Floral Sundress

You always need a great go to floral sundress option for summer weather or for that perfect island vacation.  Of course floral sundresses come in a variety of styles, patterns and even colors so it is always a great way to find that perfect sundress that represents your individual style.  Here are a few examples of great floral sundresses that may just be the perfect floral sundress for you.

First the Mod Retro Dress or Tunic features a short length so for someone who likes to wear short dresses it works for that or alternatively if you prefer it as more of a tunic it pairs perfectly with black leggings.  The floral pattern here features a black foundation with flowers that feature bold, bright colors like purples, blues, pinks, oranges and even white on a modern floral pattern.   Of course continuing the modern style, the tunic features a black center stripe and trim that caps off the Sweet Pea Rupert pattern and the A line adding to the retro look. Another great feature with this dress is the fabric is 100% Nylon Mesh which designer Stacy Frati utilizes because of its breathability in warm, humid weather. It truly is a great sundress for summer.

Next, if you prefer a more traditional style dress, but still love the Rupert floral pattern, consider the Sweet Pea Retro Boatneck Dress.  This sundress features the same pattern, but with a different style.  Featuring a boatneck and short sleeves, this dress is both distinctive and stylish. The dress also features a tie belt sewn in at the sides to give it added fit and it can be styled however you prefer.  You have the option to tie it in front, back or on the side so you can mix it up however you prefer.  It also works well with leggings if you are looking for more versatility or style options.

Finally, consider the Cherry Cowl Neck Dress by designer Velvet by Graham and Spencer. This sundress features a beautiful floral pattern with blues and deep maroon colors.  The dress features short sleeves and a drape neckline in front.  The pattern shifts to a contrasting smaller tile pattern with blues and red on the back of this dress as well.  There is also a contrasting brown tie belt to give it more fit and style and features a comfortable, sheer cotton silk fabric blend that gives it a great airy summer style.  The bottom of the dress has a hint of flare to it giving it an added feminine touch.  This dress can also work well with leggings and is a great statement piece for any wardrobe.

As you can see, each of these floral sundresses features distinctive styles and patterns that are great options for that perfect summer sundress.  We love each of these dresses for different reasons, but they are all distinctive and versatile giving you a number of different options for wearing them beyond the summer season which certainly can’t hurt in today’s economy.  In short, you really can’t go wrong finding that perfect floral sundress as there are certainly a variety of great options in wearable fabrics that are sure to be a great addition to your wardrobe.

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