Rose Print Dress

This summer floral pattern dresses are just as popular as ever.  If you are looking for rose pattern dresses and tops then you’ll frequently see them in delicate even sheer fabrics such as chiffons with sweetheart necklines and spaghetti straps.  They are beautiful, but they are also traditional.  We like to branch out a bit with a variety of different alternatives with that basic rose print dress with alternate ways to bring rose or floral patterns into your closet.

Consider pairing the Sleeveless Front Tie Tank from designer Sweet Pea by Stacy Frati with a green or red skirt.  This great tank features a distinctive neckline with the ruched neck with a tie around the neck.  This tank exudes femininity and of course is complemented by a beautiful rose print pattern featuring bright red roses.   For a dressier look, we suggest pairing this with a pencil skirt such as the Sintia Pencil Skirt by designer Velvet by Graham and Spencer.  It would look great with one of our newest colors Botanica a green color.  This outfit would truly be a statement piece in your closet and a distinctive way to incorporate roses compared to the traditional dress options.

If the gathered tie neck isn’t for you, consider the sister tank also by designer Sweet Pea by Stacy Frati, the Sleeveless Tie Tank Top which also features a beautiful rose pattern in baby blue.  With a baby blue tie in back for added contrast.  This tank features a flared waist and subtle pleats in front.  With a retro style, this rose print tank is a great feminine styled piece that again would look great with a pencil skirt or even leggings for a dressier look.  This is a great summer tank with lots of color and feminine touches.

If you are still interested in finding a distinctive floral /rose print dress consider the Tie Short Dress also by designer Sweet Pea by Stacy Frati.  This dress features a retro style and a bold brown and pink floral pattern.  With color blocking detail around the waist and bodice, this dress is completely distinctive and a great away to bring in floral patterns while also maintaining your individual style.  This dress also works with leggings or simply as is whatever you prefer.

As you can see there are a number of ways to create an individual style while still including feminine pieces such as rose prints whether they are in tops, tanks, skirts or dresses.  Using patterns and prints is a great way to add versatility and options to accessorize these statement pieces and maximize the options of different ways to wear patterned pieces.  We also love that they are truly distinctive.  Even though roses are fairly uniform, these pieces show that they can also be distinctive.

Ultimately, you have to find the dress that is the perfect fit for you, but we suggest that you consider thinking outside of the box instead of simply sticking with the traditional rose pattern dresses that you can find from a number of designers.

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Date Night Dress Ideas

Picking out an outfit for a date night can be especially frustrating.  Solving the “what should I wear?” crisis is never fun, but it can certainly be a bit easier.  Consider a few of these great show stopper outfits as possible solutions to the date night dress dilemma.

First up is the Burca dress by Velvet by Graham and Spencer.  This dress features a great boat neckline and added details like a big silver zipper in back.  The dress is also tapered so it fits tighter at the waist than around the bustline.  The modern look is perfect for that date night and the slinky rayon fabric is to die for.  Wearing this over leggings as a tunic for a more casual look or with high boots gives you multiple options to help make this dress even more versatile.  Ideal date night occasions for this dress include: dinner at your favorite fancy restaurant, or art gallery or museum event.

Next up consider the Dita V Neck Ruffle Dress by designer Ella Moss.  This great dress has a vintage style that always reminds us of something you’d see on the show Mad Men.  With ruffles accenting the deep v neck line and the dress flares at the waist.  Of course we love the vintage style polka dot pattern too.  A great dress for a number of occasions which will help make sure you get your money’s worth out of this dress.  Ideal date night occasions for this dress include:  the theatre, weddings and just about any other party.

Next consider the Modal Jersey Scoop Neck Dress by Splendid.  This dress is elegant and simple with the ruffles around the neckline and the racerback detail in back.  With simple lines and a classic look, this dress is versatile and elegant.  As its name denotes it is made with modal jersey fabric which is the perfect blend of luxurious and comfortable.  It is machine washable, yet so soft to the touch that you really hate to take it off.  Ideal date night occasions for this dress include:  summer barbeque and dinner and a movie.

Finally, consider another statement dress with the Doreen Cut Out Dress by Velvet by Graham and Spencer.  This dress in a beautiful purple color called Gazelle.  Featuring cutouts in the sleeves at the base of the shoulders, this dress has a surprising modernity that we adore.  Part sleeves of Velvet’s Gauzy Whisper collection, this dress features a lightweight cotton, it is lined and gives you a perfect classy dress with a slight twist or edge.  We love the look of this dress again with high boots in a contrasting grey or other bold color and of course this dress looks elegant in your favorite pair of statement heels.  Ideal date night occasions for this dress include: the theatre, dinner out, art gallery and any party /event.

In short, you can find a variety of great dresses that can help make the date night dress dilemma a little bit easier.  Hopefully these are a few ideas that will help give you ideas for your own wardrobe and help give you ideas of some of the best places to wear these dresses on your next date night.

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Feminine Style Ella Moss Dresses

We love Ella Moss and especially their designer dresses!  They perpetually embody such great feminine style and are always fashion forward.  This season one of the pervasive fashion trends has been the resurgence of purple and different variations of the color.

Ella Moss Kiki Front Tie Dress

Ella Moss Kiki Front Tie Dress

Ella Moss’ Kiki Front Tie Dress is a great example of this feminine style and absolutely beautiful in the Slate (Smokey Purple) color.   This elegant dress made of lace complete with lace straps and gathered lace around the v neck.  We also love the subtle ruffle at the bottom of the dress.

Ella Moss left no detail uncovered and includes a silk tie bow in the front in a matching Slate color too.  We love the Slate color!  It is such a great way to wear this season’s popular purple color as it isn’t that old Jack Nicholson “Joker” purple.  It isn’t over the top like that shade of purple.  Yet it isn’t as muted as your basic  grey either.  Completely stunning and completely distinctive, which is classic Ella Moss!

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