Velvet by Graham & Spencer Tops

Ramona Dolman Top by Velvet by Graham and Spencer

Ramona Dolman Top

Velvet by Graham & Spencer tops are a must have for your wardrobe.  The Velvet collection is at its core an upscale tee shirt brand, but their collections always take traditional looks to new heights with distinctive fabrics and styles and it doesn’t take much observation to realize that they are so much more than a contemporary tee shirt line.  Some of our favorite pieces by Velvet are their dresses, leggings and jackets, but of course their tops certainly do not disappoint.  Here are a few of our favorite Velvet by Graham and Spencer Tops which are currently available at Vintage Fringe.

The Ramona Dolman Sleeve Top is a total must have shirt if you love the dolman sleeve style as much as we do.  The dolman sleeve tops are always a favorite because of their spin on the over-sized sweatshirt style combined with a fitted shirt look.  The Ramona features an luxurious waffle weave pattern which gives it a great texture and a dressy, distinctive style.  The top is meant to look over-sized, and it is super comfortable to wear, while still being delicate and lightweight. The top is available in both Heather Grey and White and is perfect to wear in fall/spring weather or depending on your preference even on a cool summer day.

Next the Grace 3/4 Sleeve Top really typifies a classic tee shirt style amped up with a bit of added feminine flair.  The top itself is a straightforward scoop neck with 3/4 length sleeves.  The stylish twist that is typical of great Velvet brand tops comes with the rouching on one side of the top.  The top also has a long length hitting below the hips.  The Grace top is part of Velvet’s Gauzy Whisper collection which features a thinner cotton fabric with a touch of spandex giving this top the perfect amount of cling or fit. I am also a big fan of the Red Vine color.  It is a total stand out and a great top for spring/summer.

Another great top for summer, the Bianca Dolman Top takes the classic striped top to another level.  With dolman sleeves and an over-sized fit  this top is perfectly stylish.  The top also features diagonal stripes on each side that contrast the horizontal stripes in the center which is a great twist on the classic striped top.  The top is narrower at the bottom than at the top which is typical of the traditional dolman style. The Tide green stripes are also the must have color this season.  The Bianca top is sheer and the stripes are contrasted with an ivory/oatmeal color.  This is a great top to wear with jeans or a skirt this summer.

Bianca Striped Dolman Sleeve Top by Velvet

Bianca Striped Top

These are just a few examples of some of our latest favorite tops by Velvet this season.  As you can see these tops really do transcend from being just classic tee shirts to trendsetting statement pieces that you can truly wear everyday.  Of course these tops are just a few of our favorites and there are so many more amazing stylish Velvet tops to choose from. What are some of your favorites?

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Celebrity Clothing Styles

We all pay attention to certain celebrities clothing styles and fashion choices.  Each of us has our respective favorite celebrities and honestly I can love one outfit on a celebrity and hate another outfit on the same celebrity.  There are of course a few celebrities that rarely go wrong in terms of outfit choice.  This classy taste in fashion probably is more a reflection of their personal stylists, but I still love to think that some of my favorite celebrities have a say in selecting their personal style and having such great fashion sense.  One of my favorite celebrities that I love to follow their fashion choices and clothing styles is Reese Witherspoon.

With such a classy, sophisticated personality it is no wonder that her fashion style really does seem to be an expression of her personal inner beauty and confidence.  In watching her over the years with different hair styles and at different fashion award events, her style is always elegant and classy.  If you catch her in day to day outfit photos, she always manages to look sophisticated and classy while still looking casual and as if she is truly an everyday normal gal which perhaps is part of her overall appeal.

If you look at many of these casual everyday photos, Reese has her own trends and one of my personal favorite of her style choices are stripes.  She seems to love stripes and frankly wears them often and she looks great in them.  She frequently wears stripes in tops in a variety of colors and styles.

If I had a pick out a few pieces that I think Reese would love to wear at Vintage Fringe, I think she would love the Variegated Stripe Boatneck top by Splendid.  This great top features contrasting white and navy or red stripes in various different width stripes.  This top seems right of Reese’s alley and a great complement to her skin tone.

I could also see Reese wearing the Melbourne Puff Sleeve Front Tie Top by Ella Moss.  This cute short sleeve top features a v neck top accented by a tie and puff sleeves.  The top also features an elastic waist band so it has a gathered loose fitting look at the waist.  I love the white stripes contrasted by an oatmeal heather stripe.  A great natural look and style, I think these colors would look amazing with Reese’s blond hair.

