Striped Tees

Stripes are a huge fashion trend this season and you’ll find striped tees are becoming extremely popular.  You can find striped tees in a variety of patterns not just your basic primary color with white stripes for contrast.  The trend doesn’t stop there, as great stripe patterns have also made their way into skirts, dresses, and so much more.  Here are a few of our favorite striped tees as examples of different ways to incorporate stripes into your wardrobe.

First, check out the Stripe V Neck by Alternative Apparel.  It is a basic style top that looks much more than basic with a great stripe pattern.  Here the stripes feature a cream color alternated with a chocolate stripe color.  The top features a v neck and trim around the cuffs and neckline in chocolate for added detail.  This tee is a semi-sheer tee featuring a cotton poly blend fabric.  It really is a great basic staple tee for your wardrobe and at $10 you really can’t go wrong.

Next consider the Splendid 4 Band ¾ Sleeve V Neck.  Of course, Splendid is known for their great fabrics and their signature stripe patterns.  This top is no exception.  This v neck also features a great red/coral color called Sunset that makes this top a great piece for this season with the popularity of great coral tones.  The stripe pattern features a series of “4 band” stripes or 4 thin stripes all paired together and set apart by stripes of coral.  It is a great vibrant top and a classy, distinctive way to showcase stripes.

Another great stripe option from Splendid is the Navy Slub Shadow Stripe Waist Tie Top.  This top features a frilly sleeve and a tie at the waist.  The top features a scoop neckline, and a feminine tie at the waist which makes this top very distinctive and feminine.  The wide stripes are contrasted Navy and Sunset a great mix.  This top features Splendid’s slub jersey and is extremely soft and comfortable to wear which is such a plus for tees.  You can also find this same stripe pattern in the long sleeve Navy Slub Shadow Stripe Puff Sleeve top as well.  That top is a bit more dressy than this one and not quite as much of a tee shirt, but a great fall/winter option.

Finally, for another different style of striped tee consider the Stripe Knit Top by designer Collective Concepts.  This top features wide stripes as well contrasted with white and pink or white and green depending on what you prefer.  The white fabric is a burnout material which gives it an opaque look and the top also features solid white around the neckline. With short sleeves and a loose fit around the body of the top, this style also provides a different tee shirt look.

As you can see, there is no shortage of great striped tees out there and really the tough part is narrowing down which striped tee suits you best.  Each of these tees feature comfortable, wearable fabrics and are distinctive.

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Buy Boutique Fashion Online

Boutiques are quickly moving online and shopping for boutique fashion online is becoming as convenient as shopping at many of your big department stores, but with the ability to find more distinctive designers and styles.  We all love the experience of finding your favorite neighborhood boutique and shopping for one of a kind finds that you won’t see at every department or chain store.   Online shopping for fashion is becoming far more popular and convenient and it actually enables you as the shopper to be savvier and price conscious which as we all know can be essential if you are trying to stay on a budget.  Beyond just price, shopping online enables you to find all sorts of conveniences such as free shipping and returns, comparison shopping for alternate colors and styles in addition to price, and many online sites have wish list options which allow you to store and save your favorite fashion picks.

We love the convenience of shopping for boutique fashion online because you can shop from the convenience of your home, office or mobile phone or iPad all while in your pajamas and at any time of day.  We dreaded boutique shopping because inevitably it was so much work to hunt for parking, shop during their hours and hassle with your kids which often ruined our shopping experience.  The beauty of online shopping is that such hassles are eliminated.  The only drawback to online shopping is not being able to try something on if necessary and see it in person, which is why we always look for boutiques online that include free shipping and returns.   We also love being able to really hone in on what specific designers we like and still window shop other styles and designs conveniently.  That is the best part of boutique shopping is staying away from mass market fashions that you can find seemingly everywhere.  We love finding a designer we love and then searching online for other styles or selections or even reduced pricing.  The online search makes it far easier to find niche items.

Shopping for fashion online also makes you a smarter shopper.  Shopping online allows you to compare multiple sites with far less work than shopping at boutiques in person.  There are many sites online that allow you to search many different sites based on specific things like designers, colors, sizes, or even style descriptions.  This ability to comparison shop in a more convenient way will make shopping far more efficient than bouncing from boutique to boutique. is one such site that features the ability for you to bookmark your favorite pieces in your own boutique. also has a fashion focus and features smart shopping abilities to help narrow your search very quickly.

Shopping for boutique fashion online is really revolutionized by the convenience of shopping online. Once you discover boutique fashion shopping online you will quickly find that it is much simpler and far more convenient than the dedication and time required to complete your own boutique shopping scavenger hunt and will hopefully become your first stop for fashion shopping in the future.

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