Long Sleeve Dresses

It’s the perfect time of year to be shopping for Long sleeve dresses.  We love finding stylish dresses and especially love finding distinctive styles to wear for special occasions or just for fun.  Pairing dresses with boots, leggings, scarves or even just great jewelry make finding good dresses even more worthwhile. A variety of designers notoriously have great dresses and a variety of long sleeve dresses.  Dresses by Velvet by Graham and Spencer have become some of our favorites.  They are typically made of their baby jersey or gauzy jersey cotton so they are comfortable, machine washable and wearable which can’t be said for a lot of dresses.  Here are a few of our favorite dresses by Velvet this season:

Velvet by Graham and Spencer Freda Gathered Waist Dress – This dress is a classic style, but we love the look of the gathered waist and the deep v neck giving it an elegant feminine look.  This dress style reminds us of a vintage Greta Garbo dress.  Since the Freda dress is made of a super soft jersey cotton this dress is versatile and works in warm and cool weather a great feature when you are trying to get the most out of every purchase these days.  One of my favorite things about this dress is that it is available in black, navy and white.  We love the look of the white dress in the spring and warmer weather as it is not a dress color you find every day.

Velvet by Graham and Spencer Doreen Cutout Dress – A truly fashionable classic long sleeve dress with a bit of an edge.  The Doreen dress features long sleeves with cutouts on each arm just at the base of the shoulders.  Lengthwise it hits our models at about mid-thigh so it pairs perfectly with boots, and leggings or tights.  It is currently available at Vintage Fringe in Gazelle, a great purple color so it goes wonderfully with blacks and greys.  We love the cutout look giving this dress an added twist and the fitted look.  We are so hooked on boots and leggings this year that this dress is a must have this season.

Velvet by Graham and Spencer Zahara Knot Dress – A timeless dress the Zahara Knot dress features an A line skirt and a knot at the base of the v neckline.  With long sleeves as well, this dress is another versatile piece for cold and warm weather. We love the simple, but elegant look of this dress and again the colors.  It is available at Vintage Fringe in Rain (a light blue), Black, Chisel (Grey), and Lilypad (Green).   The neckline on this dress is very flirty and distinctive and takes a classic style up a notch.

As you can see, long sleeve dresses can come in many styles and designs and naturally you have to find the right style for you, but we think you’ll find that these long sleeve dresses by Velvet are great additions to your wardrobe and many of them can be classic pieces that will not be out of style next season.

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Tights and Leggings

Tights and leggings have quickly become essential elements of the modern fashion wardrobe.   You frequently see them with skirts, tunic length tops, and dresses and they work perfectly with high boots, regular boots or even ballet slippers.  The look of an outfit with leggings or tights has become a fashion staple and is certainly something that you will want to consider when you think of great ways to incorporate this trend into your own wardrobe.

At Vintage Fringe, we currently sell leggings from Velvet by Graham and Spencer and have found them to be a great quality, fashionable legging.  You really do get what you pay for with leggings and what we love is the fabric and fit quality with the Swoozie Legging by Velvet.  These leggings are part of Velvet’s baby jersey collection so they are very soft and comfortable to wear.  Currently available at Vintage Fringe in great basic colors like Black and Grey, these leggings are long and work perfectly with boots.

When you are looking for the perfect pair of leggings you will want to be sure and consider both long and cropped leggings.  We love them both with different styles of outfits.  Cropped leggings are perfect for warmer weather and look adorable with ballet flats. Especially cute under shorter dresses, these leggings are great staple leggings that you will want to have in a few basic colors.

Tights are great accessories too, but personally I prefer leggings because they last longer.  Inevitably, I snag the tights or get a run in them, so when I have the option I prefer leggings.  You may also want to consider Spanx which has tights with panty hose like features like control tops.

