Boutique Dresses

We all love shopping at boutiques because they always have such great unique finds that you don’t see everywhere else and it is a great way to stretch out of your fashion comfort zone and move into new and up and coming designers.  At Vintage Fringe, the number one item searched for at our online clothing boutique are dresses.  Boutique dresses are no exception to the boutique shopping preference and finding great boutique dresses can really shape and transform your own personal wardrobe.   Check out a few great dresses currently in our Vintage Fringe lineup that we think really are representative of great boutique dress finds.

The Abigail Ruffle Dress by designer Ella Moss is one of our most upscale designer dresses.  This dress features a beautiful black silk fabric with a ruffle around the neckline and pearl buttons on the bodice in front.  The dress accents your feminine figure with an empire waistline and a silk tie around the waist for added definition.  The dress is also lined making it more comfortable and easy to wear than your traditional silk dress.  Best of all this dress can easily be dressed up for a cocktail function or can be worn to the office or a party as well.

For another style and look consider the Kayin Scoop Neck Dress by designer Velvet by Graham and Spencer.  This dress is a great fall style with a draped cowl neckline and a gathered waist.  The dress features a ultra soft rayon blend and is the ultimate comfort dress without sacrificing style and shape.  The loose fit is actually a style trend this season and this dress looks stunning with high boots and big earrings.  This dress is also not something you will find in every department store this season.  It is a great example of a distinctive boutique dress style that is also comfortable and wearable.

Finally, another great dress that typifies distinctive boutique dress styles.  The Blaire Widesleeve Crew Dress is a great flirty, feminine style dress.  This dress is available at Vintage Fringe in Admiral (Navy) with White contrast details at the hem and around the waist or in Lemonade (Yellow) with Grey for contrast.  These colors are great contrast colors and they really do amp up the style of this dress.  The front of the dress features pleats around the shoulders and a button keyhole in front of the dress. The hem is also tapered at the bottom of the dress with a longer center and shorter hem on the sides.  Again it is extremely comfortable to wear and without sacrificing style.

These are really just a few great illustrations of what type of varied styles you may find with boutique dresses.  You can also find styles that are even more casual than these alternatives.  Examples include the Zahara Knot Dress made with a Baby Jersey Cotton and a looser fit so they are great staple dresses that are sure to be comfortable to wear.  Also, don’t be afraid to capitalize on the options to move outside of your typical dress comfort zone and try new styles and new designers.

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Jeweled Cardigan

Let’s face it, we’ve seen a thousand cardigans and they are all basically the same thing.  We probably have at least five cardigans in our closets in a variety of different colors or fabrics.  If you want to individualize your cardigans your options are generally to find another color or pattern to mix it up.  Of course you can always accessorize them, but finding that perfect accessory just for a cardigan can be a lot of work and hassle.   We love finding cardigans that are even more distinctive than that with added accents such as jeweled cardigans or cardigans that don’t look like the run of the mill solid color cardigans you see at big box retailers.  Any variations can be great alternatives to the basic solid cotton cardigan.

One of our favorite pieces is a jeweled cardigan by an up in coming designer, Joy Joy Clothing.  The Heart Button Cardigan features tons of detail which we love!  First it has heart shaped buttons with bows on them.  Then there are the puckered ¾ length sleeves which look so girly and feminine.  Finally, last but certainly not least the heart shaped accent in place of a pocket on the lapel, featuring a variety of different pattern covered buttons literally sewn on in a heart shape. You don’t often find something this perfect and this piece is sure to become one of your favorites too.

When you are shopping for distinctive styles of cardigans like a jeweled cardigan, you will also find cardigans in a variety of fabrics which can make all the difference in terms of how and where you wear each cardigan. For example, the Satin Trim Cropped Cardigan features satin trim with a satin tie around the neckline.  This is a detail or trim that you don’t see everyday on the basic cardigans.  We love finding these gem cardigans that are full of detail and distinction.  These pieces are really investments in your closet and a great way to add vibrant, unique pieces to your closet.  Alternatively, the Pleated Paisley Front Ruffle Cardigan features a bold paisley pattern with a cascading ruffle down the front.  This is a great elegant cardigan that would be perfect paired with a black tank and skirt and is a great addition for summer.

