Bohemian Dresses

Vintage inspired pieces have really seen a resurgence recently and one of the best examples of this are bohemian dresses.  The bohemian style dress can come in an number of forms and styles, but should have a few great elements to maintain the bohemian inspiration in a new modern style dress.

When I think of bohemian style dresses, I typically think of long length dress with flowing skirts and fabrics, potentially feminine patterns like flowers or even embroidery detail and something that isn’t necessarily fitted, but more focused on a loose fit.

A great example of a Bohemian inspired dress that pays homage to the vintage style trends while making this piece a modern new dress with new style trends as well is the Rhetta Long Dress by designer Velvet by Graham and Spencer.  This jersey cotton maxi dress features a low cut back which gives this maxi dress a dressier even sexy evening look.  Best of all this dress is also versatile enough that you could easily wear it for casual or daytime events as well.  This maxi dress features a simple, yet elegant fit and short sleeves.  Available in both black and malachite a teal blue color, this maxi dress is a must have for your summer wardrobe. It is a great example of a long draped bohemian style dress that certainly fits the flowing skirt criteria and the long length that is reminiscent of prior fashion eras.  This dress also features a great wearable jersey cotton fabric which makes it even more of a must have.

Another great example of a bohemian inspired dress is the Sanni Short Sleeve Maxi Dress also by designer Velvet by Graham and Spencer.  This is another great casual long maxi dress which features a button-up neckline and a tie around the waist to make this a t shirt style long maxi dress.   This fitted style is also very refreshing to give it a more feminine, fitted look. This dress by designer Velvet by Graham and Spencer also features a light cotton fabric which makes it perfect for summer weather.  The belted tie in a contrasting brown fabric is a great way to break up an otherwise long straight maxi dress.  This dress also comes in a gorgeous Jasper blue green color.

Finally, another example of a bohemian style maxi dress is the Hollie Racerback Maxi Dress by designer Ella Moss in black.  The racerback lace detail around the shoulders is a great embellishment that pays homage to vintage and bohemian inspired elements.   This dress is another great blend of casual and dressy or evening and daytime as it really can be worn in either situation.  This style of racerback maxi dress is also unique which adds to the statement piece quality of this dress.  This dress utilizes a rayon fabric which makes it a dressier alternative for the bohemian style, and also makes it more luxurious feeling.

Each of these options are great options for Bohemian dresses and are all comfortable without sacrificing great style and current fashion trends while also incorporating retro fashion inspiration as well.

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