When you are shopping for leggings, you will want to be sure and get a few pairs in staple colors.  Of course you will want a pair of leggings in black.  You cannot go wrong with black and just like any other fashion piece you will always default to the basic black.  My second choice for getting into leggings is either a grey or brown.  Both are colors that accessorize well with all sorts of other colors.  Grey pairs wonderfully with purples, reds and blues and of course works well with blacks.  I love the look of grey leggings with a black dress and black boots.   A good basic brown works perfectly with warmer colors like taupe, other shades of brown, pinks, whites, and some red or blue shades.  Once you have covered the basic colors, then we suggest adding other splurge colors like navy or purple that may not go with everything you have, but fits exactly with that one outfit.

As you can see, we have really come to embrace the tights and leggings trend and think that it really is a trend that is here to stay.  The distinctive look of adding leggings or tights to an outfit is a look that we have really come to love and think you will find that leggings are a great comfortable way to incorporate a little added edge into your wardrobe.

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Splendid Hoodies

This season hoodies are a great fashion trend that we have come to love at Vintage Fringe.  Of course you can find lots of great hoodies from a variety of designers, but today we wanted to focus on several of our favorite Splendid Hoodies.  As many of you who are familiar with the Splendid brand know, we love Splendid’s great use of classic colors and amazing fabrics and styles.  With classic signature patterns of stripes and solids, the Splendid line features wonderful wearable pieces that are simple and still super stylish.  They have a variety of styles ranging from dressier hoodies to your simple basics, but we think you will love each of them.

Splendid 2×1 White Stripe Hoodie – A perfect piece for everyday this hoodie features a white stripe on either a Mud (light brown) color or Blueberry (light purple) color.  With a wide pocket front and center on this top giving it a casual yet distinctive look.  This top also features 8 snap buttons in front giving you flexibility to wear it by itself or layer it over a tee or tank.  Of course we can’t forget to mention the ¾ length sleeves which give it great versatility to wear in a variety of temperatures.

Splendid Textured Rib Long Sleeve Hoodie – One of the dressier hoodies we’ve seen this hoodie is made of a cotton cashmere blend giving it a light weight sweater feel.  It is sheer enough that it works perfectly layered over a short sleeve top or tank and we even like to wear it over a long sleeve tee in the winter.  With a drawstring tie at the waist and a wide v neck this hoodie really is a perfect piece for that beach vacation where you want something a little warm and love the sheer, light weight look of this hoodie.

Splendid Long Sleeve Stripe Hoodie – Another great example of Splendid’s classic stripe patterns, this wide stripe hoodie is a great everyday piece that is still very distinctive.  With contrasting stripes in solid colors and then also a heathered color this hoodie looks so classy.  The criss cross v neck is slightly gathered and this top does feature a solid wide v neck.  This hoodie has a long length and a drawstring tie around the hoodie.  This hoodie is made of a cotton poly blend and feels extremely soft which makes it super comfortable to wear.

Splendid Baby Fleece Tie Waist Hoodie – A wonderful example of a simple yet very distinctive style from Splendid.  The Baby Fleece Tie Waist Hoodie features an empire waist with a drawstring and short sleeves.  It is not every day that you run across a short sleeved hoodie, but we love the look of this Baby Fleece Tie Waist Hoodie.  The Baby Fleece fabric is really a good quality sweatshirt fabric and we love the green color and the long tunic length of this hoodie.  We wear it over leggings or jeans and love to wear it year round over short or long sleeve tops.

As you can see, these hoodies give you a range of styles and unique looks with a variety of fabrics and colors.  You really can’t go wrong with hoodies this season and we love layering them over other tops in the cooler weather.

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Fall Fashion

Fall is our favorite season and largely because it isn’t too cold, but yet it is a nice break from the summer heat.  We love the fall colors and mild weather and of course we love the chance to mix up our wardrobe and wear turtlenecks and long sleeves and boots.  Fall fashion is another great reason to love fall and this season is no exception.  Here are a few of our favorite fashion trends and pieces for this fall season.

