Great Belted Looks

Belts have really become a trend unto themselves in recent years.  Over the years, we’ve seen the woven belt, the tie silk fabric belt, the studded belt, and the list goes on.  This season the latest belt trend really hits both ends of the spectrum.  You can of course still get away with wearing your same old standby belt, but if you are in the market for belts and wondering what is the best way to use them and what belts you should consider here are a few helpful hints.

First consider the range of stylish belts from skinny narrow belts to the wide belts to shimmery metallic belts all the way to elastic belts.  Certainly can’t tell you that you only need just one because each of these belts really fit in with a variety of different looks.   Here are some great rules of thumb.  Skinny belts work great with dress pants or slacks and are great accents with your favorite suit.  Wide belts are great with longer length tops or looser dresses that you want to have a bit of a cinched up style.

You need a variety of different styles of belts so that you have great accent belts to contrast with your different outfits.  As examples of some great looks consider a few of these looks at Vintage Fringe for some great belted look ideas.  The Daree top by designer Velvet by Graham and Spencer is the perfect top for belting.  With a wide belt that you wear just below an natural empire waist level, this top looks great with that belted accent.  Consider a belt with elastic or a fancy buckle to complete the look.

Another great look that is made complete with a fabulous belt is the Modal Jersey Scoop Neck Dress by Splendid.  This dress features a classic look and style, but when you layer in a belt around the waist it gives the dress a completely different look.  Our model is wearing a thin leather belt that is just looped at the center, but it really does accent the dress and transform the look and style.

Many tops and dresses come with ties and belts sewn in allowing you to create your own belted look without requiring another belt.  This type of tie belt helps create the accented look that you love with belts, but with less hassle.  Examples of the built in tie tops include the Potina Ruffle top by Velvet by Graham and Spencer.  This top features a long sewn in belt so that you can wrap it around your high waist level to create your own distinctive look.  Another great example of a belted look with a tie is the Retro Boatneck Dress by Sweet Pea.  This dress allows you to customize your look with a tie in front or in back depending on your preference.

The list goes on with so many great tops and dresses that are transformed with belted accents.  Finding Great belted looks can really be easy to create for different outfits with a variety of belts and tops that you can shift each time you wear them.

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Designer Clothes Online

Finding Designer Clothes online has never been easier.  In fact, if you are hunting for a specific designer or a niche designer shopping online is one of the best ways to find designer clothing.  Online shopping is quickly becoming a central way to find designer clothing and to find great deals that are often only available online.  I hate trying on clothes in the store.  In fact, I would rather just buy it and return it later than try one just one item.  A great example is denim.  When I shop for jeans, I always try to find the fit I like and then stick with it for as long as I can.  Online shopping is a great solution for this type of shopper who knows specifics about the designer, the style and what you are looking for.  Often you can find a variety of stores where that designer is available and frequently find additional colors or styles that might be available at other stores or sites.  This ability to educate the shopper more completely has really made online shopping a great venue to find clothing.

There are a variety of sites online that carry different designers and may even vary their selection of pieces from those designers.  In addition, online shopping really opens up your designer clothing options as you can find much more selection than what is just available at your local boutique or department store.  Finding indie or upcoming designers is also far easier to locate online.  We suggest that you have a few go to sites or consider using shopping portals such as,, or as sites to do your window shopping or browse for new lines or designers.  At these sites you can search by designer or by style allowing you to gain exposure to a variety of different designers that you may not have previously known or heard about.

Finally, don’t forget to check out your favorite online clothing boutique or online store for their lookbook.  This is a great way to find different styling options and actually see the clothes on models.  It is the equivalent of window shopping online to see the different styles and pieces that you may not have actually discovered in a narrow or specific search by designer.  The lookbook is really a great way for sites to showcase their current and prior pieces so that you can get added exposure and ideas from their photo shoots.

The bottom line is that online shopping is here to stay and is really revolutionizing the shopping process especially for designer clothing.  Practically every designer sells online and many even have their own sites.  You can often find great deals and become a more savvy shopper by having that additional education of shopping online so that you are able to compare and browse expanded selections online.  You will want to find a few go to online shopping sites that work well with your individual style and then be sure to sign up on their mailing lists so that you gain access to any promotions or discounts they may be offering.

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