Pairing Shorts with Sweaters

At the outset, pairing shorts with sweaters seems like a completely crazy outfit that you would typically see only on a fashion runway.  While it certainly isn’t a trend we would want to wear every day in the summer, done properly it can actually be a great way to create a distinctive look in warm weather.  We must warn you, however, that this look is not for the faint of heart.  If you don’t love this look and don’t feel comfortable in it, then spare yourself the embarrassment and don’t try this at home.

Of course the success of this look depends on the specifics of each sweater, each pair of shorts and your individual body type.  As an example, pulling it off with short shorts often works best with someone with a slender torso and long legs.  It is also crucial to make sure that the sweater length works with the short length.  For example, if you’re going for a preppy look then a lightweight cardigan sweater over a ruffle tank looks adorable and very classic with knee length shorts or capris.  We also love to vary the length of the sweater with a long length sweater over shorts that are slightly longer than the cardigan or sweater.  As an example, consider the Cotton Bamboo cardigan by Splendid as a great example of a long sweater that looks great over a short sleeve top and then with shorts that match the length of the cardigan.

Long cardigans and wraps are extremely popular this season and mixing them into your summer wardrobe is a great way to add additional texture and depth to your outfit and help to vary the length with the shorts.  There are some great lightweight cardigans or wraps that would work great with both short shorts and longer shorts like the Sartee Drape Cardigan by designer Velvet by Graham and Spencer.  This cropped length cardigan pairs well with longer length tops or tanks and would look great with short shorts or longer shorts too.

In essence, the key to rocking a great outfit is always the ability to wear it with confidence and if you are looking to really step out with a bold look you can mix short shorts with a long cardigan or sweater.  It is certainly not very easy to pull it off and requires the right body type (preferably that long torso and long legs) and the perfect pieces, but it can definitely work for you if you are comfortable with such a statement outfit.

Lately, I find myself leaning toward longer shorts and always have a wrap or lightweight cardigan in my purse during summer months as you never know when you are going to find too much air conditioning!  Ultimately, whatever your fashion preference, just make sure that no matter what outfit you are wearing you always want to be confident in whatever you choose as that is the defining characteristic of a successful outfit is the ability to exude confidence when wearing it.

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