Great colors- This season you’ll be sure to see a lot of earth tones and variations or combinations of colors.  Again this season you’ll see a lot of purple.  One big carryover from last season is the smoky purple color with hints of gray.  We have a few pieces in this color from the Velvet by Graham and Spencer line with names for the colors like Smoke, Chimney, Soot, Stardust.  These colors are always super popular and pair well with blacks and grays and are sure to work their way into your wardrobe in some form.  Another great color that is relatively new to the scene this fall season is green.  You’ll see lots of olive green and shades that are just a touch lighter than a hunter green with more blue tones.  It is a great color and pairs well with browns and blacks.

Leggings – You may have held back on plunging into leggings because you weren’t sure if they had much staying power, but leggings are all the rage this fall.  We recommend having a few in staple colors for sure and then mixing in your favorite complement colors as your wardrobe and budget dictate.  We love the Swoosie legging by Velvet and have them in Black and Elm Grey which are great contrasting colors for purples, blues, greens reds, and even black.  Leggings will fit right in with many of the tunic length tops or with dresses this season.

Turtlenecks – An everyday staple for Fall and Winter fashion we love the turtleneck and for fall we love the look of the elbow length sleeve turtleneck.  A great example is the Velvet Coley turtleneck available in a variety of earth tones including a bold lemongrass color that is so in this season.  We also love the AlixK Cappy turtleneck which features a gathered turtleneck which stays put perfectly so you don’t have to constantly be fussing with it.  Of course we can’t forget to mention the great embroidery detail which gives this short sleeve turtleneck great contrast and additional texture.

These are just a few of our favorite trends this season for fall fashion.  Fashion trends this season are so wearable and really versatile as many of them can carry into winter and even spring.  At Vintage Fringe we always try to mix in a bit of these latest trends with some of the old to give you a classic, timeless yet modern look.  Not to mention that just adding a few pieces into your wardrobe this season will be a great way to spice up your wardrobe without breaking the budget.

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Clothes for Winter: Bundle Up in Style!

Clothes for Winter: Bundle Up in Style!It’s that time of year again when the seasons start to change and you start looking for the perfect pieces for Fall and Winter.  Overall, every good winter wardrobe should include at least a few of the following pieces to be trendy this season.  This winter some of the big trends include: cropped sweaters, long cardigans, tunic length tops or dresses, and leggings.  Here are a few of our favorite pieces at Vintage Fringe for great clothes for winter.

The Aspen Motorcycle Sweater by one of our favorite designers Velvet by Graham and Spencer is absolutely one of our must haves this winter.  This cropped sweater features an off center zipper and zippered pockets.  We love the button detail at the shoulder and the wide collar with a zipper from top to bottom.  The cropped sweater look is totally in this season and we love it as it is such a modern feminine look.  We love pairing this top with a longer shirt underneath as contrasting shirt lengths are another great trend this season.

In the long cardigan category we love wearing both buttoned cardigans and loose cardigans.  One of our favorites is the Rayon Slub Jersey Cardigan by Splendid.  We love love love the fabric their rayon slub jersey feels absolutely luxurious and we love the flowing look of the cardigan in front.  For alternate looks we sometimes even knot the cardigan at the waist for a more fitted look.

One of our favorite tunic length dresses is the Retro Boatneck dress by Sweet Pea by Stacy Frati.  We love the vintage pattern in vibrant colors and the tie around the waist that can tie in front or in back.  This dress is so versatile that it works year round with or without leggings.   With a boatneck neckline, this tunic is distinctive and a great addition to any wardrobe this season.

As for leggings, many people have avoided the trend, waiting to see how much staying power leggings had, but it is safe to say that this winter they are here to stay.  This season you’re even seeing denim leggings.  Leggings are a must have this winter and pair well with ballet flats or boots.  Our stylists recommend having a few pairs of leggings in staple colors like Black, Grey and then mix in other colors according to your color preferences.  We are always on the look out for navy and brown leggings too although they are more splurge colors than staples.   At Vintage Fringe, we’re partial to the Swoosie leggings from Velvet by Graham and Spencer currently available in both Grey and Black.

