Fashion Trend: Casual Blazers

For ladies, business casual will almost always mean one thing: a blazer jacket.  Don’t let the fashion staple get you down, there are plenty of unique, feminine blazers for women that can help spice up your business casual wardrobe.  Additionally, casual blazers can be worn outside the workplace.  You can take this staple and dress it down with these few tricks designed to help you get the most wear out of your clothing.

Don’t Shy Away from Stripes

While many women will avoid stripes as a tough-to-style element, as a layering piece stripes can really help to put a signature kick in your wardrobe.  Think about how this little bit of pattern can texture a classic piece.  Personality is really where it’s at in terms of business casual attire for women; and what can add more personality than taking something known and adding a little dash of the unknown?  Here are two slightly different, but no less stylish, options for wearing striped blazers.

The Striped Blazer: Option One

Consider this adorable piece from Tulle clothing. With 3/4 sleeves, peplum shaping, and front pockets, it’s an extremely versatile piece.  Can you imagine it styled over a simple sundress with a large straw hat for a day at the beach?   Tulle blazers are great for their trademark unexpectedness and cute feminine style which will help to add personality to your wardrobe.

Tulle Clothing Striped 3/4 Sleeve Blazer

Tulle Clothing Striped 3/4 Sleeve Blazer

Of course you’ll be tempted to wear this feminine fitting blazer over basic black for a sleek elegance, but consider adding color to your day.  How about a red under layer with a matching red accessories to tie everything together?  Try it over a white top and black bottom for coordination that’s not too matchy.    How about over a white shirt and colored skinny jeans for a casual chic look to take your blazer outside of the office?

A Slightly Different Take

Electra Striped Blazer by Velvet by Graham and Spencer

Electra Striped Blazer by Velvet by Graham and Spencer

Velvet by Graham and Spencer blazers offer you a similar look with a longer line.  The Velvet brand blazers offer more classic shapes than Tulle, and in the case of the striped blazer this brand distinction holds fast.  The Electra Striped blazer (pictured on model at right) has full-length sleeves and will hit your shape mid-hip.  What this means is that you can feel comfortable wearing it with cigarette pants or skinny jeans and a shorter under-layer. This Velvet by Graham and Spencer blazer offers you a similar look with a longer line.

The Electra is also striped white-on-black instead of black-on-white.  This lends a darker appearance to the jacket, and means that you will need to work to bring out “lighter” undertones.  Try it over pastels for a surprising springtime look; or over a cute flowy skirt to add some structure.

Both of these blazers feature different versions of another great blazer trend, the Black and White Women’s Blazer.  With each blazer featuring a different twist on the classic blazer style this fashion trend takes the timeless black suit to a new level with the contrasting white stripes.  Black and white blazers for women are much less muted than the black and white striped suit you would see a man wear and we are so glad as these styles are much more bold, fitted and are great statement blazers for your closet.

No matter your choice, just remember that stripes don’t have to be scary.  Just give them a try!

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