Latest Jacket Trends

Jackets are always evolving along with fashion trends every season.  Of course this season is no different, but you will definitely want to be mindful of some of the latest jacket trends when you are out shopping for a new jacket.  There are several new trends you should be aware of when considering your next jacket purchase including length, styles and fabrics.

By far the biggest fashion trend with respect to jackets this season is the length.  You will find jackets this season are hot in really two extreme lengths.  Short or cropped length is definitely a big trend this season.  You will find people wearing cropped jackets with longer length tops.  The cropped length jacket is really such a great new jacket look that you will want to have at least one to mix up the looks with your jacket wardrobe.  Alternatively you will also find stylish jackets in long lengths as well.  Trench coats are seeing a surge this season as well and you will find a variety of stylish trench coats that are knee length this season.  Having a lightweight jacket like a trench coat will be the perfect piece to add a little fresh fashion trend into your closet.

You will also see jackets in a variety of styles but with a few standout trends.   The latest trends include a lot of the military style embellished cropped jackets .  Many trends include vintage inspired elements such as cropped flared wrap jackets that you would have seen in furs or in the movies.  Both of these great jacket trends pair so well with boots and leggings or even just your everyday jeans or cargo pants. You will also see lots of off center accents such as zippers or buttons .  Of course we can’t forget to mention accents like belts that are also part of the latest jacket trends.  Embellishments and accents on jackets this season are practically a trend unto themselves.

Another trend this season is jackets that mix up the textures with fabrics.  You’ll see the lots of retro or vintage elements in the fabrics lots of patterns and tweed.  You will also see shimmer and ruffles mixed into a variety of jacket styles.  Really the trend is variety of texture and you can find it in a variety of patterns and styles.   Fabrics will be more shimmer and sparkle than matte and in a combination of bold colors and earth tones are making a comeback this season.

Our goal is always to try and create our own individual style so depending on your preferences you may want to buck the trends altogether, but it is always helpful to know what the latest trends are so that you can choose whether you want to incorporate them into your own personal wardrobe.  It is always good to have at least one jacket that is trendy enough to help spruce up your wardrobe and with the current trends for jackets.  Personally I love my cropped bomber jacket and my trench coat is it is hard to choose just one, but in any case we hope you’ll find that perfect style jacket just for you!

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