Finally, for more of a winter look, I can picture Reese wearing the Trinity Cowlneck Top by designer Velvet by Graham and Spencer.  Reese does tend to wear a lot of color and it is a great complement with her hair and skin tone and this top would work well with her body type.  A loose fitted top with a combination of stripe width, this top is a great stylish statement piece that Reese would look great in.

As you can see, stripes are a popular trend in clothing and Reese is certainly on board serving as a walking billboard for adorable stripe tops that manage to look stylish and classy while always looking great on Reese everyday.

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Designer Clothes Online

Finding Designer Clothes online has never been easier.  In fact, if you are hunting for a specific designer or a niche designer shopping online is one of the best ways to find designer clothing.  Online shopping is quickly becoming a central way to find designer clothing and to find great deals that are often only available online.  I hate trying on clothes in the store.  In fact, I would rather just buy it and return it later than try one just one item.  A great example is denim.  When I shop for jeans, I always try to find the fit I like and then stick with it for as long as I can.  Online shopping is a great solution for this type of shopper who knows specifics about the designer, the style and what you are looking for.  Often you can find a variety of stores where that designer is available and frequently find additional colors or styles that might be available at other stores or sites.  This ability to educate the shopper more completely has really made online shopping a great venue to find clothing.

There are a variety of sites online that carry different designers and may even vary their selection of pieces from those designers.  In addition, online shopping really opens up your designer clothing options as you can find much more selection than what is just available at your local boutique or department store.  Finding indie or upcoming designers is also far easier to locate online.  We suggest that you have a few go to sites or consider using shopping portals such as,, or as sites to do your window shopping or browse for new lines or designers.  At these sites you can search by designer or by style allowing you to gain exposure to a variety of different designers that you may not have previously known or heard about.

Finally, don’t forget to check out your favorite online clothing boutique or online store for their lookbook.  This is a great way to find different styling options and actually see the clothes on models.  It is the equivalent of window shopping online to see the different styles and pieces that you may not have actually discovered in a narrow or specific search by designer.  The lookbook is really a great way for sites to showcase their current and prior pieces so that you can get added exposure and ideas from their photo shoots.

The bottom line is that online shopping is here to stay and is really revolutionizing the shopping process especially for designer clothing.  Practically every designer sells online and many even have their own sites.  You can often find great deals and become a more savvy shopper by having that additional education of shopping online so that you are able to compare and browse expanded selections online.  You will want to find a few go to online shopping sites that work well with your individual style and then be sure to sign up on their mailing lists so that you gain access to any promotions or discounts they may be offering.

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Designers Boutique Clothing

Boutiques have developed a reputation of having great designer clothes that you often don’t find everywhere else.  That is the appeal and mystique of the clothing boutique and shopping for designer clothes.  Designer clothes are great because they feature high quality and you shop the same designers you love because of their distinctive style and the consistency of the sizing.  Boutiques are a great way to find new and upcoming designers and individual style that you won’t find in every chain store.

For those of you who may not know the story of Vintage Fringe a designer clothing boutique online, we started Vintage Fringe because we were tired of finding the same styles and designs worn by so many of our friends.  We can all appreciate the hunts we endured to boutique formal dress stores to find that perfect prom dress and the knowledge that no one else from our school would be wearing it.  Vintage Fringe attempts to bring that same level of individual style with high quality designer clothing while also including convenient customer policies and the ultimate convenience of shopping online.  There is nothing worse than trekking around town looking for that favorite boutique during their crazy hours and hassling with things like parking.  The online shopping channel really is the future of shopping and we have tried to make our boutique as convenient as possible.

You will also find a variety of designer clothing online and available in clothing boutiques online.   Often shopping online provides all sorts of options for saving money on free shipping, discounts, coupon codes, promotions, and the ability to comparison shop all help the online shopper save money and time.    In the beginning, some designers wouldn’t allow online shopping for their lines, but now you can find all but a few hold outs have even opened their own shopping sites.

Online shopping provides no shortage of designer boutique clothes and ways to find them.  While you may first think of your basic search engine searches, you should also look for good search portals or fashion comparison sites.  Many of the boutiques feature their designer clothing on search sites such as or where you can find a variety of different boutiques or sites and comparison shop simply by typing in the designer or a description of the item.   These comparison sites are great ways to find a variety of different styles and introduce you to new online boutique sites.