We love the cardigan because of its versatility and utility in our closets.  A great piece to dress up a simple tank top and something that can be worn to work and casually too.  Finding a way to elevate a wardrobe essential is always something so satisfying and really is an investment in your wardrobe.  Whatever details suit your personal preferences, you can find a number of great cardigans that do amp it up and really add a lot to that basic cardigan and they don’t have to break the budget.  You always need a few basic cardigans too, but we think that every closet needs a few great statement cardigans that can help transform that simple black dress or tank into something even better.

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Indie Dresses

We all love indie dresses for that distinctive look and flair that comes from the unique style of indie dresses that comes from the fresh perspective of their up incoming designers.   Many of our favorite dresses come from indie designer Velvet by Graham and Spencer and Sweet Pea by Stacy Frati as great examples of feminine dresses that often have a vintage or retro style.  Consider the following examples of great indie dresses available at Vintage Fringe.

As an example consider first the Freda dress by Velvet by Graham and Spencer.  Made from baby jersey cotton and featuring a deep v neck, a gathered waist and a flared skirt, this dress reminds us of vintage styles you might see on Audrey Hepburn or even any of the women in the case of Mad Men.  Full of feminine style, this dress is a statement piece and also one that you don’t see everywhere adding to its indie appeal.  At Vintage Fringe we have this dress available in several colors including white which amplifies the statement piece of this dress.

Another indie dress with a retro look is the Mod Retro Tunic dress which reminds me of something you would see worn in the 60s or 70s eras.  Featuring a pattern of bold colors and a short length, this dress is a true retro piece that is also a great example of a modern indie dress with vintage style.   This pattern also features black trim around the neckline and hem of the dress as well as a black stripe down the center.  The Mod Retro Tunic dress is truly the perfect indie dress that again represents a distinctive indie style.

Similarly, Sweet Pea’s Tie Short dress is another great example of a indie dress with a retro style.  This dress features a brown, pink and purple floral pattern accented with a solid brown panel around the bust and neckline.  The dress also features brown ties around the waist for added contrast.  The retro style of this dress is completely distinctive featuring a fitted tank top and then a lightly flared skirt at the natural waist.  The style of this dress is also so feminine with the ties around the waist adding to the fitted look of this dress.

Unlike most dresses you would see in department stores and chains, these great indie dresses again typify what we have come to love about indie dresses in general with their unique style and appeal to find bold styles and bold looks along with great retro elements and feminine style.   We love indie dresses for their distinction and their statement piece quality and often subsequently fall in love with their indie designers.  As you can see there are a number of great indie dresses available at boutiques  as well as at online boutiques in this the renaissance of the indie designer.   Indie designers have become the forefront of vintage styles and feminine pieces ad indie clothing and their designers have become more en vogue.

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Evening and Daytime Maxi Dresses

This season finding the perfect evening and daytime maxi dresses is actually not very difficult.  In fact maxi dresses have really become their own category and a fashion trend with staying power.  A number of designers have forayed into the maxi dress market giving shoppers a lot of selections of casual and sophisticated maxi dress styles.  Obviously the casual maxi dresses are more prevalent and it really is the fabric and somewhat the added details that distinguish the maxi casual maxi dress from the evening maxi dress.  Of course your evenings may be perfectly casual as well in which case the casual maxi dress will be a perfect fit.

One of our favorite casual style maxi dresses is the Rhetta Maxi Dress by designer Velvet by Graham and Spencer.  This jersey cotton maxi dress features a low cut back which gives this maxi dress a dressier even sexy evening look.  Best of all this dress is also versatile enough that you could easily wear it for casual or daytime events as well.  This maxi dress features a simple yet elegant fit and short sleeves.  Available in both black and malachite a teal blue color, this maxi dress is a must have for your summer wardrobe.

We also love the maxi dresses by designer Ella Moss.  The Odessa V Neck Maxi Dress feels so luxurious and regal when you wear it.  The Waterfall blue color is fabulous and the empire waist with the short sleeves gives the dress an elegant feminine touch.  This maxi dress really does look dressy enough to wear it for many evening or dressy functions. The empire waist on this maxi dress really does add to the dressy look and looks stunning with chunky necklaces or bold jewelry. The color is also very distinctive.

Another maxi dress by Ella Moss is the Hollie Racerback Maxi Dress in black.  The racerback lace detail around the shoulders is a great embellishment look.   This dress is another great blend of casual and dressy or evening and daytime as it really can be worn in either case.  This style of racerback maxi dress is also unique which adds to the statement piece quality of this dress.  Both the Hollie and Odessa maxi dresses are a rayon fabric which gives them a dressier, more luxurious feel which adds to their versatility for evening or dressy occasions.