All of these winter clothes pair very well with boots which of course will be all the rage this winter.   You’ll see a lot of the knee high length boots this winter which will be the perfect complement to those cropped sweaters or tunic length dresses with or without leggings.  You can be sure that each of these pieces is modern, but is not going to be a fad for only one season, which in the current economy makes sprucing up your wardrobe with these pieces far more economical.

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Getting a leg up on Fall Fashion

Fall and winter fashion are all about layers for me, and what is better staple piece and layering item them leggings?? Leggings are so great because they can be worn in a million different ways to make a million different looks. I love leggings tucked into boots, or worn with booties and a tunic length top. Velvet by Graham and Spencer, who are known for their ultra soft and comfortable fabrics have a fabulous pair of knit leggings, the Swoosie. {Wouldn’t love to know where that name came from??} They are the perfect pair to start your looks with, available in dark grey or black.

Swoosie Knit Legging by Velvet by Graham and Spencer.

Swoosie Knit Legging by Velvet by Graham and Spencer.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but is supposed to hit the 90’s this weekend, so I am still very much into summer clothes. Especially summer clothes that will transition into fall and winter outfits. Enter the Lace Trim Stripe Tank by Collective Concepts, it is obviously perfect for summer just by itself. But imagine it with a coordinating  color long sleeve shirt underneath it for fall, and a cropped leather jacket on top for winter, so chic!

Lace Trim Stripe Tank by Collective Concepts.

Lace Trim Stripe Tank by Collective Concepts.

Another great piece for layering, is an open cardigan. I love to wear an open cardigan with leggings, because then I can wear a shorter shirt and the open cardigan is long enough to cover my behind. The Cotton Bamboo Cardigan by Splendid is great because is has short sleeves, making it perfect for layering and lasting though all the seasons.

Cotton Bamboo Cardigan by Splendid.

Cotton Bamboo Cardigan by Splendid.

So enjoy the weather where ever you are and whatever it is and remember layering pieces are perfect now and perfect later. It all starts with the perfect pair of leggings!

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En Vogue Velvet Brand Clothing

Velvet brand clothing is always en vogue.  One fashion trend that we have loved this season are the long tunic length tops.  As examples, we love Velvet by Graham and Spencer’s Darvey Tunic length buttonup top and we love the Kelisha long tank top as it is a perfect complement for these tunic length tops that look silly with your standard length tank underneath.

Velvet Brand Clothing Darvey

Velvet Brand Clothing Darvey

Velvet’s Darvey top features a raw edge at the waist giving it a more casual feel.  We love the buttons that give you the option of wearing them mostly buttoned or mostly unbuttoned.  The length of these tops is perfectly complemented by cute leggings or boots, but if that isn’t your style can be easily worn with your favorite pair of jeans.  The length on both the Darvey and Kelisha tops traditionally fits several inches below the waist. We currently have the Darvey top available in Lilypad (Green), Mole (Brown), Black and White.

Velvet Brand Clothing Kelisha

Velvet Brand Clothing Kelisha

The Kelisha tank features the traditional scoop neck in both front and back and as mentioned is tunic length.  If you’re like us, you know how difficult it can be to find a tunic length tank top.  We have the Kelisha tank in both Black and White.  Both the Darvey and the Kelisha tank are part of Velvet by Graham and Spencer’s Baby Jersey collection and accordingly are machine washable.

While this fashion trend unfortunately isn’t for all body types, we at Vintage Fringe think if your body type fits the profile, then by all means wear it.   We love not having to worry about shorter shirts riding up all the time or tucking tops in.  We love the legging look (part of this trend) and love wearing tops like these with boots.  At Vintage Fringe, we are fans of this tunic length top trend, but we love to hear from you.  What do you think?

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