In short, you can find a variety of designer clothes boutiques online each with different styles and lines just as you would find brick and mortar designer clothing boutiques.   However, online if you know how to find it and where to look you really can find great ways to save and compare along with a wide variety of different lines and designers that you may not find in the boutique in your neighborhood.   Of course, we always recommend that when  you do shop online you look for legitimate sites that have customer friendly shipping and return policies to make sure that you can find that perfect statement piece that works perfectly for you.

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Laurie B. Sweaters

Laurie B. sweaters are some of our favorite sweaters and this is the perfect time of year to find amazing deals on great sweaters.  Laurie B. is perhaps one of the most distinctive of all of the designers available at Vintage Fringe.  The American knitwear line: Laurie B. is the creation of Laurie Brazeau.  Laurie was born in Mexico, raised in the United States and traveled the world searching for work and inspiration.  After working for years in Paris as a private label designer she returned home and launched her own knit line Laurie B. working from her own home in Oakland, California.  While Laurie has no formal design school training she has managed to build her brand and her style into a recognizable icon for knitwear internationally.  She credits her international travels, vintage shopping skills, and her color outside the lines mentality as her inspiration behind her one of a kind designer style.  Here are a few examples of great outside the lines sweaters that will help you create your own distinctive style:

Laurie B. Milan Sweater – This great short wrap cardigan features a tie that can go in front or in back depending on how you like to wear it.  It also features a lightly gathered seam at the empire waist line giving it added elements of detail.  In addition, the wide ¾ length sleeve something you don’t see on every wrap these days.  You’ll love the rich Truffle brown color and the ivory Parmesan color too.  This sweater is certainly versatile and works as a great substitute for a blazer at work or to throw over your tank top on a cool night out.

Laurie B. Moonlight Cap Wrap Sweater – You’ll love this distinctive sweater and its fashion forward look.  Complete with a flowing look of the wide v neck with the tie around the waist giving it a contemporary, fitted look.  This sweater is available in a variety of colors and is perfect to go over a long sleeve top in just about any color.  You’ll love the slight shimmer on the knit and the distinctive, modern look.   It is a perfect wrap to layer and looks stunning with boots or leggings.

Laurie B. Gable Stripe Cardigan – Featuring a dramatic contrasting zipper that is front and center in this distinctive cardigan, the Gable Stripe grey and black pattern looks so classy and elegant.  Laurie B. still manages to weave in fashion forward elements with the dolman flared sleeve on this sweater, a scoop neckline and the contrasting black trim around the neckline and cuffs and hem.   You also would not believe how luxuriously soft the knit on this sweater feels.  It is made from a viscose, nylon blend and it feels super soft and very comfortable.  One of our favorite looks is wearing this over a long sleeve black top with a black skirt and boots in the winter.

Laurie B.’s sweaters are always excellent quality and as you can see from the few pieces mentioned in this post that so many of her designs are not your run of the mill boxy sweater that you find at so many stores.  Each Laurie B. sweater features great unique design elements and will always be a statement piece in your wardrobe.

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Vintage Inspired Clothing

Vintage has become such a popular word in fashion trends that you see it used in a variety of different capacities as you shop.  You often see it referring to true vintage clothing referring to gently used clothing or an old piece that has been hanging in your closet since the 70s.  Many designers and stores or boutiques tend to use vintage style clothing or vintage inspired clothing referring to new clothing with vintage elements in the design.  As an example, you may see a new modern twist on a patterned retro a line mini dress that you might have seen worn in the 70s.  Similarly, you may see new bohemian style pieces frequently referred to as vintage inspired. Taking those vintage elements and incorporating them into new, modern style clothes is what the vintage inspired terminology references.

We love the look of vintage inspired clothes and the frequently frilly, feminine elements that have made a comeback into so many modern styles and pieces.  Here are a few examples of great vintage inspired pieces that are all brand new.

La Befana Polka Dot Tie Tank – What is more vintage than a great multi color polka dot pattern with light pink, blue and green polka dots? With a great scoop neckline featuring an off center bow tying the neckline together, this top has such a feminine look and distinctive style.  This classic tank is also available in solid blue if you don’t love polka dots.

Sweet Pea Mod Retro Tunic – This top screams vintage style.  Made by Sweet Pea by Stacy Frati, a designer that loves to work with patterns, this print is totally retro with bold colors and patterns.  In addition, the style of this tunic looks like it just walked out of the 60s and yet today would look so hot with tall boots to really bring a vintage style to the modern day.