Each of these maxi dresses is perfect for dressy occasions, that perfect warm day or your amazing Carribean vacation.  The versatility of the maxi dress of course adds to their appeal.  These dresses all can be dressed up or down as the occasion requires which really makes them a staple piece in your closet.  If you are still on the fence about adopting this fashion trend, consider just incorporating one maxi dress into your wardrobe as a way to test the waters.  Not to mention that the added versatility of the maxi dress that works in both evening and daytime really does help maximize the options for these dresses and of course the opportunities to wear them.

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Mid-calf Length Dresses

When shopping for dresses it frequently seems like finding mid-calf length dresses or dresses that hit below the knee is like finding a needle in a haystack.  With the resurgence of maxi dresses this season finding much longer dresses is much more accessible, but if you are looking for something that is in between the ultra long length and the short dresses about the knee consider a few of these great mid-calf dress possibilities.

The Malina V Neck Tie Dress is a great mid-calf length dress that is so versatile.  It is part of Velvet’s baby jersey collection so made of super soft jersey cotton which allows you the flexibility of wearing it to casual functions as well as dressing it up with accessories for dressier occasions.  Personally, I love the tie at the base of the v neckline for added detail.  The dress also features an empire waist giving it added detail. It is a basic black which never hurts and has long sleeves and of course it is a mid-calf length.  Designer Velvet by Graham and Spencer is known for their great use of cottons, but they also feature a slinky rayon collection which is a rayon blend for a dressier look.

Velvet’s Chapel dress features a Spanish tile pattern currently available in black or red with a v neckline.  This dress is fitted and the fabric is a rayon and lycra blend which gives it just the right amount of cling.  The pattern is really a standout and looks extremely classy on.  Of course most importantly, this dress also features a longer length with the mid-calf length which we greatly appreciate.

The sister version of this dress is the Anais V Neck dress again by designer Velvet by Graham and Spencer.  This dress is a similar style, but it is a solid color and is available in eggplant a deep purple color with a hint of blue.  Again this dress is fitted and features a rayon lycra blend giving it cling.

As you can see, each of these dresses gives you a distinctive look and is a great mid-calf length option for your wardrobe.  Another alternative to a mid-calf length dress is a longer or mid-calf skirt.  The mid-calf length skirts are very popular this season.  We love the Lija skirt as a great flared skirt that hits past the knee.   Another way to add length to a dress look is to wear leggings underneath.

There really are a variety of possibilities and options for mid-calf length dresses and when you mix in the option of longer length skirts or combined with leggings finding possible dress options is much more accessible.  Of course it is also easy to find maxi dresses which are the ultimate in long length if it is simply the long length you are after.  In either case, these dresses are great additions to any wardrobe and are versatile pieces that will last you for many more seasons to come.

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Spring Fashion Trends 2011

Spring is just around the corner and this spring you won’t want to miss out on a variety of great fashion trends that you may want to incorporate into your own wardrobe if they suit your individual style. Even if you ultimately don’t decide that some of these trends are for you, you will definitely want to know what is out there just in case.  In fact, as a shopper who considers myself fashion forward, I must admit sometimes I wait it out until I see some of these trends lasting beyond one season before I incorporate some of them into my wardrobe. So if nothing else, consider these trends for what you will and then utilize them as you see fit.

This spring you will continue to see the groundwork of a resurgence of neutrals and earth tones.   We think you will actually see more of these colors in the Fall of 2011, but we’re already seeing lots of khaki or white colors in jackets and wraps, cardigans, tops and dresses.   You will also see lots of these colors with a variety of patterns of stripes ranging from wide stripes to very narrow.  You’ll see a lot of neutral tones and stripes in accessories like bags, scarves and shoes.

One of the most popular styles this season for tops is the tie neck top.  These stylish tops can be found in a variety of fabrics although we’ve seen them primarily in sheer fabrics.  The tie neck top is a great retro look that is super feminine and yet another great way to incorporate the scarf trend that will continue to be prominent this spring.

