Classic Vintage Skirt

Skirts are really a summer staple in my closet and finding a great classic vintage style skirt is certainly a must have for your wardrobe.  True classic style skirts are timeless and never go out of style and best of all can be worn with so many different types of tops, sweaters and jackets.

Consider the Sintia Pencil Skirt as a classic style skirt that is part of designer Velvet by Graham and Spencer’s Gauzy Whisper collection featuring a light weight gauzy cotton fabric.  This skirt features cotton lining so it is not sheer and still manages to have a lightweight so that it is comfortable and also doesn’t look like a thick jersey fabric locking it into only being a casual piece.  This skirt can easily go from the office to running errands and comes with a high waist and with the cotton fabric has some give and stretch too it so it is very forgiving.  Despite this skirt’s great functional features, this skirt is a true classic pencil skirt that really is timeless.  We love finding vintage style pencil skirts in a variety of colors too which is a great way to add versatile choices for a classic and let’s be honest sometimes with classic vintage style pieces you can’t just have one because you don’t run into perfect pieces everyday.

This classic skirt is the everyday summer skirt that you really can never have enough of.  Perfect with flip flops or a blazer, this versatile skirt really Is a go to all purpose piece.  In addition, while it is great for warm weather, it will also work well practically year round.  It is also long enough and features a high enough waist that you have lots of added versatility with accessories like shoes and boots that are great ways to accent this great skirt.

Another great classic vintage style skirt is the Hilton Peasant Skirt.  The peasant style skirt is a great vintage style that is totally en vogue this season and is a great casual skirt that is great for spring and summer.   The Hilton Peasant skirt is a great example of the ever popular tiered skirt style.   This skirt features a wide waistband that can be worn up or folded down depending on your personal preference which provides this skirt with an added versatility.  The long length of this skirt hitting about half way between the knee and the ankle pairs well with the high waist line and the fitted waist gives it a flattering look.  Best of all this skirt is the ultimate comfort skirt, it is loose and comfortable making it wearable to practically any summer event and with ballet slippers or flip flops.

We’ve fallen in love with each of these different styles of skirts by designer Velvet by Graham and Spencer.  They are great examples of classic vintage style skirts that are totally new and modern fitting in with current fashion trends. Whatever style works best for your individual needs, you really can’t go wrong with either skirt as they are fashionable pieces that are sure to be a great addition to your closet.

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