Beaded Top

We started Vintage Fringe because we love details.  We hunt for clothing that pays attention to the details and love finding a variety of tops with different types of embellishments.  You’ll see beading, fabric embellishments, sequins, and even buttons as accents on tops and dresses.  Any of these options are great ways to add distinctive elements to your clothing.  It may be subtle or it may be bold, but whatever works for your wardrobe having tops with embellishments is a great way to transform simple pieces into statement pieces.

For beaded accents our favorite piece is the Keesha ¾ Sleeve V Neck top by designer Velvet by Graham and Spencer features a cowl neck v neck top accented by beading off the shoulder.  This beaded detail really does take an otherwise simple top and transform it with just a simple cluster of beads.  I also love the use of beads as accents such as the Collective Concepts Racerback Flared Tunic Tank Top.  Here the beads are around the straps on the shoulders which are metal links adorned by black beads on both sides.  A great way to layer in details and really make these tops more feminine and even more of a statement.

Fabric embellishments are a great retro trend that is currently making a comeback.  They are great accents to wear on wonderful spring or summer pieces.  Another great example of this is the V Neck Tie Waist Tunic top again by designer Collective Concepts.  Here the embellishments adorn the v neckline in a beautiful, feminine pattern which really turns a simple top into a statement piece.  This top is perfect for wearing with leggings, capris or jeans.  As a sidenote, one of our new arrivals the Lucca Racerback dress by designer Velvet by Graham and Spencer is a gorgeous way to see fabric embellishments on the perfect summer dress.

You may also see other accents or details like sequins or even buttons on tops this season.  The Scoop Neck Sequin top by designer Collective Concepts is a great example of the sequin details on an otherwise basic scoop neck top.  Here the sequin design is showcased around the shoulders so it almost looks like epaulets.  This top has an olive green fabric and the sequins are accented in ivory for contrast.   Alternatively, the button detail may surprise you, but we fell in love with the Joy Joy Heart Button Cardigan that features buttons for detail organized in a heart shape on the right side of this adorable cardigan.

As you can see, simple embellishments can really transform an ordinary piece into a statement piece and that is why we spend so much time focusing on the details or fringe.  Each of these examples are great ways to incorporate these details into your closet in ways that range from bold to somewhat subtle depending on the look you are going for.  You can find great pieces that really do incorporate great details into any type of clothing you are looking to add to your wardrobe.

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