What Jewelry Should I Wear With Winter Clothes

Dressing in colder weather can make accessorizing your outfits much more of a challenge.  Say no more as there are a lot of great ways to remedy the winter wardrobe blues and dress it up with jewelry.  To balance out the heavier fabrics and layers you will want to find pieces of jewelry that are a bit heavier and bolder than some you might wear in warmer weather.

One jewelry trend that works great with heavy winter clothes this season are the big, chunky necklaces and earrings in great contrasting colors that help bring attention to your neckline and add a hint of femininity to it.  Depending on whether you prefer warm or cool colors you may want to find great accent colors like reds, light blues or greens.  Wonderful accent colors like jade green or even coral pinks that are very in style this season.  Another great contrast color is white or ivory in large beads or stones.  You can find a variety of different styles of necklaces in long or short lengths depending on what you prefer and what works best with your own individual style and wardrobe.  Chunky necklaces work well with long sleeve scoop necks and can even work with other necklines that are popular in winter clothing such as turtlenecks.  We love the look of classy long bold necklaces with turtlenecks in the winter.

Long necklaces are a great way to break up the look of heavy sweaters or cardigans in the winter and are also great ways to accent heavier tops.  You’ll find a variety of styles of long necklaces that feature an oversized pendant on the necklace. These longer necklaces are a great way to break up the monotony of heavy textures and less skin that is characteristic of winter clothing.

Another great way to help break up the heavier winter textures is long earrings.  They really do help to bring attention up to your face and help lighten up the winter clothing layers.  Long hoops or other big earrings are my go to piece whenever I don’t have that perfect necklace to go with an outfit.  Big earrings are a great way to bring a little more shine and sparkle to your winter wardrobe.  We love the look of long dangle earrings with high necklines to help break up or spice up an outfit.

In short, the basic theme for finding the perfect jewelry to help accessorize any winter outfit is generally long lengths for earrings and necklaces and bold chunky pieces to help offset the heavy, thick textures and fabrics so prevalent with winter clothing.  You will want to find good accent colors that work with your typical wardrobe pieces and will want to make sure that you have a few good staple pieces.  When you can’t find the perfect necklace to go with your outfit you will want to have some good fallback earrings that help give your look that added sparkle and shine and help breakup the monotony of so many layers of clothes.

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How to Accessorize my Neckline

As temperatures start to warm up this year it will quickly be time to start thinking about ways to accessorize your neckline.  Luckily there are a variety of great ways to accessorize necklines that are also extremely popular fashion trends this season.

Let’s start with probably the most obvious…necklaces.  Of course every outfit presents unique opportunities to wear jewelry, but necklaces are by far the most central, but yet also most diverse way to accessorize.  Popular necklaces range from the simple classic silver or gold necklace to the larger chunky bead or stone necklaces that are so popular these days.   Having a few of each for your different tops and looks will be an essential way to help accessorize around the neckline.  Chunky big necklaces can be found in a variety of styles, colors and lengths and you will want to invest in a couple of great bold necklaces that you can wear with as many outfits as possible.  Consider your existing wardrobe and style and then find a couple of great staple chunky necklaces that will work with it.  You will also want to incorporate a few more classic pieces to give you some optional looks before you buy necklaces that are more splurge pieces.

Another great way to accessorize your neckline are scarves.  Cute scarves have been a great fashion forward trend that is still in style this season.  Similar to the strategy for finding some good necklaces, you will want to first invest in a few great accent colors that would fit with your wardrobe.  If you tend to like warmer colors consider an ivory or brown colored scarf as a complement to your existing clothing.  Likewise if you prefer cool colors a grey or light blue might be a great good complement colors.  We recommend starting with solid colors first and then branching into patterned scarves if they suit your individual style.  You will likely want to have a couple of basic go to scarves to layer into your wardrobe as a great way to accessorize.

Finally don’t forget about turtleneck tops as suited to the season.  You can find short sleeve turtlenecks for warmer weather.  The turtleneck is very much in style and one of the latest trends in turtlenecks are gathered turtlenecks that give you a great turtleneck look that stays in place and also gives you a beautiful, feminine look around your neck.  Consider the Discharge turtleneck top by AlixK or their Cappy short sleeve turtleneck as examples with this great neckline.

We think that each of these alternatives are great ways to accessorize your neckline.  Of course whatever you prefer to accessorize your neckline with we recommend that you try to stretch out of your comfort zone and expand your individual style to try some of these amazing ways to accent your neckline.  I have to admit that I’ve lived through the scarf trend in the 80s and was a little reluctant, but I invested in some great staple colors that fit my wardrobe and have found them to be so fun to wear.  Above all, each of these alternatives are great ways to insert some added feminine touches into your wardrobe and we think if you invest in the right pieces, each of these trends can be so much fund to include in your individual style.

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