Ella Moss Dita V Neck Ruffle Dress – We often hear that this top looks like it should be in an episode of Mad Men and it really does fit with that vintage style.  We could easily see Betty Draper wearing this dress to a dinner party.  Don’t you just love the feminine touches like the ruffles around the v neck and the fitted waist on this dress?  Again you see the polka dot pattern.

Velvet by Graham and Spencer Doreen Cutout Dress – the Cutout was such a popular clothing trend back in the 70s and you’re seeing a resurgence in current modern fashion trends.  The Doreen dress by Velvet features a cutout in the sleeves around the shoulders and with a fitted dress style this dress again invokes that 70s era mini dress with boots.

We think you’ll find that lots of vintage inspired elements have surfaced in so much of modern day fashion that it really has become a lasting trend.  The best of all of it is that you have the opportunity to take these vintage inspired pieces and truly make them fit with your own modern individual style and wear them with leggings or boots or other modern trends that really do help blend the past and the present.

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All About Layers

With my fall and winter fashion, I love layering. Layering clothes ensures that whether I am outside or in, I can be comfortable, especially for those days that start out cool and turn warm or vice versa. Check out some of my favorite layered looks. I love this Tie Tank by La Befana, with the cute tie neckline and loose fit it looks great with a sweater as shown or a long sleeve shirt under and belted.

Tie Tank by La Befana

Tie Tank by La Befana

Another great piece for layering is the Racerback Flared Tunic Tank Top by Collective Concepts. I would love this with a black long sleeve shirt underneath and leggings tucked into riding boots. This would also look great with a boxy motorcycle type jacket over the top.

Racerback Flared Tunic Tank Top by Collective Concepts

Racerback Flared Tunic Tank Top by Collective Concepts

If you are in love with the lace trend as much as I am, then please check out the Lace Tank with Pocket by Collective Concepts. Wouldn’t this just be so chic with a fun colored long sleeve shirt underneath? Pair that with leggings, or even tuck it into a pencil skirt, or belt it and put a open cardigan over. I love all the endless options with layering.

Lace Tank with Pocket by Collective Concepts

Lace Tank with Pocket by Collective Concepts

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Boutique Fashion Online

The online world has really helped to revolutionize clothes shopping.  Now you can easily find all sorts of designer clothing that previously was only available at high end department stores and boutiques.  We love boutiques because they always give us the ability to create our own individual style, but they have often been some of the last companies to join the online shopping arena.  This has really started to change with more and more boutiques creating online shopping sites and with many boutiques only selling online.

With all of these options available, finding boutique fashion online has never been easier and the options are increasing by the day.  Here are a few tips of things to look for to identify best online fashion boutiques.   With online shopping you can frequently find sites that will have free or low cost shipping.   Good online boutiques will also have free or low cost return policies which are important to look for so that you know that you can trust that they will stand behind their clothes.   While online shopping has become far more mainstream, you never know who you can trust, so free or low cost returns is always a good indicator of a worthwhile site.   These shopper friendly policies really make online shopping so much more convenient that in many ways it is easier to shop online than hassle with hitting the mall only to hassle with finding parking or fighting the crowds.  Not to mention that shopping for boutique fashion online is so much simpler than worrying about traditional boutique’s limited hours and again hassling with parking and crowds.  Traditional boutiques often don’t have great return policies while online boutique’s return policies are often much more favorable.

Good boutiques often have unique pieces that you won’t find everywhere else or even designers that are hard to find.  Shopping for boutique fashion online is no exception.  In fact, in many cases boutiques online carry more selections or unknown designers and frequently have more varieties of colors and styles than traditional boutiques because they aren’t limited by a store size or lots of overhead.    Boutique fashion online often enables people to quickly see the latest fashion trends and to find niche pieces that previously might have been unavailable or difficult to find.   Shopping online makes it much easier to truly create your own individual fashion style as online boutiques frequently don’t carry the same stock levels as large department stores and their customers are worldwide so the odds of your neighbor wearing the exact same top to a function are very low.

In short, we all love lots of things about boutique fashion shopping, but boutique fashion shopping online can really improve upon the boutique shopping experience and make it so much more convenient for today’s modern shopper.  We think you’ll quickly see how finding boutique fashion online can really provide you with access to many more distinctive pieces and designers that will help you craft and maintain your own distinctive individual style in a way that is far more convenient and accessible.

