Scoop Neck Top

The scoop neck top has really become a wardrobe staple that you end up trying to stock up on in multiple colors. Scoop necklines have of course been around forever, but it seems like great scoop necklines are incorporated in a lot of wonderful style tops and sweaters featuring both long and short sleeves.  A great look is even layering scoop neck tops over tanks or other contrasting necklines to add color and additional style elements to your look.  Consider a few great pieces that feature scoop neck lines and a variety of distinctive styles so that when you add this great neckline to your wardrobe you don’t’ have to wear the exact same shirt in another color.

The designer Stacy Frati features a variety of Scoop Necklines in her Sweet Pea Clothing collection and here are a few great examples of unique patterns and styles that still incorporate similar scoop necklines.  Consider the Long Sleeve Ruched Empire Waist Top or the Long Sleeve Scoop Neck Floral Top that features a deep scoop neckline, but still includes other stylistic elements that make each of these tops unique.  The Ruched Empire Waist top obviously features an empire waist and ruching (the gathered fabric in front) giving it a beautiful classic regal look that reminds us of something of the Victorian time period.  With a beautiful olive green paisley pattern, this scoop neck top exudes femininity.  The Floral Scoop Neck top by Sweet Pea features another beautiful pattern with the red roses on the front, but features a basic black on the trip around the neckline and the sleeves and back.  Both necklines are wide scoop necks, yet that is about the only similarity between these distinctive tops from Sweet Pea.

Collective Concepts features some great short sleeve scoop neck tops or even scoop neck tanks with a variety of great patterns and styles.  Some of our favorites are the Stripe Knit Tops and tanks by Collective Concepts featuring alternate depths for the scoop necklines.  Available in a variety of colors including navy, green, pink and red, these tops feature great fabrics and feminine details like lace or burnout fabrics.

Alternatively, consider this spin on the scoop neckline with the Multi-Collar Long Sleeve Top by Zooey by Alice Heller.  This long top features three scoop neck collars in front and in back on this seemingly basic long sleeve top.  It is a great top for fall and winter as it doesn’t have a deep scoop neck, but yet still gives the look of a scoop neck with the alternate collars.  The long length is ideal and works great for layering over leggings or pairing this top with boots.

The scoop neckline is quite possibly one of our favorites and we’re so glad to see it utilized in so many different styles and patterns of tops ranging from long sleeve all the way to tanks.  Of course you can also find great distinctive styles of scoop necklines in dresses as well, but in any event the scoop neckline is a great feminine neckline and we love finding so many different possible ways to wear scoop neck tops in your wardrobe.

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