Empire Waist Dresses

One of our favorite feminine styles are empire waist dresses.  They really have made a comeback in recent years and there are really so many great ways to bring empire waist dresses into your closet that it is hard to focus on just a few.  The empire waist dress really is a great style for women with a bit of a bust or with women who may want to hide or minimize their waist line. Personally, I love empire waist styles as to me the empire waist feels somewhat regal and really invokes prior vintage style eras of days gone by.

One of my all time favorite empire waist dresses which is a great piece for summer is the Martha dress by designer Velvet by Graham and Spencer.  This dress features a gathered empire waist bustline and a simple flared waist.  The dress hits just above the knee on most body types and is a great summer statement piece.  I love the Greenbean color as it really does stand out and really does draw you into this dress.

Another great statement piece empire waist dress is the Modal Jersey V Neck dress by Splendid.  Even in the basic black color, this dress does feature a wide v neck and a definite empire waistline which really does make this dress a classic statement piece.  It is also of course a fun, flirty summer dress that looks great with a pair of funky sandals and chunky, long necklaces.  This dress hits just above the knee.

The Odessa V Neck Maxi dress by designer Ella Moss is a completely different style dress that also features an empire waist.  This dress in a beautiful Waterfall color short sleeves and features a twist at the center of the waist to really set this dress apart.  Similarly, the Hollie Maxi dress by Ella Moss also features an empire waist, but here the neckline is accented by a lace knit around the neckline which gives this dress a sexy, flirty feminine touch around the top and still has a definite empire waistline.  The maxi dresses are great styles to work with empire waists with their longer length and are a great way to incorporate current fashion trends and distinctive styles.

Empire waist dresses are not necessarily for every body type, but if you have the right figure to pull off a great empire waist dress, they really are a great way to incorporate your feminine touches into your closet.  I love the fluid look of each of these dresses even if they have distinctive styles.  The connection of the empire waist naturally means that they have fluid skirts and a more flowing regal look to them.    In contrast to the fitted look of other dresses, the each of these empire waist dresses are a great summer style dress that really does work well with casual looks with just a pair of sandals or depending on the dress even feminine styled flip flops.

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Designer Jersey Dresses

When you are shopping for designer dresses it is so refreshing to find designer jersey dresses because they are so comfortable, easy to care for, and can still look so stylish and can be great versatile pieces in your closet.  We love super soft fabrics like rayons and modals just as much as the next person, but let’s be honest, they are great to wear, but often are dry clean only and sometimes can be so delicate that it makes you nervous to wear them.  As a great alternative that frequently happens to be more economical consider a few of our favorite great designer jersey cotton dresses when you are out on your next shopping trip.

We love dresses by designer Velvet by Graham and Spencer and they are well known for their variety of styles traditionally made using basic baby jersey cotton or their lighter gauzy whisper cotton fabric.  The gauzy whisper line features a hint of spandex to give it a more fitted look and feel.  One of our favorite new dresses that is part of Velvet’s Baby Jersey Collection is the Larina ¾ Sleeve Dress. As the name suggests it featureLarina ¾ Sleeve DressLarina ¾ Sleeve Dressalong with a crochet detail around the wide scoop neckline.  This dress has a looser fit and hits our 5’7” model just about an inch above the knee.  You can wear this dress as shown or belted depending on your individual style.   A great dress for spring and it can even be worn just about year round depending on your preferences with the ¾ length sleeves.  This dress is also available in great colors such as Truffle (Lavender), Pistachio (Green) and Mink (Charcoal Grey).

Another great dress made of jersey cotton is the Olka Dress also by Velvet.  This dress features pleats around the neckline along with an empire waist which is accented by a wide bow that can be tied in front as an added feminine touch.  We love the flirty bow and pleats which make this dress stand out from the typical basic dresses you may find elsewhere.  This dress also features ¾ length sleeves and a deep v neck in front.  The Olka dress is an example of a great versatile dress that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

Finally, consider the Doreen Cutout Dress featuring cutouts around the shoulder area in the sleeves.  This dress is part of the Gauzy Whisper collection and definitely caters to a fitted look.  We love it because it really is unlike most dresses you will see out there and it does have a flirty edge to it.  It features a slim fitted style and it hits above the knee.  We love the look of this dress with a pair of high boots and no question this dress is a total statement when you go out.  Best of all, it is made of jersey cotton and of course is comfortable and easy to wear.

As you can see each of these dresses has a very different look, but they are all great examples of the breadth of options out there for someone shopping for designer jersey dresses.  We hope you can see that it is possible to find reasonably priced designer dresses made of jersey cotton that are stylish and modern without breaking the budget.

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