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Shop Online for Designer Clothes

Shop online For Designer Clothing You’ve probably heard on the news lately the statistics about how more and more people are shopping online for clothing.  Of course, shopping online for designer clothing is no exception to this statistic.   If you’re new to the online shopping arena, let me explain a few reasons why it is advantageous to shop online for designer clothes.

First, shopping online is more convenient.  You don’t have to fight for parking, you don’t have to wait in lines, you don’t have to check multiple stores to find out the lowest price and which store has what sizes or colors, you don’t have to chase your kids around the store or even find time to drive to the store during their hours.  The online channel is truly revolutionizing shopping for designer clothes.  When you shop online, you can do so in your pajamas in the convenience of your own home (or even at work) once your kids have gone to bed or if even late at night when you can’t sleep.  Many online sites even offer free returns which can save you another trip to the store to return your item.

Second, shopping online is often cheaper.  For designer clothes specifically, you can find a variety of comparison shopping sites that will allow you to compare prices and sizes and colors for multiple stores at once.  Such sites allow you to quickly scour the internet for deals on designer clothing and can frequently find sites offering free shipping.  One of our favorites is, which allows you to name your designer, a type of clothing, or a color or size that you are looking for and will return a variety of great results based on your search terms.   You can also be on the lookout for sites with coupon codes for many online retailers that allow you to find additional discounts.

Third, shopping online often allows you the ability to find niche designer clothing items.  Perhaps it is that Chloe purse that is sold out at the mall, but still available at an online boutique store, or that pair of jeans that you know your size in and don’t want to try and chase down at the mall.  You can also more easily find niche designers online as well.  For example, at Vintage Fringe, we carry pieces from designers such as Laurie B. or Joy Joy that you would struggle to find in stores.   The expansiveness of searching on a global level when searching online allows you to find much greater selection than shopping in your local department stores if you know what you are looking for.

In short, if you’re someone who knows which designers you love and wants to find more designer clothes than what your local department store may carry, be sure to shop online.  I’m sure you will discover that shopping online for designer clothes is much more convenient, often more affordable, and easier to locate pieces once you know what you have in mind.  At Vintage Fringe, we offer year round free shipping for all non-outlet items, free returns for all non-outlet items, and shop by color, price and designer options.  We purposely try to carry designer clothes that are high quality and are not found at every other department store or boutique.  Our goal is to always have your friends asking “Where did you get that?”

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Summer Clothes for 30-40% off at Vintage Fringe!!

Summer clothes from great designers are now on sale at Vintage Fringe.   You won’t want to miss great finds including lots of Sweet Pea clothing and even including newer arrivals from Collective Concepts clothing.  Don’t miss this end of summer sale the features some of favorite styles from the summer.  Below are my top picks now 30-40% off at Vintage Fringe.

Racerback Flared Tunic Tank Top by Collective Concepts

Racerback Flared Tunic Tank Top by Collective Concepts

This Collective Concepts racerback flared tunic tank has been one of my favorite pieces this summer.  It is so easy to glam up with cute shoes and basic leggings and I always feel like a million bucks when it wear it.  Accessorizing is easy with this racer-back tank because it has the adorable black and silver beaded straps.  While this tank designed by Collective Concepts usually sells for $55.00 this week only at Vintage Fringe it is on sale for $33.00.

La Befana Navy Tie Tank

La Befana Navy Tie Tank

I love love love this La Befana Tank (I personally own it in polka dot also on sale this week at Vintage Fringe).  I wear it with a cute cap sleeve or a long sleeve shirt underneath.  The tie on the side adds the perfect detail that makes this top a one-of -kind top to add to your wardrobe.  I can wear this to work or at home and it is always adorable and flattering.  This week only at Vintage Fringe this tank designed by La Befana is on sale for $50.00… thats 40% off!

Laurie B. Rumba Puff Sleeve Sweater

Laurie B. Rumba Puff Sleeve Sweater

Knit designer and visionary Laurie B. is known for her high quality high fashion knitwear and this Laurie B. Rumba puff sleeve sweater wrap is probably my favorite design of hers.  This sweater snaps in the front for a completely separate look or it unsnaps to become the adorable wrap that is perfect for fall and early winter.  This sweater is also full of surprising details like the adorable pockets and puff sleeves.  This is also a super soft lightweight knit that can give you warmth but won’t overheat you. It really is perfect for any season.  A knit wrap like this can easily sell for around $200, but this week only at Vintage Fringe this puff sleeve cardigan is only $99.

To shop Vintage Fringe’s End of Summer Sale just visit us at

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