One Shoulder Dress

One shoulder dresses are totally en vogue this season.  Of course you may also find one shoulder tops and tank tops as well and you will see them in a number of colors, patterns and styles.  All of the one shoulder pieces are all very distinctive and really do make great statement pieces that are perfect for that night out or special occasion.

Whatever you prefer, one shoulder pieces are a great way to add a hint of flirt to your basic style top or dress.  Each of them has its own style, but they are distinctive and certainly classy.  In fact, many one shoulder dresses are found primarily in special occasion dresses.  I’m sure you’ve seen the long maxi one shoulder dresses too. While it is great to find such dresses for special occasions, we prefer to find dresses that have more versatility and don’t necessarily have to be worn only to special occasion functions.  Such dresses may be great statement pieces, but can have more versatility than just being fit for special occasions.

One of our favorites one shoulder dresses, the Lenice One Shoulder dress is a great statement dress for summer.  This dress features several great fashion trends this season including color blocking, a bows and of course the one shoulder.  We love the taupe color, Birch, contrasted by the black stripe at the waist and the trim around the neckline.  Of course the detail around the neckline with the bow tie at the shoulder is adorable too.  This dress by designer Velvet by Graham and Spencer is part of Velvet’s Slinky Rayon collection and features a luxurious feeling rayon fabric blend. This dress is short and fitted making it a sexy statement dress for that perfect occasion or party.  This dress is a great cocktail dress and we love that it has color other than just black on it making even more of a statement at that special occasion.

This dress also really typifies that vintage look in a new modern piece reminding us of something you might have seen in a prior decade like the 30s or 40s.  The Lenice dress is also a great piece to accessorize with high boots or even sandals.   This dress is also very feminine and we suggest that these dresses are best worn by women with smaller shoulders.  You don’t necessarily want to wear a one shoulder dress if you have athletic shoulders that are very wide.   With that body type, you just don’t want to draw more attention to your shoulders so a one shoulder dress isn’t the best option.

You can find a number of different options for one shoulder dresses in different colors and even patterns.  Each of these dresses is distinctive in its own right and if this fashion trend fits your individual style then having a good one shoulder dress and perhaps even a one shoulder tank or top will be great additions to your closet this summer.

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