As with the other accessories trends, the high-waisted belt will continue as a trend this spring and summer with more skinny / narrow belts instead of only seeing the super wide belts that are still prevalent.   Since I am generally not a proponent of the sewn in belt accessories, I think that having a few go to belts in basic accent colors and in different widths will be a stylish and economical way to spice up your wardrobe this spring.  You will also see lots of tie belts around the hips or even creating an empire waist line.

Bohemian style or peasant blouses will also be a must have for spring fashion this year.  These loose style tops come in a variety of styles featuring elements like ruffles, patterns, drawstrings around the neck or waist, embroidery, buttons, and much more.  The loose flowing look on top will continue to be popular and stylish this spring.

As for pants, the trend with skinny pants and leggings will of course continue this spring although with cropped lengths.  You will want to have a few pairs of basic colors of cropped length leggings and then once you’ve covered your bases spring for a couple of splurge accent colors for kicks.  You will also see a variety of long length skirts and long ruffled skirts that will be popular this season.   We’ve seen many of these long almost ankle length skirts or dresses with ruffled layers in bright spring colors like purples and corals which are going to be must have colors this spring.  In short, there are a variety of trends to observe and choose from when shopping this spring.  Regardless of what you see out there, be sure to make sure that whatever styles you incorporate we suggest finding your own voice in these styles to really help accent and create your own individual style because that is the number one most important piece to making every piece in your wardrobe a statement piece.

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Are Leggings Still in Style?

If you are wondering if leggings are still in style the short answer is definitely yes.  You don’t have to look much further than the latest trends this past season including Leggings and the popularity of tunic length tops that pair so well with leggings.  Leggings are still in full swing and many people who previously sat on the sidelines with leggings wondering if they were a fad are finally embracing the benefits of incorporating leggings into their wardrobes.   If you’re still looking for great types of leggings or even just great ideas of how to incorporate leggings into your wardrobe today we wanted to give you a few great ideas of things you should consider when you are shopping for leggings.

First, you need to decide what your budget is.  If you are someone who still thinks that leggings are just a flash fad then you may be thinking that you’re not sure how much staying power they may have as a fashion trend.  Accordingly, you may only want to invest in leggings on the more economical side or low end to see if they are really that great or if you even like them.  We’re not going to say you can’t do this and it isn’t such a bad idea, but we would strongly encourage you to consider that you do generally get what you pay for so in our experience those leggings don’t last as long or fit as well.  We would encourage you to try at least 1 pair of good leggings that are in the $50 price range so that you can experience what good quality leggings are like to wear.  We are pretty sure that you will see that there is a difference and the advantages of the mid-range $50 pair of leggings are so worth it.

Next, you will want to decide on length.  You find a variety of lengths, but they primarily fall into the camp of long (roughly ) or short (mid-knee or higher).  Honestly, the main determinant here is your preference.  The long length works so well with things like boots or in colder weather when you don’t want that much skin exposed.  The shorter length works great with things like dresses or shorter tunic length tops.  The shorter length is more popular for warmer weather and looks adorable with sandals and ballet flats.   At Vintage Fringe we love to wear leggings made by designer Velvet by Graham and Spencer.  Their leggings are great quality and are on the reasonable end of price and can generally be found at retailers between $50-65.  We love their Swoozie leggings for the longer length or the Ritzy leggings for the shorter length.  Both are made of great quality jersey cotton and fit extremely well.  The waist band s properly sewn and they are thick enough fabrics that they don’t run or snag easily.  The Ritzy legging is a slightly thinner fabric made from Velvet’s Gauzy Whisper fabric, but is still thick enough to be good quality.

Finally, the final decision can sometimes be the hardest—what color?  Here you have to take into account your own preferences and existing wardrobe, but consider a few pointers as you decide on colors.  When you are starting to incorporate a piece into your wardrobe it is always a good idea to think about it in terms of basics.  Any good stylist will tell you that you always start basic and work your way into splurge colors or pieces over time.  So with that in mind you will want to start with basic black.  You really need at least one pair of basic black if not a couple because you can make black work with just about anything.  Next I would add in a good grey or brown color depending on whether you primarily wear cool or warm colors.  Once you have a few of these colors in your closet then you can add in accent colors like blues, reds or other perk colors.

As you can see these are our rules of the road when shopping for leggings.  You will find that getting the right pair of leggings can make all the difference when you try to add it into your wardrobe.  Hopefully these suggestions have helped to give you a few good ideas for how you can find the right pair of leggings for your budget, wardrobe and individual style.

