How to: Stripes Fashion Trend

Stripes have become a great component of modern fashion trends and you’ll see all sorts of great tops featuring a variety of different stripe patterns. Stripes are really nothing new, but their popularity has certainly surged in recent years and there are a variety of great ways to incorporate stripe patterns into your closet.  Below are a few great examples of different stripes in different types of clothing i.e. tanks, short sleeve, long sleeve, sweaters so that you can get a variety of possibilities and great stripe styles.

First consider the Skye V Neck Dress by designer Ella Moss.  This eastern inspired dress style features metallic stripes in a charcoal grey color as contrast.  The stripes are diagonal and for added contrast are horizontal in the back.  We love the metallic stripe which is such a popular trend in fabrics right now and in addition love the deep chocolate brown color.  A great dress from Ella Moss this dress features an empire waist and kimono style v neck.  This dress is the perfect fashion statement piece with a great example of trendy stripes.

If you’re looking for short sleeve tops with stripes consider designer Collective Concepts.  Known for great patterns and designs and distinctive fabrics, Collective Concepts styles are innovative and our favorite piece actually features wide horizontal stripes in contrasting colors.  We love the Lace Trim Stripe Tank.  This tank features a racerback and lace trim around the shoulders for added contrast.  This tank is a great loose fitting way to incorporate modern stripe patterns into your wardrobe in summer.

When it comes to long sleeve tops, designer Splendid has a great way of infusing stripes into their clothing styles.  One distinctive top that we love for their great style trends canvassed on a great contrasting stripe.  We love that this stripe pattern features navy and then is contrasted with either pink or mud a light brown color.  The Navy Slub Puff Sleeve Top features a puff around the shoulders, a Henley neckline with a v neck.  The top also includes ¾ length sleeves and most importantly are the stripes.  We love the color of the stripes in either the pink or the mud color and this top is a great example of feminine style mixed with stripes.

Splendid also designed the Cotton Stripe Tie Cardigan another example of wide stripes with a distinctive style design for the sweater.  This wrap sweater features a tie around the waist and a bold fold over neckline.  We love wearing this sweater over a navy solid long sleeve top or another great bold color for contrast.  It is a great long length sweater and the stripes do give it an added edge.

All of these are just the tip of the iceberg of different ways to wear the stripe patterns in your current wardrobe.  There are most certainly a number of other designers and styles with great stripes, but we wanted to point out that you can literally incorporate stripes into almost every facet of your wardrobe from tanks to dresses and sweaters.  Just be sure that you don’t overwhelm your outfit with too many stripes or contrasting stripe patterns and we always recommend that you steer clear of vertical stripes wherever possible as they are not flattering.

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Designer Cardigans

Designer cardigans are the perfect piece to wear this time of year.  Cardigans have come a long way from the puffy think styles of the 80s and now you find the modern versions include lighter weight fabrics, distinctive buttons or no buttons, no shoulder pads, and additional trim or details like pockets.   Some of our favorite designer cardigans have even transformed into short sleeve versions that are perfect for layering over long sleeve tees or work great over short sleeve tops in warmer weather.

Consider the Cotton Bamboo Cardigan by Splendid.  This cardigan made from 70% cotton and 30% bamboo features short loose sleeves, hints of white around the trim in front and as accent in the back and pockets.  Without buttons, this cardigan gives a loose look that helps it look slightly less formal, but the style itself gives it a modern edge.  The Cotton Bamboo Cardigan features a long length that falls well below the hips.

Another contemporary cardigan style by designer Velvet by Graham and Spencer is the Eloise Winter Slub Long Pocket Cardigan.  This long sleeve flared cardigan is another one of our favorites.  Part of Velvet’s Winter Slub collection that is so popular this season the Eloise cardigan is a great long cardigan option.  You’ll love the long length that works so well with leggings or boots.  The loose, open look of the cardigan which adds to the versatility of the cardigan gives you a variety of alternative ways to wear and accessorize it. Our model wears it with an adorable scarf and scoop neck top and jeans.  Of course we can’t forget to mention the pockets in front too which give it an added element of distinction compared to other cardigans this season. The winter slub fabric is the perfect blend of texture giving the fabric variation which adds to the uniqueness.

One of everyone’s favorite designers Ella Moss features the Kylie Bust Tie Cardigan.  This cardigan is a great dressy piece.  Made with lightweight cotton knit which gives this top a sophisticated, sheer look.  With a tie at the bust line you can adjust the fit and look of this cardigan to suit any occasion.  We love wearing this with a tank in warm weather and then with a long sleeve top in colder weather adding to its usefulness.  The empire waist looks very flattering as it is loose enough and sheer enough to ensure that no one looks frumpy.  Of course, Ella Moss is a great sophisticated designer that is known for designing modern, yet wearable designs.

As you can see there are a variety of different designs and options to consider when shopping for Designer Cardigans and these are only the tip of the iceberg so to speak.  You can find other great cardigan designs from some of our favorite sweater designers including, Laurie B., Splendid and Ella Moss.  As the weather warms up, some of the lighter weight wraps and cardigans from designers such as Velvet by Graham and Spencer or Sweet Pea will be great pieces to have on hand.

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Sequin Tops

If you’ve opened any fashion magazine this year you can’t miss noticing one of this seasons latest fashion trends – sequins.  Sequins are the big accent to lots of tops, dresses, handbags, shoes, skirts and even pants.   It used to be that sequins were only reserved for really special occasions or evening dresses, but not anymore.  Sequins are popping up literally everywhere in fashion these days and I must admit, we are actually big fans of sequins too.  You’ll see sequins all over dresses on the red carpet and award shows and while there is such a thing as too much sequins by and large most fashionable pieces use sequins to add the perfect amount of sparkle to casual tops and dresses.

Consider the Erin Sequin Long Sleeve Wrap Top by Velvet by Graham and Spencer.  This is a gorgeous top with a sophisticated and elegant sequin pattern on your classic black deep v neck top.  The sequins are all over so this top is probably a little too dressy to wear to the office or out running errands, but looks awesome if you are trying to attract a little attention on a night out on the town or at a holiday party.  The fit is comfortable and this top in classic black looks hot with boots and even dare we say jeans.  This is a great example of the top that has the ability to be dressed up or down and this top is certainly at the high end in terms of use of sequins.

Alternatively the Scoop Neck Sequin Top by Collective Concepts also uses contrasting colors of sequins to adorn this Olive Green scoop neck top. Here the design is limited to the shoulders and a beautiful classy pattern that gives this basic top an added flair.  The shoulder detail is just enough to give turn this top into a great statement piece for your closet. Certainly this sequin top can be worn casually with just about anything, but yet the use of sequins really does help to dress up this top and give it a bit of extra attention and sparkle.

Sequin tops may not be the top you want to wear every single day, but they are great ways to insert a little variety and feminine touch to your wardrobe.  You’ll find a variety of large sequins or smaller sequins and sequins in a variety of colors.  Of course this year metallic colors are very popular too. You may even find little touches like sequin belts or earrings that can spice up your wardrobe too.  No matter how you decide to insert a little sparkle into your wardrobe rest assured in knowing that this isn’t a flash trend that will be gone tomorrow and that classic sequins will certainly be a stylish way to add more feminine touches to your wardrobe.  If nothing else a little bit of sequins can help turn a basic top into a statement piece for your closet for years to come.

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