How To: Nude and Orange

One of the season’s hottest colors are nudes and oranges.  These tones are great colors and add an element of brightness and boldness to otherwise drab wardrobes.  It is refreshing to see the mix of colors as orange tones often end up being reserved for sports team gear.  Finding the right shade of oranges is essential to making orange a long lasting color and not just a short-term fashion fad.  When you are looking for these colors, here are a few pointers to consider in your search for the perfect pieces in nude and orange.

Let’s start with orange, we don’t like the solid bright orange color.  Finding a shade of orange that is more muted or more red tones makes it a longer lasting color shade.  Rust colors or corals are great examples of more friendly orange shades.   For ideas about these tones consider a few of our favorite orange shade examples with the Vika Button Down Dress by designer Velvet by Graham and Spencer.  This dress features a beautiful peach tone fabric styled in a gorgeous button up dress.  This colors looks great with a tan complexion so it is a perfect dress for summer and fall.  For a deeper orange color, consider the Rust tones such as the Split V Henley top from designer Zooey by Alice Heller.  This top features a beautiful rust color that is a sort of burnt orange tone.  It is not a red, but really does exemplify a good use of the orange tones.   This color looks great with blues like deep denim colors as well as blacks and tans.

Next on deck are the nude colors.  Nudes are a challenging color to find and often straddle the blend of pinks or tan or taupe colors.  You also want to make sure that these colors don’t wash you out depending on your skin tone.  These light colors work well on olive or dark complexions and can work on fair skins depending on the shade.  Good nude colors have a range.  The pink nude shades include warm pink tones as an example in the Vevina Long Sleeve Empire Waist top in Nude.  This top features a gorgeous pink shade of nude and is simultaneously feminine and flattering while also being fashionable and distinctive.   On the tan side of the nude scale consider a great top Loose Knit ¾ Sleeve Tie Hoodie.  This top features an Oatmeal color that is a great neutral tone this is very popular this season.  We’ve seen it in skirts, dresses and tops as well and it is a great light color to contrast with darker shades or ivory colors.

As you can see, nudes and orange tones are great ways to insert new life into drab closets with the same old colors.  Depending on your own skin tone and personal preferences, you should certainly look to incorporate great stylish pieces in these fantastic colors.

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