Bohemian Tops

We love vintage inspired clothing and a variety of different styles.  At Vintage Fringe we are always on the look out for great retro styles that have been infused into new pieces with a vintage edge.  One vintage style trend is the bohemian trend.  What exactly is the bohemian trend or that bohemian look?  The easiest way to define it is to show you some great pieces that we think really represent this trend.  A lot of bohemian styles feature flared waists—you may see a lot of empire waists in bohemian pieces.  Much of it is traditional cotton or currently organic cotton.  You may see details like embroidery or ribbons weaved into the design of the top.  It may also include retro looking patterns or prints.  You have probably seen a lot of this look at Anthropologie or with their brand Free People and we love their stuff as well.  We have actually been inspired by some bohemian style pieces from great designer brands like Ella Moss and Sweet Pea.  Here are few great examples:

Ella Moss Baja Tie Waist Sweater – this great sweater features a wide v neck sweater with a tie belt at the waist.  With a great multi-color striped pattern at the shoulders and hem of the top and sleeves, this top really does exude a vintage inspired look.  This sweater is light enough that you can wear it in just about any season except summer.  We love the free spirited look that this sweater embodies and think this is a great representation of a bohemian top.

Ella Moss Camille Mandarin Collar Top – Another great bohemian style top from Ella Moss, the Camille top features a beautiful embroidery pattern around the neckline in front.  The mandarin collar also makes it distinctive along with the buttons in front allowing it to be a long v neck if you prefer.  Made of cotton shirting fabric, this top is light and airy.  With ¾ length sleeves which make it easy to wear just about all year long.

Sweet Pea Bohemian Tunic Top – Sweet Pea is known for designing great pieces with fabulous patterns that often have that vintage inspiration.  This top is no exception with a great retro pattern featuring brown accents at the hem and trim around the v neck and sleeves.  The pattern itself features several great colors in yellow, brown and a light red.  You’ll love the split v neck line and the ¾ length sleeves.  Sweet Pea’s fabric is a nylon mesh blend so it is ultra light and easy to wear.

These tops offer different elements of that bohemian top trend and we hope you love it as much as we do.  That retro look is certainly a great way to spruce up a stuffy wardrobe with more modern styles.  We love the ability to mix it up with these tops and wear them a variety of different ways allowing you to truly integrate that vintage style with a modern skirt or other modern fashion trends. You could easily rock any of these tops with boots or leggings depending on your preference.

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