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Sequin Tops

If you’ve opened any fashion magazine this year you can’t miss noticing one of this seasons latest fashion trends – sequins.  Sequins are the big accent to lots of tops, dresses, handbags, shoes, skirts and even pants.   It used to be that sequins were only reserved for really special occasions or evening dresses, but not anymore.  Sequins are popping up literally everywhere in fashion these days and I must admit, we are actually big fans of sequins too.  You’ll see sequins all over dresses on the red carpet and award shows and while there is such a thing as too much sequins by and large most fashionable pieces use sequins to add the perfect amount of sparkle to casual tops and dresses.

Consider the Erin Sequin Long Sleeve Wrap Top by Velvet by Graham and Spencer.  This is a gorgeous top with a sophisticated and elegant sequin pattern on your classic black deep v neck top.  The sequins are all over so this top is probably a little too dressy to wear to the office or out running errands, but looks awesome if you are trying to attract a little attention on a night out on the town or at a holiday party.  The fit is comfortable and this top in classic black looks hot with boots and even dare we say jeans.  This is a great example of the top that has the ability to be dressed up or down and this top is certainly at the high end in terms of use of sequins.

Alternatively the Scoop Neck Sequin Top by Collective Concepts also uses contrasting colors of sequins to adorn this Olive Green scoop neck top. Here the design is limited to the shoulders and a beautiful classy pattern that gives this basic top an added flair.  The shoulder detail is just enough to give turn this top into a great statement piece for your closet. Certainly this sequin top can be worn casually with just about anything, but yet the use of sequins really does help to dress up this top and give it a bit of extra attention and sparkle.

Sequin tops may not be the top you want to wear every single day, but they are great ways to insert a little variety and feminine touch to your wardrobe.  You’ll find a variety of large sequins or smaller sequins and sequins in a variety of colors.  Of course this year metallic colors are very popular too. You may even find little touches like sequin belts or earrings that can spice up your wardrobe too.  No matter how you decide to insert a little sparkle into your wardrobe rest assured in knowing that this isn’t a flash trend that will be gone tomorrow and that classic sequins will certainly be a stylish way to add more feminine touches to your wardrobe.  If nothing else a little bit of sequins can help turn a basic top into a statement piece for your closet for years to come.

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What to wear on Valentine’s day

Dresses, and skirts, and shoes, oh my! Deciding what to wear for a special occasion, lets just say Valentine’s Day, can be tricky. But look no further ladies, I’ve got the advice and looks for a sure fire hit for V-Day 2010.  No matter if you are doing a fancy dinner out or a cozy night in, we all want to look our best for cupid, that special someone, or just your self! The first look is the ever popular dress. Dresses can be very flattering and a bit more dressed up then normal day to day wear. I suggest going with a pattern, maybe something you wouldn’t normally wear.  This gorgeous dress by Velvet by Graham and Spencer fits the bill and will surely turn a head or two when worn.  It is also available in Red/White which would be perfect for Valentine’s Day!
Chapel Dress by Velvet

Chapel Dress by Velvet

The second look is more casual, a simple cardigan and jeans. Cardigans are always a classic look and I just adore the cute heart detail on this one.  It could easily be dressed up with skinny jeans and some killer heels or kept casual as shown.

Heart Button Cardigan by Joy Joy

Heart Button Cardigan by Joy Joy

Whatever your plans are, remember this: No outfit looks sexy if you are uncomfortable with yourself in it! Choose something that you feel confident in and you will look your best, because you feel your best.  So what are your V-Day plans, going out or staying in?? Me, I think a cozy night in will be perfect for this year…I’ll be the one in the cute cardigan and jeans!

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Don’t Miss the Vintage Fringe Outlet Sale!!!!

In honor of the hot summer weather Vintage Fringe is serving up some hot prices on all our outlet items.  Starting today until July 15th take an additional 20% off all outlet purchases.  This means you can get designer clothing from designers like Sweet Pea, Velvet by Graham and Spencer, Alixk, Laurie B., Alternative Apparel, Ella Moss, Zooey, and Splendid at discounts of up to 80% off.  A perfect example of our amazing savings is this Orange and Black Sweet Pea dress originally retailing for $99 .  Now with the additional 20% off you can buy this dress for only $44 .  The hot prices won’t last forever, so hurry up and save only at Vintage Fringe.


Sweet Pea Orange and Black Dress

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