Bold Color Halter Top

If you are looking for the perfect summer statement top consider the Ruffle Halter Tank by designer La Befana.  A sister line to designer Sweet Pea by Stacy Frati, this tank features gorgeous ruffles cascading down the front of the halter tank top.  Available in a steel grey color, this tank is a total statement piece that showcases one of this season’s best fashion trends ruffles. The ruffles are a great way to take a stylish design to another level.  This halter top is the perfect piece to accentuate your shoulders and neckline.   A gorgeous halter tank this top is sure to be a go to for any occasion.

Halter tank tops are great summer pieces as they are very distinctive and depending on the style can be a sophisticated, flirty summer tank.  They can come in a number of styles and colors.  Consider the Sleeveless Front Tie Halter tank top by Sweet Pea by Stacy Frati.  This halter tank top features a ruffle around the neckline with a tie in front giving it an added feminine touch.  Most importantly, this tank features a gorgeous bold red rose pattern on a dark navy blue background.  The bold pattern is a great way to create a flirty feminine look with a classy tank top that can be worn for an evening out or even simply for everyday activities.

Compare that tank to the Mae Ruffle Scoop Neck Tank top featuring a deep scoop neck and a gorgeous red coral color called Cayenne.  This tank features a ruffle around the neckline and a drawstring so that you can control the tightness of the neckline.  We love the bold color and the style of this tank top.  This tank from designer Velvet by Graham and Spencer features a lightweight cotton fabric which makes it a great tank for summer weather.  An alternative to the halter tanks above, this tank features a distinctive look and a great way to showcase your great summer arms, shoulders, and neckline.

All three of these tanks are great statement tank tops and they look gorgeous.  What I personally love is that they are not trashy or tasteless halter tanks which you see all too often in the summer.  Rather these tanks really do accentuate the shoulders and the neckline in a variety of different styles, but all of them still look elegant and tasteful.  As you can also see they all have completely distinctive styled necklines and unique accents which makes each of them a great statement tank top.   Several of these tops also work great under blazers, cardigans or wraps in colder weather giving them added versatility which can be so helpful when you are shopping for clothes on a budget in the current economy.  Whatever look suits you best, be sure that you have at least one great statement piece halter tank in your closet as a great way to mix up the boring basic summer spaghetti strap tank tops.

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Hot Spring Clothes

Spring is right around the corner and finding hot spring clothes is a must for every fashionista.  Spring fashions are already making a debut in stores now and when you are shopping for spring fashion you will want to make sure you are on the lookout for a few key pieces that you will want to either dust off or add into your spring wardrobe.

Maxi Dresses – the trend continues this spring with a variety of different styles of maxi dresses.  You will see the strapless, halter top, racerback or standard necklines in those ankle length maxi dresses.  This style trend can also be fashionable in patterns or in solids.  Floral patterns are always great for spring and this season you will find lots of bright colors and even retro patterns like tie dyes.  Of course for spring you will also want to have a few cropped cardigans or wraps to go with those maxi dresses with the cooler temperatures.  We love the look of rugged cargo jackets and maxi dresses.

Leggings – Another must have for spring weather are cropped leggings.  Leggings are the must have for shorter dresses or the longer tunic length tops.  We find so many tunic length tops that are popular for spring work perfectly with leggings.  We’ve discussed how to shop for leggings and the pros and cons of different lengths and what colors you should start with when investing in leggings, but in short we suggest that you invest in basic colors like black, grey and browns and then branch out into splurge colors depending on what suits your wardrobe.

Tank Tops and Cardigans – If you are like us by the time spring rolls around we are so tired of long sleeves and turtlenecks that we are dying to get back into wearing some of our favorite tanks.  Of course most spring weather isn’t warm enough to wear tanks by themselves, but we like to wear our tanks with cardigans.  You’ll see lots of scarves and great neckline accessories to complement the different necklines.  Spring fashion trends include mixed lengths and tanks and cardigans are a great way to play off of the different hemlines.  As an example, we love Velvet’s long Kelisha Tank and love wearing that with the cropped Sartee drape cardigan.  This look for us creates a modern feminine look that we love to see this spring.

Skirts – These are classic pieces for spring, summer and fall and this spring we love the simple, yet elegant pencil skirt.  I have a friend who I always admired her fashion style and she would always wear these stretchy pencil skirts that she would wear just about anywhere with practically any top and shoes.  It always looked so comfortable and so fashionable and feminine.  Finding that perfect stretchy pencil skirt is a great addition to any spring wardrobe.  We love the Sintia pencil skirt by Velvet because it has just enough stretch and cling.

Of course these are just a few of our highlights for spring fashion this season.   You will want to incorporate any and all of these great trends in your spring wardrobe as they suit your own style.  If you’re trying to save a little money we suggest picking your favorite of these spring fashion trends and then add others over time.  Don’t forget, that above all you will want to make sure that whatever spring fashion you wear you will want to make sure that you are true to your own individual style.

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Trend Alert: Ruffle Tanks by La Befana and Sweet Pea

Ruffle Tops are a huge fashion trend this summer!  Lindsay Lohan and Hilary Duff are just a few celebrities who are digging the ruffle look.

Lindsay Lohan in Ruffles

Lindsay Lohan in Ruffles

Here at Vintage fringe we have so many different ruffle tops and dresses to choose from.  The classic example is our La Befana Ruffle Halter Tank.  La Befana chooses the classic Halter top cut to really accentuate the ruffle detail making the top classy and flattering.  La Befana added one more classic signature to this top–an adorable tie in the back. This ruffle halter comes in a dusty blue that looks beautiful with khaki and is such a classic color it really can be worn in every season.

Another trendy tank I just adore is the Sweet Pea 4 Tiered Ruffle Tank. Like all of Sweet Pea clothing this tank is bright and feminine. This strappy tank features 4 tiers of ruffles and comes in a beautiful cranapple witch is a bright fuschia color as well as rain which is an aqua blue.

Hilary Duff in Ruffles

Hilary Duff in Ruffles

At Vintage Fringe we have ruffle tanks, ruffle shirts, and ruffle dresses so don’t miss out on one of this summer’s cutest trends.

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