from our existing designers new collection of organic cotton Zooey tees, our tunics in bold patterns from Sweet Pea, and our spring colors from AlixK, our spring dresses from Zooey, Velvet, Splendid, and Ella Moss (coming soon to Vintage Fringe). We’re also betting that you’ll love the new stuff we have right around the corner too.  New lines, new colors and new styles!

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