Designer Boutique Clothes

Fashion is all about creating your own individual style.  We all dread the prospect of showing up to anything wearing the same dress or top as someone else.   Designer boutiques can help you solve this problem with unique clothing offerings that are not the same old pieces you see at every department store.  We founded Vintage Fringe to meet this exact need.  Designer boutique clothes are far more individualistic and distinctive.  Designer boutiques often don’t carry the same quantities that the big department stores carry so it is much more limited which ensures that it really will be your individual style.   They can also be a great place to spot the latest fashion trends and styles.  We all have that great piece that we discovered at a designer boutique that really became a statement piece in our wardrobe and often helps us to stretch out of our clothing comfort zone to incorporate some of the latest fashion trends.

Boutiques also often carry unique or new and upcoming designers.  We often love those great clothes that we find at that designer boutique because often they can introduce us to designers that we previously may never have heard about.  Great designer boutiques should always offer their clientele wonderful introductions to new or previously unknown designers.    Not only is it a benefit to find great new designers to love to keep your wardrobe fresh and trendy, but also because it also ensures that you won’t see everyone else wearing the same thing.

Of course we all know about how great designer clothes are and the amazing fabrics that they utilize along with lots of embellishments.  An example of a great designer that is often found at boutiques is AlixK.  We love AlixK because of the embellishments and the attention to detail on every piece.  Featuring darts to help give their tops a feminine, flattering fit along with floral embroidery patterns on a majority of their tops, the AlixK top epitomizes great designer boutique clothing.  Some of our favorite AlixK tops are made from a silk cotton blend which feels extremely soft and oh so luxurious.  The best part is the fabric is ultimately a knit so it has a comfortable, wearable feel and is even machine washable!

Many designer boutiques are now featured online which makes them super convenient.  With the ability to shop on your own schedule and frequently with deals on shipping finding designer boutique clothes can be simple.  Another advantage to designer clothes is the consistency in sizing, so you shouldn’t have to worry too much about fit, but finding an online designer boutique that offers free returns can also be a plus.   At Vintage Fringe we offer free shipping and free returns on all orders excluding items in our outlet.  Our goal is to always offer great feminine fashions that will enable to you create your own individual style and to help you discover a mix of niche known and unknown designers that will always have your friends asking where did you get that?

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