Vintage Fashion: Mixing Stripes and Prints

When our buyers go out hunting for the latest fashions our rule of thumb is always to look for pieces that can be statement pieces.  Of course we always need a few basics on hand, but finding the statement piece is where we try to focus.  Many statement pieces that we have seen recently feature bold patterns or prints and contrasting stripes or prints.  We think this bold mixing of patterns is a recent style trend and of course like many runway fashion trends it can be easy get carried away.

Even as I type those words it seems to immediately make me turn my nose up at the idea of mixing stripes and prints a seemingly obvious fashion no no.  However, if done carefully, this type of contrasting stripes and prints can actually be an interesting way to make a bold statement or create a great statement outfit.   As you know, mixed pattern fashion is certainly not for everyone.  However, consider a few simple rules of thumb when selecting your patterns.

In our opinion, mixing patterns only works when you keep in mind one piece can be bold, but the other piece should be subtle to help balance it out.  Typically, offsetting bold patterns with solids or simple, subtle patterns can be a great way to truly incorporate your own fashion style in a bold way.   The more you can use solid colors as complements the better.   Also, be sure to avoid the cardinal rule of mixing patterns with colors that clash.

We’ve seen styles that work when the top underneath may have a floral pattern for example and the loose flowing cardigan features subtle stripes in a complementary color.   Good designers will often soften the bold patterns with solid accents or trim as a way to add additional detail and soften the look.   Just as mixing lengths for contrast can be a great way to add dimension to your outfit, so too can mixing colors and patterns.  We love to see patterns that keep continuous themes of colors as the bridge between the two patterns.   Even though it might be difficult to imagine this as a viable stylish piece, a blue polka dot pattern would potentially be ok when paired with a blue stripe pattern to bring the same tones of blue into both contrasting patterns.

You may have seen our discussions about stripes in a prior post, but we always love the look of mixing different scale patterns together too.  Stripes are the best illustration, but we have seen several pieces like the Trinity Cowlneck top by Velvet as one example with contrasting size stripes and colors to set the top apart.

Be careful not to overdo it with accessories when mixing patterns and last but not least be true to your own individual style.  Your own confidence can make all the difference when wearing bold fashion statement pieces.  When you are confident in how you look, everyone else will be too.

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How to update your wardrobe for spring

Everyone wants to look fashionable, or their best no matter what the climate, and even in a tough economy you can update your look for spring with just a few pieces. This spring, as usual, we are being hit with loads of trends and fads, i suggest picking a few that work for you, your lifestyle, your body type and going with those. The three trends that I am loving are prints and over-sized florals, sleeves, and black and white. First the prints and over-sized florals, what a fun eye-popping trend. Go bold here and remember to not go too over the top, keeping accessories simple can help avoid that. This Sleeveless Front Tie Tank Top by Sweet Pea is perfect for spring and perfect for this trend. Imagine a boyfriend blazer on top of it for the office and then let is stand alone for a night out-love that!

Sleeveless Front Tie Tank Top by Sweet Pea

Sleeveless Front Tie Tank Top by Sweet Pea

Next is sleeves, most people tend to think that warmer weather means less sleeves, but this year you will find lots of options that offer chic coverage. Sleeves are oh so flattering, especially the flouncy versions found this spring. A great option to try this trend is the Keelin Squareneck Lace Top by Velvet.{bonus, it just happen to be in a print, two trends for the price of one!}

Squareneck Lace Top by Keelin

Keelin Squareneck Lace Top by Velvet

Lastly is the stark contrast of black and white. I love this trend because it is so versatile and easy to incorporate in any wardrobe. Bold color accessories look great with black and white and stripes, patterns, shirts, dresses, sweaters and more can all be done in this trend. I am loving this Gable Stripe Cardigan by Laurie B.The bold black an white stripes are right on and the exposed zipper adds a bit of edge, not to mention that the cut is ultra flattering.
Cable Stripe Cardigan by Laurie B.

Cable Stripe Cardigan by Laurie B.

 Spring is such a fun time of year, the fabulous weather, and more sunshine are wonderful and they are even more wonderful when enjoyed in these chic clothes! Head on over to Vintage Fringe for all these looks and more!

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Vintage Style Trends

While vintage style clothing is of course based on vintage fashions, in our focus to find women’s clothing that is vintage inspired, but also new and never worn, we attend markets to purchase these new vintage style items.  Our latest market was last week and we wanted to let you know what to expect this spring in the upcoming vintage style trends.  First, bold colors.  Orange is very popular this year and so are blues and yellows.  Second, long dresses are all the rage.  Every line we viewed had many long dresses to remind us of the classic Whitney Houston dress in the 80s.  We picked up a few in our purchases, so you’ll have to be sure and check them out.  Next,  tunic length tops are very popular.  We love tunics so we found several tunic length tops at Sweet Pea.  We hope you will love them as much as we do.

In short, we’re sure you will love our new items from our existing designers new collection of organic cotton Zooey tees, our tunics in bold patterns from Sweet Pea, and our spring colors from AlixK, our spring dresses from Zooey, Velvet, Splendid, and Ella Moss (coming soon to Vintage Fringe). We’re also betting that you’ll love the new stuff we have right around the corner too.  New lines, new colors and new styles!

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